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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

14 Ways to Add Content to Your Web Site

: "14 Ways to Add Content to Your Web Site
by Herman Drost Email to a friend Copy to clipboard

When I surf the Net, I often see web sites filled with
beautiful graphics that strive to capture my attention.
Well, they do so for an instant, however I click away when
I don't immediately find relevant content. The content you
add to your web site needs to attract both visitors and
search engines.

Part I - How to add content to your web site to attract

Part 11 - How to write for the search engines.

14 ways to add content to your web site and attract

1. Get into the mind of your visitor. Brainstorm all the
ways your visitor would think of your product. Write your
content as if you are sitting next to him/her explaining
your product. Don't write in the 3rd person ie we, they,
but use I, you, or your. This makes it more personal.

2. Keep it simple - write as if explaining your web site
material to a 7th grader (12-13 year old). Don't use
complicated words that people would have to look up in the
dictionary. You want them to understand clearly what your
site is about.

3. Convey emotion - people on the Web are often in a great
hurry, so you need to appeal to their emotions to stop them
clicking away to the next site. Use stories, convey your
experiences or include testimonies from others. This adds
to your credibility and trust, 2 essential factors for
doing business online.

4. Communicate quickly and efficiently - people online tend
to scan rather than read everything on the page. Therefore
use single lines of text for your headings and sub
headings. Catch your visitor's eye with lists, bullet
points and use short, snappy, active (not passive) words in
your sentences. Your paragraphs should only consist of 2-5
sentences. Long paragraphs make it hard to read (scan) your
page quickly.

5. Create white space - the layout of your web page should
include plenty of white space. Don't le"

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