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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Art and Craft


The aesthetic beauty of Indian paintings mirrors the rich cultural heritage of India. The sheer elegance and unique authenticity of various schools of Indian paintings have wooed art lovers all over the world for ages. Indian paintings can be of different types they can be silk paintings, glass paintings, Patachitras, Tanjore paintings, Rajashthani School of painting and last but not the least the intricate Gujarati school of Paintings. All these sites will help you to accumulate a gamut of details on paintings in India. For art connoisseurs all over the world, Indian paintings still remain a mystical and exquisite world which is revered and appreciated.

This site is a treasure trove of information on Indian paintings. If you are an art buff who is hunting for some authentic information on the origin and evolution of the various schools of Indian paintings this is just the site for you. Indian paintings which are world wide acclaimed for their exquisite beauty and artistry are eulogized in this site. From this site you can gather information on Pre- historic rock art, Tanjore paintings, marble paintings and much more. This site also enlists the famous artists who had graced the Indian painting scenario.

This site provides you with an array of information on Indian paintings. This is an insightful site which thoroughly deals with the various subjects of art used in Indian paintings since the hoary days. You will be mesmerized by the online gallery of paintings provided in this site. All these paintings touch upon various subjects of art. So go ahead and log into this site to explore the beauty and creativity involved in Indian paintings.

Tanjore paintings are the quintessential products of Tanjavoor, the erstwhile capital of the Chola Empire. With their multifaceted shades and ubiquitous entity the Tanjore paintings have earned the reverence of art buffs all over the world. This is a site which provides you with detailed and updated information on the Tanjore paintings of India. You can also contact this site if you want to procure some of these exquisite Tanjore paintings to enhance the beauty of your home or office.

Rajasthan is the state significant for bright colors and festivals. The paintings from this desert state are of unrivaled beauty and are epitomes of artistry. Several schools of paintings has flourished in Rajasthan from ancient times and one of the most significant is the Rajasthani “phad” paintings which is actually a kind of cloth painting. Get yourself updated on Rajasthani paintings from this site which will answer all your queries about this exquisite school of Indian painting.

Rajasthan is one of the royal states of India. Paintings of Rajasthan are a treasure that dates back to ancient times. It throws light on the history and culture of India in those hoary old days. Know about Rajasthani paintings in details from this site. You will get answers to all your questions on Rajasthani paintings from this site. So visit this site and be enchanted with these delicate yet amazing pieces of art.

Glass painting is a traditional art form of Gujarat. This kind of paintings is created on glass with the use of exotic and rich colours to give it a bright hue and clarity. Log into this site to view some enchanting specimens of Gujarati glass paintings on display. You can also buy some of these glass paintings by placing an online order through this site. So explore and procure some exquisite piece of Indian painting from this site.

Patachitra art form is a very old Indian style of painting. Mention of this type of painting is found in ancient books, revealing its importance and significance in Indian culture. Log in this site and feel the essence of patachitra art. This exquisite school of Indian painting is mainly on religious themes and motifs and sometimes involves some mythological story depiction. The patachitras are well acclaimed for their rich dexterity of the use of colors. You can also buy these exquisite patachitras display on this site by placing your orders online.

This is an extremely insightful website which will be extremely handy and useful for you if you are searching for an introduction on Indian paintings and its various forms. For all painting aficionados who want to delve deeper in the rich world of Indian painting this is a perfect site. This site gives you information on twenty seven forms of paintings prevalent in India. Enhance your knowledge about all these painting style with the help of this site.

Oil painting is a very famous art form used through out India and abroad. To know about this form of painting, its history and technique, log in this site. Enhance your knowledge on oil painting of India with the help of this site. Experience for yourself the beauty and essence of these paintings. The theme of these paintings are expressed nicely by the artistic stokes of the painter. The essence and expression of the painter's thoughts gets highlighted very nicely through these paintings.

Glass painting originated in Gujarat in the beginning of 18th century. Starting as a local traditional art form, glass painting is used in present age as a decorative form for various purposes. Explore this site and you will get to see an online gallery with wide variety of glass paintings of Gujarat. You can choose from these paintings according to your choice and place online purchase through this site. This decorative art form is widely used for various purposes in present days. Know from this site all about the history and types of glass paintings done in India. Update and enrich your knowledge from this site.

Explore the true legacy of the rich heritage of Indian paintings from this page which delineates information about the various schools of paintings that have flourished in India.

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