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Sunday, May 18, 2008


A bank is a business center that deals in financial services. A bank is a place where your money is safe-locked and begets more money on interest, a secure place to dispose off your earnings. Banking service in general includes receiving deposit money, lending money and processing transactions. The history of origination of bank goes back a long way. Since then, banks have influenced the economy of countries. India has a number of both government undertaken banks as well as private ones. brings you this page consisting of the websites of some of the famous Indian banks.

State Bank of India proudly stands as one of the nationalized bank that has been catering to the needs of common mass since long. From this site of State Bank of India, you get detailed and thorough knowledge of their technological upgradation, board of directors, share holders and financial results. Apart from these, also know about the new services, policies and schemes of the bank. Anything that you want to know about this bank is provided here. If you have any complaints, this site also has the facility of customer complaint for you.

Want to know the names of all public sector banks, scheduled banks and financial agencies of India? Then your search ends here. This site gives you not only the names of the banks but also access to their individual websites for authentic and all-inclusive information and data. Log in to this site is must if you are trying to locate premiere Indian banks.

The Reserve Bank of India is the most important government bank. Visit this site to know all about the functioning and establishments of the bank. You get information on the central board, financial supervision, payment and settlement system, local board, legal framework, functions, departments, offices, trainings, subsidiaries, opportunities at RBI and lots more from this site. So, have a look in this site for full knowledge of their processings and services.

ICICI bank is third ranked among all companies listed in the Indian stock exchanges in terms of free float market capitalization. Consisting of 950 branches and 3,300 ATMs in India, ICICI is extends its banking in 17 countries. They provide a wide variety of banking products through a variety of delivery channels such as investment banking, life and non-life insurance, venture capital and asset management. Get introduced to the various benefits of corporate banking, NRI banking and personal banking with the help of this site. The innovative facility of “Reach us” gives you a number of ways to contact ICICI bank. You can also become a customer of this bank through the advanced column “Become a Customer” from this site.

One of the most important banks of India dealing with the import and export, this site gives thorough information on the Export-Import Bank of India. Know from this site about their organization, objectives, management, board of directors, performance highlights, export credits, rural initiatives, export services, annual report, events, careers and lots more. Log in and update your ideas with correct and updates data and information on this bank.

Here's the ideal site for you if you want to be acquainted to all the banks of India. This site provides you with the full detailed list of all the famous banks in India in alphabetical order. Not only the names, you can also access their websites directly from this site if you want to check out the services and facilities provided by these banks.

Starting its journey in August 1994, HDFC Bank Limited, now has a network of 68 branches with over 1663 ATMs in 316 cities of India. Emerging as one of the famous private banking service center of India, HDFC has formed a network and niche for itself by their high quality customer service and innovative banking schemes. Be cognizant about the various facilities of this bank. Apart from these, also know about the awards received by HDFC, careers, shareholders, privacy and terms and conditions.

Union Bank of India provides you with a wide variety of banking products such as credit cards, international debit card, kisan ATM and more. Also know from this site about the awards received, rates and the sectors they serve. Get updated and thorough news from the newsletter box and if you have any feedback to give, go for the “feedback” section of this site.

Bank of Baroda is one of the oldest and renowned banks of India. This site caters to all your needs and queries of banking matters related to this banking concern. Know about the national and international functionings and services provided by this bank. Give your feedback related to any issue related to this bank through their website.

Allahabad bank is the oldest public sector bank catering to customer need from the year 1865. The bank declares with pride their tradition of trusted efficient customer service. Log in and know the new and the wide range of attractive Deposit Schemes to the Non-Resident Indians. Apart from these, you will get solutions to all your queries and questions.

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