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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Batik Paintings

The word Batik or 'Batique' is Indonesian in origin. It is derived from the word “Ambatik” which means clothes with many dots. The word batik refers to the wax-resist dyeing technique used in textiles. This art is thought to be more than thousand years old. Some believe that this method of dying clothes with wax originated in ancient Egypt or Sumatra. However this technique of painting clothes are found in India, Sri Lanka, Iran and Thailand. India has a rich tradition in batik paintings and exquisite works of Batik art can be procured from different parts of India. In this technique of painting specific areas of the cloth are covered with a dye resistant substance like wax to stop them form absorbing the dyes and thereby they give shape to exquisite patterns. Since these patterns are drawn on the clothes and not weaved the artist has a greater liberty to express his creativity. Batik painted clothes are also very durable. Batik painting portrays a huge array of themes which include religious themes as well as abstract patterns. Batik paintings of Orissa,West Bengal and Tamil Nadu are especially famous.

This is a short but informative article on the origin of the traditional method of batik painting. It harps on the fact that this ancient art is more than a millennium old.It then elaborates on the process in which these batik paintings are made using the wax-resist dyeing technique.

This is a charming article on Batik painting in India which not only delineates the method of batik painting but also tries to trace the history of Batik painting in India. It informs us that the history of Batik in India is almost two thousand year old. This is a method of creativity which is still popular in India. Shantiniketan in West Bengal and Chola Mandir in Chennai are the key centers of Batik in India. These batik paintings involve a range of themes which are religious as well as abstract.

Batik is an internationally acclaimed form or art which has wooed art lovers for ages. This site brings you an mesmerizing array of handmade Batik painted wall hangings. These wall hangings mainly depict deities from Hindu religion like Lord Shiva or Godess Laxmi.These exquisite creation are bound to steal your heart.

This is another site which bring to you an enchanting array of Batik painting. These delicately crafted paintings are painted in vibrant hues. These paintings portray a variety of themes ranging from scenes from Indian epics to some mythological characters. Some generic animal imagery like elephants or deer are also printed in some of them. So you can choose and pick up the most suitable one from this extensive collection

This is a site which provides an aesthetically appealing collection of Batik paintings. These paintings mainly are on religious themes depicting Hindu gods and goddesses. So if you are a batik enthusiast go ahead and visit this site for buying some beautiful and handcrafted batik paintings.

This site also provides you with a eulogy on Batik paintings which are well known for their originality and fineness. Murals , wall hangings,painting and other house hold can be all made with Batik painted cloths. Having a good sense of color and pattern in quintessential for a Batik artist. Despite the fact that Batik paintings usually use simple motifs a Batik artist needs to posses the knowledge of color gradation and tactics of removing wax finely from the cloth.

This charming writeup on Batik painting technique is a lucid enunciation of this ancient art. This site claims that the word Batik actually means 'wax writing'. It is a unique way of decorating a cloth by covering a part of it with wax and then dying the cloth. The beauty of batik lies in its simplicity. Since the effects in batik are often achieved by chance hence each piece of batik painting is unique in itself.

This news article informs you about the exhibition of intricate batik paintings in Mangalore. The chief guest who inaugurated the exhibition in Prasad art gallery also harped on the difficulties involved in creating these delicate paintings. Each batik painting is a piece of art which is unique.

This article tells you about the famous batik paintings of Siddipet in Andhra Pradesh. Batik paintings are thus often known as Siddipet painting. This site explains the origin and technique of Batik art and then provides you with proper direction of this place in Andhra Pradesh from where you can procure these gorgeous pieces of art. This site also regales you with interesting bits of trivia about batik art like the ink used in Batik painting usually flow through the nib of the kalam (brush) and that why the vivid detailing of the paintings are created.

This site provides a treatise on the different typed of textile painting technique present in India. On the way of elaborating it also harps on the batik painting technique used in creating exquisite piece of art on cloths. This technique uses wax resist method to create beautiful patterns on the clothes. The different nuances of the traditional art of Batik painting are summed up in this page.

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