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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bulletin Board System

A Bulletin board system or BBS is a computer networking software that enables users to call another system through dial-up with a terminal program. System operators run the bulletin board system to download sofwares and data, share messages with other users, upload files and read updated news. Generally the Internet service providers supply you with bulletin board system facility. But those of you, who want to muster up information on Bulletin board system, know what it is all about and get some useful links to visit, should not miss the 5 top links to websites. :

Information on bulletin board system and its concept will not elude you if you take help from wikipedia. You can mop around wikipedia to get your dose of the history of bulletin board system, the software, shareware, features of BBS, notable BBSes over here. Get tutored to build up a conceptual foundation on BBS. The layman can get a hang of the major whoopla about BBS if they have been in the dark.
/ch09/0031-0031.html :

This is where you will learn the tricks on how to create a bulletin board system using text files or CGI scripts. You will also come to know about the CGI system and how to create a CGI message board electronically. The easy-to-follow and comprehensive article will empower you with knowledge. Before you have a bulletin board system incorporated in your system, isn't it judicious to know the processes involved and how the things work? Obviously, this would curtail your confusion if crisis arises. :

If you are jolly well willing to posses an over the counter bulletin board system, Noble Trading will offer you just that. Grab the bulletin board software to do online bulletin board trading. Pick your software from the list of 4 and give airs to your stock trading. Now pink sheet orders for the brokers won't be a back breaking task, softwares would come in their stead.

WF Project Management
On-line planning, time reporting and collaboration from €4 per month
softwares/bulletin-board/php-based.php :

Webmasters who want to enliven their websites by making the best use of all the sprightly features of the bulletin board system can gather up here. Jabber IM notification, avatars and user photos, marking and closing of important threads, online opinion poll facilities with time outs or sans it, extra user profile fields that can be configured, statistical graphs. softwares to control web forums and language tools can all carve a niche in your website with the softwares. PHP, MySQL or PostgreSQL can also be at your web service. This is definitely the pleasure dome for the web builders. :

If you need to have bulletin board system services, then click onto here. CGS services are offered here. Study the overview of CGS India, read about it and the working philosophy and know why it is creating news. Just get there and know for yourself.

Hope these links have taken you to your resource destination.

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