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Monday, May 19, 2008

Can Technology Make You Younger !

Live Longer - Happily and Youngily !!

Everybody wants to live a longer, happier and prosperous life. And everybody fears about the tragedy of death - death of themselves and their close ones. A mother would pray that his son should live till the life of her, while a son wishes the same.

There had been many researches done to make your look and feel younger and few may be still going on. But those researches are not well promoted or supported by government or other institutions because everybody knows that ageing/death is an absolute event.

But Scott Wainner is coming ahead to conduct the research on making one’s life longer and youthful. He insists on using various technological advancement like nano-technology, genetic engeneering to stop/revert the ageing processes. Think if you can live for 200 years like a 20 years youth !! Hope that could be achieved soon before I become old..

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