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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Discussion Forums

Discussion forums have opened avenues for like minded people to share in their views. Well, to be honest, even if you are not like minded you have the freedom to express yourself on a discussion forum. They provide a platform to those who want to share their views and in return widen the horizon of discussion forums. They help extend their boundaries to far off places with the use of technology. People from anywhere in the globe join a discussion forum hence making the world a really small place. These discussion forums help bringing people closer with their views and opinions. endeavors to pull up a similar stance by bringing to you the best Indian sites on discussion forums.

This is an extremely active discussion forum. You can express your views and exchange ideas. All you need to do is become a member. This can also be done easily. So, you just need to visit the site and find out more interesting things to do there. You can also visit the help clubs and contribute your bit to the club. The have a wide range of discussion forums from arts and crafts of India to youth participation and poverty eradication. You can be a part of any discussion you like and post your comments on that topic. Visit the site and find out what more you can do with discussion forums like this.

This is an e-discussion forum on issues of sexuality. Learn about the structure of the discussion forum; get to know how you can be a part of it and also how you can be a moderator in this discussion forum. Initiate discussions and introduce socially relevant and important topics. You can join this discussion forum simply filling in an online subscription form and be a part of the discussion forum in an instant. There are interesting things taken up here. If this sounds like a serious issue of which you must be a part then go to the link above and visit the site.

This claims to be an unbiased independent discussion forum for the Reliance India Mobile (RIM) Subscribers Community. This provides all RIM users a forum to discuss or share their experiences or grievances etc. You can visit the forums present here and also access discussions or read the messages in this discussion forum. Visit the site if it interests you. You will surely find useful information here.

This is a really interesting site for a discussion forum. You will find a general discussion forum where you can share in general information. There are also company centric discussion forums like a forum for CIPLA Ltd. or ITC Ltd. or MRF Ltd. etc. Visit the site and find out which discussion forum you want to be a part of and become actively participant in that. You are bound to be highly impressed by the list of companies you will find here. So, don't waste your time. Visit the link above and find out interesting facts about discussion forums.

If you had questions about discussion forums you could visit this site. They have a list of probable questions on discussion forums and have taken care to answer each question with the utmost details available. If you did not know how you would know about the latest activities in the discussion forums, you can visit this site for reference. There are about a total of almost 40 questions that they have taken care to answer. If you did not find answer to the question you were looking for then there is a feedback forum where you could post in your complaint. Find out more from the link above.

Yahoo has always been a much flocked site when it comes to chats and discussion forums. This particular site gives a list of all the discussion forums and chat groups under Yahoo's umbrella. Interested hearts can join groups of their choice and chat online with friends and acquaintances. The Yahoo messenger, the most popular feature of Yahoo, facilitates Instant Message service through which people can log onto a community and participate in one-to-one chat or group chat in a jiffy, exchange photos and songs, talk online.

If the people want to take the opportunity to pick and choose the best site for group discussion and chatting, this website can really make it happen for them. This site touches upon a variety of topics to look for and call a game. From sharing social and political views to personal issues, exchanging opinions among moms to regional forums, talking business to interviews, teenage gossips to entertainment- the voices of India speak out here.

India is having a gala time discussing and chatting on the net. has given a prompt answer to the other popular chat forums and has gained lion share ground. All you have to do is download the software rediff bol and wrap up the installation procedure. And there you go. The doorway of chatting and grouping will thrust open for you. Catch hold of your friends, acquaintances and chit chat your way. Want to make new friends? It's only just a ‘hello' away.

This portal offers you ample scope to gel with people known and unknown. Get engaged in active discussions-- you have a separate place to form a gang in the exclusive forum. Just register and agree to comply with their terms and conditions to get started. Date, chat and group all in good faith, but first register. That is the only condition to be in the chats and forums. The matrimony section is a matchmaker for young hearts to fall in love. Come fall in love. All the chatter boxes who are on a chatting spree, look up here.

Wouldn't you love if you got an electrifying list of discussion and chat forums under a single umbrella? To any regular chatter who wants to explore newer addresses, this will be fabulous news. has done it. You have a gallery of chat and discussion forums of different types and for varied people with diverse tastes. Rule out the question of being bored because you can chat with Indians worldwide, chat by city, chat in your language with your fraternity, indulge in online dating and form exciting communities. The stage is all set for you to chat.

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