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Sunday, May 18, 2008

E Books

The concept of E Books is very closely associated with internet. An E Book is the electronic version of a printed book which can be downloaded. With the advent of the World Wide Web, people are now finding it very easy to read online. E Books are also cost effective and for a reader, getting access to an E Book is less time consuming than getting access to its hard copy version. provides a comprehensive list of top Indian websites which deal with E Books to make the search easier for you

Do you wish to read E Books online and want to know about the various categories of E Books? If your answer to the above question is yes, then this website is a must visit for you. Here you can find various categories of E Books like autobiographies, classics, fictions, science, travel to name a very few. The biggest offering of this website is that here you can search for your favorite E Books online. Here you can also post your reviews and buy the E Books online.

This web page is the E Book section of the famous Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. If you want to go through E Books of various categories, then you will find this page interesting. Here you can find free E Books, e text archives, forum on open E Books, virtual books, E Book library of the University of Pennsylvania to name a few.

At the very beginning, this website discusses the concept of E Book, and their basic benefits like their clarity of pictures, instant information, easy search etc. Apart from this here, you can also find articles on E Book publishing, compilation of E Books, free download of E Books, names of a few profit making E Books and other useful links related to E Books. The biggest offering of this site is its section on Hindi E Books.

If you are new to the concept of E Book and want to know more about the same, then this website will surely help you. It discusses various issues related to E Books like what is an E Book? Importance of E Book, process of creating an E Book. This website also offers the service of converting existing publications into their electronic forms and creation of new E Books.

Here you can find E Books on several categories like agriculture, biography, business, corporate world, economics, sports and many more. The main purpose of this website is to increase the awareness about E Books among the ordinary readers and also to promote their sales. The most interesting section of this website is its latest E Books section. The free titles section of this website contains those E Books which you can download absolutely free of cost.

Guru Rajnish or Osho as he is more popularly known was one of the most renowned spiritual gurus of India in recent times. This site brings some E books on life and preachings of Osho. If you are interested in spirituality and the occult you can procure these e books from this site. More than two forty books on Osho are available online on this site. These books can be got in their Hindi as well as Hindi version. So don't wait just log into this site and get flourish your spirituality with one of these E books.

This is the official website of one of the leading e book publishers of India. Schand group is a reputed E book publisher who publishes higher academic e books in reasonable price. They have a wide array of E books on a variety of subjects in their repertoire. These include books on zoology, botany and chemistry. You can order these books online and procure them with a click of your mouse. So if you are perusing higher academic and need some erudite E books on your subject do visit this site.

This site doesn't peddle any E book rather they tell you about the software tools needed to create E books. This is an interesting site for all wannabe software professionals who may want to be aware of the requisite software to create E-books which are quite a rage these days. This is a learned discourse on E books and their popularity and how they can be created with the use of proper software tools. The article is informative as well lucid enough for even laymen to understand.

This is website is a digital library called the Nalanda Digital library which belong to the National Institute of technology, Calicut. If you visit this site you will be able to access a host of E books on a wide array of subjects like history, psychology, sociology, economics and sports. There is a search bar too where you can put in the name of the author of the book you want to access and search for it in the digital library. This is a great online resource which is available in HTML as well as PDF format. These E books are definitely a great boon for those who are in the look out from free E books on the net.

This is another site which brings you a extensive collection free down loadable E books on spirituality and Theism. This is a site which mainly concentrates on Christian spirituality and has a huge collection of E books available. If Theism and spirituality and occult draws you this site would be a gem of a site for you. So don't wait just visit this site and download all these E books to your heart’s content.

Empower yourself with information on E books from this site.

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