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Monday, May 19, 2008

Earn Online With Affiliate Programs !

These days you will find lot of MMO blogs - MMO means “Make money online“. The blogosphere is getting flooded with new and new MMO blogs each day. Each blog claims that they are “not like other blogs” and will show you the “most genuine” and effective ways to make money online at the comfort of the home.

But infact they are making money while giving such advice. And I tell what, you will not make any money by going on reading those make money blogs, articles or ebooks. It is the effort and hard work that will help you to make real money online.

Take an example of - His blog title clearly says ” I make money online by telling people How much money I make online” - Infact he is telling the truth that just reading will not help. It’s viral marketing that will bring the success. Similarly other blogs like ZacJhonson, Tylercruz etc. do the same thing.

What they do is they promote various affiliate programs - they display various advertisements which contain affiliate referral links. You will even find those referral links in the blogposts they write. When you click on that link and signup with the program, they get some commission depending on your revenue. So thats easy money for them, while the work is done by you. That’s what is smart easy money.

So affiliate marketing is one of the best and sure way to make handsome of money on internet. PPC ads like adsense etc. will help you make pennies but the affiliate programs will make you lot. There are super affiliates that earn more than 1000$ per day.

So if you are not in affiliate marketing, start a blog or site, find affiliate programs depending on your niche and start promoting. If you are confused on niche selection, I will advise you to go with education niche, as education affiliate programs are the top paying affiliates.

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