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Friday, May 23, 2008

Full Featured PDF Maker

Acrobat Professional from Adobe : portable documents made easy with integration into office suites from the creator of the PDF format.

Sharing documents between users of different platforms and operating systems has always been a tricky proposition. The PDF, or Portable Document Format, created by Adobe solved this issue, and added some unique features of its' own. The initial driving force was to enable users to share documents across platforms, regardless of operating system.

This was quickly added to, giving the possibility to interact with the documents by offering a form interface to allow the user to enter data. Besides this, advanced compression was used to make the file as efficient as possible.

In addition, to reduce paper use further, scanning and using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to create the PDF was added to the package. This replaced functionality that simply added the images to the file, which made it hard to compress effectively.

The advantage of using the PDF format is that anyone can read the result.

The Adobe Acrobat Professional Writer also allows the user to combine documents more easily; from a variety of sources. It integrates with Word, and comes with a printer driver so that any application that can print can be used to generate a PDF document.

This package is the original, and as such takes advantage of patented technology not available to other software application producers. The Adobe Acrobat Writer is full-featured, offering:

  • Professional Print Quality
  • Integration with Office
  • One click publishing
  • Optimized output
  • Inline comments
  • Much more!

Not only can it be used to create documents for sharing, but also print quality documents that can be sent off for real offset printing. It is a professional publishing solution, at a reasonable price.

It also features enhanced security and digital certificates, meaning that the document can be signed, and even if it is changed, any reader will know that it has been tampered with. In conjunction with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, this gives an unparalleled confidence in the document contents.

Each document created can have specific characteristics depending on the target usage. For example, on platforms where space is at a premium – online or mobile – the file can be compressed efficiently, with only the minimum loss in quality.

The professional features might come at a professional price, but the end package gives so much flexibility that it is worth the extra budget to buy a lasting solution.

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