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Sunday, May 18, 2008

How to Fix Expired Security Certificate Error

Every time I make an effort of visiting a site with secured log-in, for e.g. e bay, bank etc., I receive a pop-up with security warning. The pop up says that I can’t enter the site due to some difficulties with the security certificate of that site.

To be more precise, the pop up carries a message saying that either the expiry date of the site’s security certificate has passed or it has become invalid. The pop up also provided me options of continuing i.e. yes/no and viewing the certificate.

I am very surprised to face such a problem, since I use an updated version of Windows IE 6, and also run the free AVG anti-virus and spyware tracker at a regular interval. I am searching for the solution to this everywhere, but still can not get out of the situation. The site is very important for my studies, so I am desperate to visit it.

The above difficulty can be faced by any of us, but do we rally know the solution to it? I know the answer of most of us will be no. So let us discuss some ways of getting out of it.

How to Deal with this Problem?
After visiting many help sites and consulting with friends, I was quite sure that I will not find out any particular solution to this problem. Then one of my friends suggested me to check security preferences of my Web browser for finding out whether that site is blocked or not. He also told me to try visiting the sites having problems on a different web browser other than the Internet Explorer. I tried it, but there was no problem with my Internet explorer.

The provider of my internet connection told me to have a look at my date and time settings; as such problems can also occur if the date setting of a PC is not rightly done. I was keen to solve the problem and tried every thing that was recommended to me. After checking the date settings I found that my computer was set on a previous date. Once I changed it and saved the actual date and time, the entire problem was solved and I could open the site easily.

Expired Certificate Time Change

I realized that I could have done that myself, if I was not puzzled by not being able to access the sites and thought logically.

How to Proceed If the Problem Still Persists?
If the solution to this problem is not obtained by applying the above methods, then it becomes essential for you to trust the source you are connecting and the source through which you are passing your information. One simple of making others trust you, is by the installation of Certificate Services on the server. The process of installation, using the server 2008 is discussed below.

The Certificate Service comes along with the 2008 Windows Server, but the by default function is not adjusted for its installation. This service is employed for issuing and managing certificates for a PKI. PKI is the abbreviated form of the Public Key Infrastructure.

The Certificate Service allows the 2008 Windows Server to accept requests regarding certificates from both computers and users and computers, verify and confirm the requestor’s identity, issue and cancel certificates, and circulate a CRL. CRL is the abbreviation of Certificate Revocation List.
After installing this Certificate Service, no further problem should occur in visiting the problematic sites.

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