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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Indian Religion :-

A brainchild of Indian Child, this site provides a panoramic view of the important religious schools prevalent in India. Just click on separate segments enumerated under 'Religion Directory' to view details. Each of those segments is abundant with specifications regarding popular religious practices, historical treatises, names of Gods and Goddesses, the doctrine of living, articles, archives and many more. :-

A culturally and naturally wealthy India has been revealed here in this site. Well-portrayed topics on traveling, famous monuments, festivals, wildlife and adventure, medical services, religion and so on will leave a charming impression on your mind. Just go through the synopsis of the idea of religion in India. In case you are inquisitive enough to explore further, do check out the categories clustered on the left to know about a particular religion. If you are planning to make a vacation to India, you can bank upon the reliability of this site. Simply fill up a form mentioning your queries and describing your requirements before hitting the 'Submit Query' button. :-

Web India 123 presents an exhaustive discussion about different religions in India and traces their historical backdrop. This site is very user-friendly in the sense that it is teemed with hyper linked topics to make your task of navigation easier. Find Indian religions, pilgrimages and religious festivals from all around India. Also acquaint yourself with the lives and thoughts of revolutionary thinkers from India. :-

Religion and Spirituality are the two fundamental pillars that represent an archetypal Indian identity. This site makes a humble attempt to showcase websites incorporating religious issues like discussions, debates, texts, scriptures, rituals, practices and many others. A link named 'Religious' is laid down in Hindi language. All the major Indian religions are talked about elaborately with reference to their specialties. :-

This site rivets around the development of different religions and the subsequent spiritual awakening so indigenous to India. Here you will have more than what your inquisitive mind is looking for. Get to know about Hindu religious texts such as Bhagvad Gita and Ramayana and get familiar with practices and paths generally adhered to by different believers. Do flash a glance at other links like 'Myths and characters' and 'Gurus, sants'. :-

As you visit this site, you will be promptly informed of the point of similarity and subtle disparity between religion and spirituality. The consciousness of the divine or supreme power rules Indian religious involvements. Indiatimes Spirituality covers all these facets along with some fringe benefits which you are entitled to get from the site. You have the option of printing or emailing the page, or commenting on the article. Moreover, you have a number of links on the left to search for related topics. :-

This site, hosted by the state government of Assam, muses over a number of native religious customs, rituals and practices including animism and worship of nature. You will come to know about the implications of post-Vaisnavite era when many Vaisnavite art forms and social norms were amalgamated to constitute modern Assamese culture. Feel free to come up with your feedback by clicking onto the 'Feed Back' tab on the top-right of the page. :-

Eager to know about Sikhism and its rational interpretations? Visit this site hosted by SGPC to research on diverse traits of Sikhism. The site is in harmony with the forthrightness of this particular branch of religion. Navigate along the links given on the left and bottom of the page to find out more. You may welcome the 'Downloads' and 'Contact' options in case you are a devout follower of Sikhism.

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