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Friday, May 23, 2008

Keyword Analyzer and Marketing Tool

Take the guesswork, legwork and wasted research time out of keyword analysis and placement with the unique Keywords Analyzer. Let it research niches and spy on the competition while you concentrate on building enough content to keep your visitors happy.

The Keywords Analyzer from SEO PRO has been received with rapturous support from all corners of the internet marketing world, thanks to its' ability to drastically cut research and analysis time in isolating profitable niches.
From Adwords to niche marketing, the KeywordsAnalyzer is the ultimate tool for making the most from your content. No more hours of reserach spent trying to second guess the surfing audience, let KeywordsAnalyzer do all the comparisons, searches, and KEI analysis for you.

Traditionally, keyword marketing leads to almost immediate results in running a profitable online business. To understand where the KeywordsAnalyzer package can fit into an online strategy, and why it is the best in its' class of tools, we first need to understand the typical way to make money from niches:

  • Research keywords that have little competition
  • Create a product
  • Create keyword campaigns to attract traffic
  • Keep an eye on the competition

Doing all of the above takes time, and only the product creation and sales part of the strategy actually makes any money. The rest of the time is wasted, because it takes hours and hours of online research and painstaking trial and error.

KeywordsAnalyzer takes the guesswork out of that process, and automates key tasks such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Niche Research
  • Related Terms Research
  • Competition Analysis
  • PPC Arbitrage Research

In short, this is the only tool that encompasses all the major research areas required to succeed with niche keyword marketing. This is all delivered with a standard Windows look and feel, making it fast and intuitive to get started.

Visit the KeywordsAnalyzer site to see videos of this tool in action.

Besides helping out with the research, leaving you with time to create killer content, KeywordsAnalyzer can be integrated with the webs' top online tools, such as WordTracker using a unique Keyword Discovery tool. Coupled with KeywordsAnalyzers' ability to suggest commercially viable keywords, you will be able to profit from endless niches.
Keywords Analyzer cross language tools screenshot
Keywords Analyzer Web Site Keyword Analysis

Of course, since adult products sell so well online, and are so popular with the surfing community, a good few of those niches will be adult oriented. This may not be what you are about, and so the filtering facilities offered by KeywordsAnalyzer are a real bonus.

This would take hours to do manually. As would a related tool, which checks for keyword permutations, misspellings, and the correct ordering of keywords in key phrases. Again, KeywordsAnalyzer offers all of these features right out of the box.

Compared with other leading tools, KeywordsAnalyzer really delivers a complete solution, backed by a healthy 30 day money back guarantee. To sweeten the bundle still further, this also comes with free updates, an active forum, and additional bonuses to help you make the most out of your new purchase.

Visit the KeywordsAnalyzer site for a Free Report!

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