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Sunday, May 18, 2008


India has great linguistic diversity. At least 800 different languages and 2000 dialects have been identified in India. The Central government of India uses Hindi and English languages as the official language of communication. India has 23 official languages which are used in different states. Among them, Hindi has been conferred the status of "National Language". India also has a long heritage of some classical languages like Pali and Sanskrit.

This site unequivocally acknowledges the key role played by language as a medium of communication and education. Hence development of languages in India forms an integral pat of the National Policy on Education initiated up by the Government of India. This site lists the elite organizations of the Government of India which are dedicated to the propagation and promotion of the various languages of the country. Among these organizations, The Central Hindi Directorate (CHD) and Central Institute of Language, Mysore are noteworthy.

The Central Institute of Indian Languages was built with the sole purpose of coordinating the development of different Indian languages. It also aimed at bringing more information about an essential unity of Indian languages through scientific research. This is the official website of Central Institute of Indian Languages. Elucidating its aims and objectives, this site provides links to the various publications and services provided by this organization. It throws light on the various researchers and project personnel who are associated with this organization.

If you are interested in the evolution and nature of Indian languages, this site will provide an insightful article on the diversity of languages in India. It not only divides Indian languages into various regional languages but also includes some tribal and local dialects into this exhaustive list of Indian languages. This scholastic discourse on Indian language will help you glean myriads of lesser known details about the various languages of India. It also suggests a host of reference books on different Indian languages which you can consult if you need further information on Indian languages.

This is a website which offers versatile services on Indian languages. The services include, development of website on vernacular Indian languages like Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya and Punjabi, multimedia titles in Indian languages and translation. A surfer can also download fonts of all major Indian languages from this site. If you have any further queries, you can also send your feed back to this site.

Manjoorans Group can rightly claim to be the pioneering English Language Training Institute in India. This is a specialized institute which prepares students to take various international tests like TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), of IELTS (International English Language Testing Systems). If you join this institute you will be trained by experienced and talented tutors and be aided by state-of-the-art resources and infrastructure. The tutors of this institute provide individual attention to each and every student and there is also a CALL (computer aided language learning) program to help you learn better. So go ahead and brush up your English skills.

This site brings to you a scholastic discourse of Indian language. India being a potpourri of cultures and traditions has been the home of a host of different languages and dialects. This site tries to trace the origin and ancestry of the various Indian languages. This provides you with all the learned details about the linguistically characteristics of the various Indian languages. However it doesn't forget to harp on the present state of the various vernacular Indian languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Bengali

This is just the site for you if you are living in the vicinity of the city of Bangalore and are interested in taking language tuitions. This site gives all the information and contact details of the various language tutors in that area. These experienced language tutors come from a variety of academic backgrounds. Some of them teach vernacular Indian languages while other give lesson in Spoken English. Some foreign language teachers who teach French, German or Russian are also enlisted in this site.

This is a site which gives you information on the languages you can study on Kannur University, an esteemed university in southern part of India. The language department of this university is known as The School of English and Foreign Languages. If you are interested in higher studies in linguistic this will be a highly informative site for you. This site not only tells you about the language studies department of Kannur University but also traces the various achievements of this department. It harps on its association with various esteemed writers and activists.

This site provides an erudite discussion on the different Indian languages. India is land of cultural and religious diversity and all these diverse factors have expedited the growth of various regional languages and dialects in India. This site provides you with an investigation of the origins of the different Indian Languages. It also regales you with a gamut of statistics and trivia about the Indian languages which might interest you if you are a wannabe linguist. This site also mentions Sanskrit the classical Indian language which it considers is a living breathing language though it is no longer spoken by people.

This is a web company which aims at incorporating the fonts of Indian languages for present day computer softwares. This institute will provide you with the basic know how needed to handle Indian alphabets and fonts on computer. This is a complicated process and each "Akshara" or alphabet must necessarily identified individually for linguistic of text processing purpose. There are certain standard language codes for the electronic text processing of Indian language fonts in computer. You can gain technical know how about this on this site.

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