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Monday, May 19, 2008

Technology in Health-Care Industry

Yes, today I am going to tell about “How great is Health-care technology !” I see that I have not written much in the field of Health technology. You must be knowing that health-care industry is also developing fast with innovative instruments for diagnosis and treatment of health problems.

I was suffering with Alopecia (synonym for Alopecia in medical language ). Basically, it’s a hereditary condition as my father and my elder brother got hair loss earlier in their life. And I knew this is going to happen with me too. There are various treatment options available for hair loss depending on the cause. But there is no good/successful conservative treatment for hereditary alopecia. And the only option for such conditions is hair transplant.

Somebody suggested me to go for hair transplant Boca based as its nearer to me too. I went to Dr. Shapiro hair transplant clinic and after some investigations, he advised me to go for transplant. I followed him and to my surprise I got a fully covered scalp within few hours. Yes, within few hours in a single day. There was no pain, no scarring and doctor said I can for routine work the next day. :eek: And the hairs look completely natural - as they took my already left hairs for TRANSPLANTATION.

I was suffereing with lack of confidence and depression since years - which was cured in a day. Now that’s called real useful technology.

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