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Friday, May 23, 2008

Teen Life

Teenwire -
From Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Site with various relationship and sexuality information.
Sex, Etc. -
Advice for teens about sex, love and relationships, teen pregnancy, birth control, condoms, smoking, alcohol, and drugs. Published by Answer at Rutgers University.
I Wanna Know -
Sexual health and STD prevention information for teens, including chat, education, games, and other resources.
Avert: Young People's Section -
Comprehensive information about puberty, safe sex, STDs, and AIDS, as well as issues related to homosexuality in teens of both sexes.
Scarleteen -
Advice, help and information about teen sexuality. Special sections for teen gals and guys.
Teen Sex and Sexuality -
Teens and parents learn to talk about sex and their sexuality. Provides information on teen pregnancies, menstruation, puberty, and AIDs.
Sexwise -
Find local services, facts about contraception, sexually transmitted infections, abortion and links to other useful sites.
Coalition for Positive Sexuality -
Intended to give teens the information they need to take care of themselves and affirm their decisions about sex and reproductive control.
The InSite -
Information about reproduction, birth control options, sexually transmitted diseases and relationships. Also includes letters from other teens.
My Sistahs -
Created by and for young women of color. Provides information on sex, sexuality, and reproductive health.
Peer to Peer -
Supports the Stop, Think, Be Safe program - an STD prevention initiative for youth ages 12 to 15. Provides youth, parents, and teachers with information about STDs and effective strategies for prevention.
Puberty 101 -
Uses questions asked by teens to provide information about the various aspects of puberty.
Cool Nurse -
Information for teens on sex, birth control, STDs, fitness and nutrition, mental health, substance abuse, stress management, looking good, discussion forum, and shopping.
Guttmacher Institute: Adolescents -
Has fact sheets on sex education in various countries and American teens' sexual and reproductive health.
CFOC - Teen Guide -
Ask the "sexpert" and other teen sexuality resources.
Like It Is -
About sex and other adolescent issues, for UK teenagers. Topics include puberty, peer pressure, contraception, and sexually transmitted diseases. Includes a glossary of sexual terms and expressions.
Spiderbytes : A New Spin on Sexual Health for Teens -
Topics include puberty, sexual health, sexuality, sex, and relationships.
Teen Sex Education: Teen Source -
Has sexual health educational videos, STD symptoms and pictures, teen birth control information, and teen sex advice. -
Information site for teens and college students on sexuality issues.
AWARE: Teens -
Abstinence Wait-training And Relationship Education offers information for teens on healthy sexual behavior. Includes abstinence, sexually transmitted diseases, FAQs, and answers to personal questions by email.
Teen Sexuality -
Links to resources for various sexuality issues and contraception.
SHine SA Youth Online -
Australian teenagers present videos, information and advice on sexual health issues. Includes FAQ on common problems, as well as leaflets and games to help understanding.
Entertainment Meets Sexual Health -
Provides hints, tips, and FAQs for staying safe in a sexual relationship.
The Hormone Factory -
Fun and interactive site for kids about to enter their teens. Explains how their bodies will change and answers questions about sex, families and keeping safe.[Requires Flash]
Teen Puberty -
Contains answers to hard questions, including male and female puberty information, diagrams, STD, drugs, and general health.
TeenZone -
Provides sexuality information for teens in a useful manner.
L8r -
E-drama project exploring the issues around teenage pregnancy, sex, relationships, alcohol, and peer pressure. Interactive features allows user to explore options.
The Word -
Information for teens on relationships, being safe, body changes, Q and A and advice from other teens. Includes glossary and contact information for health and help services in New Zealand.
In the Mix: Sex: Everyone's Doin' It...Not! -
Online companion to the PBS special of the same title features resources, information, advice, video clips, and polls.
Adolescent (Teen) Sexuality -
Answers about sex considering the key who, what, when, where, why and how questions. Issues examined with a pro-life religious perspective in mind.
Are You a Teenage Daddy? -
Discussion of the emotional and other importance of a father in every child's life. Teenage sexuality can lead to the exclusion of the father's proper responsibilities.
Teens talking to teens about sex -
Initiative of Planned ParentHood of Toronto provides forums for youth to access healthy sexuality information. Includes program details and contact information.
Kotex: Talking to teens about sex -
Puberty and sex education material for teens, parents and educators, including message boards to chat with others.
Growing Up in the Lord: A Study for Teenage Girls -
Offers a Christian perspective on sexuality for teen girls. Includes explanations and biblical references about bodily changes, sex, lust, proper attire, dating, and unacceptable behaviors.
Growing Up in the Lord: A Study for Teenage Boys -
Offers a Christian perspective on sexuality for teen boys. Includes explanations and biblical references about bodily changes, sex, lust, proper attire, dating, and unacceptable behaviors.
Facts Of Life -
Multifaceted information on teen age sexuality, including the biological and emotional components.
My First Bra -
A guide for preteen bras and issues surrounding puberty and breast development in young girls ages 9-16.
Sex Facts for Teens -
Information for teens on sex, homosexuality, and abuse. From the Daniel Trust Ministries.
My Body & Me -
Information for teens about sex, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, and body image.
It's Your Sex Life -
An informational health resource for teens looking for answers about safe sex and protecting themselves from disease and unwanted pregnancy. : Teens -
Questions and answers about body changes, sexuality, sex, contraception, STDs, and relationships.
Boys Under Attack! -
Resource about male sexuality for teenage boys.

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