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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Top 5 Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking is defined as a way which helps in getting the Internet users a nice way of traffic and which also helps in saving their web pages in those sites. In some of the social bookmarking sites there is competition of sites to come to the top which depends on how much users like your web page. And in other sites, it just helps in providing people with any new article through feeds. And most of these bookmarking sites allow the users to save their web links in the way of keywords which when a person when searches in the sites, can easily find the best resources.

Here i share the 5 most popular and highest traffic producing social bookmarking sites -

Digg Amit
Current alexa rank is 91, and it shows up bookmarked sites according to their popularity and the no. of votes in an average number of time period. In sites like this, people can expect traffic of thousands in just a short span of time. But remember, people must like the thing you are bookmarking/submitting! And yes, with experience i say it helps any of your new page to get indexed well!

Netscape Amit
It is a PR9 site having current alexa rank of 526, which also has the same mechanism as Digg, but has more general type of channels, covering everything from books, autos, real estate, health and many more topics. The latest news is most available and is one of my favorite bookmarking sites.

Technorati Amit
Technorati is a blog search engine and the best blog search and bookmark site. It automatically gets updated content from feeds of blogs, and then refer the visitors to the blogs which are relevant to the search of the people. Once a blog is claimed, technorati helps to get the blog the best unique traffic. The more a blog is updated, the better number of visitors it gets, and technorati has a special type of blog ranking called Authority, which relies on the no. of other blogs linking to a particular blog.

Delicious Amit which says in its site -» all your bookmarks in one place! People join it and bookmark their site or any other site which they like, and place Tags for the bookmark. Tag is the thing explaining a bookmark, and sites are searched and listed based on the tags used. And if a very interesting site of yours is bookmarked by many members, it can reached the home page of and as previously said, it helps in getting huge load of traffic in a very small time.

Stumble Upon
Stumbleupon is a site which acts as an add on in the web browsers such as Mozilla firefox, and people refer the site about some of the interesting web pages they find and then just a click by any other browser opens a random page. So, the more people referring your page, the more traffic you get and these are all the unique visitors counted. Just click on “I like it!” and you get the site stumbled!

So these are my favorite 5 sites for social bookmarking and they make a major part of my websites’ and blogs’ traffic. I have tried to explain them well and hope you like the post :)

And for those who know about all these sites, choose your favorite social bookmarking site, please let me know via comment if you have any other favorite social bookmarking site -

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