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Monday, May 19, 2008

Types of Game servers

A web hosting or a server is require to host your website on internet so that people can log on to your site 24 hours a day and when you are at sleep. For hosting a site, you can buy your own server and keep it on 24 hours. OR you can hire web hosting provider’s services.

There are various types of hosting available. The type you choose depends on your site needs - what type of site, how much traffic, hosting space required etc. To host a simple site or blog, you can choose from either a shared hosting or dedicated hosting plans. A shared hosting will have an ip address same as other hosted sites, while a dedicated hosting is like having an online virtual private server.

But such hostings are not useful for multiplayer game sites which require lot of web space, lot of bandwidth, VoIP to chat, high speed and more. So for such MMORPG gaming sites, you will require a game server to host your site. e.g. world of warcraft, counter-strike etc. Such sites can have, at an instance, around thousands of players connected to the game servers to experience a troublefree uninterruped online gaming.

There are various types of game servers too - commonly classified into 2 types - Listen game servers and Dedicated game servers. They can also be classed into windows based and linux based depending on the operating system of the server.

Listen servers - mostly used by individual players as the game site is hosted locally on listen servers - e.g. LAN and so not useful for multi-player gaming needs

Dedicated game Servers - they are fast and provide huge bandwidth for each game clients. The price depends on various features like bandwidth, number of game slots, VoIP based, TC admin panel etc.

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