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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Creative writers, are you dying to have a space to call your nests? You are one of them who want to voice their thoughts and opinions, hone their writing skill and get honest appraisals for your creativity. Right? Then you have flocked to the weblogs ground where you should be. For the dearth of knowledge about the online diary writing, many willing hearts have been left out of the weblogs caravan. The digs into the zone of web blogs and picks up 10 writer’s land. Yes, smile and leap up in joy because now you can instantly get started. Weblogs, blogs, space for blogging, online journals are the ultimate cool virtual spaces for writing. carves out personal space for anyone who opts for e-journals or blogs by signing in with fropper. Get ready made templates for the blogs or if you are smart enough, pick a template from the array of websites offering blog templates and get going. You are open to experiment with your writing aptitude. You can take up tags on specific categories to vent your opinion. And the best part is you can invite friends and acquaintances to leave comments on your scribbles.

Yes all you busy heads, busying yourselves in chatting, emailing and surfing If you have overlooked this component of rediff, here is an opportunity to look at it seriously. And all the others who are still to discover it, this is another relevant place where you can key in your personal thoughts, beliefs and emote through words. Publish your stories, poems, criticisms, accounts and journalistic writings online and be read by the blog pals.

Talk any topic, that’s it. Yes, you read it right. Here you can share in your feelings and point of views (or points of view) with others on the topics. Create a blog of your choice and have a kicking start. If you are tempted to look at what other people are talking about. Have it your way. Browse posts by topic and see if you, too, can make difference to your life by blogging.

Another chic and cool place for the writers on net. Here apart from jutting in your thoughts on the web blog, you get to see the top profiles of bloggers, entries on live and current topics haunting Indian brains. The top blogs section has top 100 selected blogs on the ventured arena of writing.

If only reading up the written stuffs is your platter, then enjoy it here. Being the journal of Asia, you can read up interesting posts on Indian current affairs and the events making their buzz felt all across the continent. So this is definitely a reader’s corner.

You have something to say about the history and culture of your country? Then you have visited the right site. Log in this site and place your views in front on the whole world. Let others know what you think and feel about culture with help of this weblog. Discuss with others in this blog about the positive and negative points in Indian culture and history in your own personal way. So, get going and express yourself.

To know what other people think on any specified topic and to express yours at the same time, there's nothing better than a weblog. This site presents you a culture weblog where you have freedom to speak out your mind on culture and history. Let others know your analytic thinking on the topic. Go ahead and join the group of concerned people who cares.

Indians are famous for their culture and heritage. Read this article posted in this site and know how NRI's also feel proud of Indian culture. This weblog allows you to post your comments on the article, rate it according to your like and read others comments on this article. Visit the site and know the unknown about Indian culture and its glory.

Converse with Dina about Indian culture through this site. Convey your views and thoughts on the topic to others and gain inputs on the same topic from others to enhance and widen your knowledge. Widen up your knowledge with the help of this weblog on culture. Jazz up your cultural site by blogging on net.

Read the article on Indian culture by Dr. K. Rohiniprasad from this site. Know his views and thoughts on Indian culture. Apart from availing the facility of rating this article, you also get to post your own articles on the same topic or other issues from this site. So, log in and get going. Enjoy the virtual space for venting your creative thoughts.

Innovate yourself as the emerging web logger and enjoy the moments of creativity.

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