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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nepals ex-King Gyanendra leaves Narayanhiti

Nepals ex-King Gyanendra has left Narayanhiti palace at around 8:30 pm on Wednesday evening.

Kathmandu, June 11 : Nepal's ex-King Gyanendra has left Narayanhiti palace at around 8:30 pm on Wednesday evening.

According to Nepalnews, he was accompanied by ex-Queen Komal as his motor escorted by security personnel left for Nagarjuna palace located in the northwestern part of the capital valley.

A huge crowd of journalists as well as general public had gathered in front of western gate of the Narayanhiti palace when the ex-King left for Nagarjuna.

A group of people had also chanted slogans against monarchy as he left the place.

He had earlier addressed a press conference asserting that he has accepted the political course the nation has chosen.

The May 28 meeting of the Constituent Assembly had implemented republic and asked the ex-King to leave the palace within fifteen days.

Nellore District renamed Potti Sreeramulu Nellore

Nellore District took a name change today as the State Government Order GO is released today. The district name change came into effect from today afternoon.

Potti Sreeramulu is an Indian revolutionary and fought for the statehood of Andhra Pradesh. Though born in Chennai, he relocated to Nellore where he spent considerable time since his childhood. He went on fast for many social causes - particular those of upliftment of the society. His sacrifice of fast-onto-death is considered one of the most instrumental cause for the formation of the state. Potti Sreeramulu is often attributed to be a person belonging to Nellore.

People of Nellore district welcomed the name change saying they can now recall the iconic leader in their minds everyday.

Apparent tornado strikes Iowa boy scout camp

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LITTLE SIOUX, Iowa (AP) - An apparent tornado has struck a boy scout camp in western Iowa. A dispatch operator with the Harrison County Sheriff's Office would not confirm reports of injuries but said first responders were at the camp site and more were en route.

The Little Sioux Scout Ranch is located in rural western Iowa, about one hour north of Omaha, Nebraska.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

HP refreshes computer lines in massive product rollout

Apple may have delivered plenty of hype yesterday with the introduction of the 3G iPhone, but HP today decided to throw its own little unveiling party at a conference in Berlin. In total, the company rolled out about 50 new products, including a revamped Touchsmart all-in-one desktop, commercial and consumer notebook lines, as well as two machines within its high-end gaming brand, Voodoo PC.

The refreshed notebook lineup comprises 16 new machines (six consumer models and ten business models) which are among the first to offer AMD Turion 64 X2 Ultra Dual-Core mobile processors and the Intel Centrino 2 and Intel Centrino 2 with vPro technology. It also introduced an improved and slimmed down Touchsmart all-in-one desktop loaded with touch-based applications.

But perhaps the most curious part of the announcement is that we’re finally starting to see some more movement from the HP’s Voodoo brand of high-end computers, which was born after the Voodoo PC acquisition in late 2006. Joining the Blackbird 002 gaming PC comes the new Omen and Envy. At 0.70 inches thin and weighing less than 3.4 pounds, the 13-inch Voodoo Envy is packed with features and will compete with the ranks of the MacBook Air and Lenovo X300. The estimated starting price for the Envy is $2,099 and it should be available sometime this summer. As for the Omen desktop computer, it is a large and sleek-looking aluminum box with all the options you could ever want that will range from a whopping $6,500 to a ridiculous $20,000 depending on how crazy you want to get.

Microsoft solves data corruption issues in WHS

Microsoft solves data corruption issues in WHS Microsoft has launched a public beta of the much-awaited Power Pack 1 for its Windows Home Server product that, in addition to bring several enhancements and patches for the operating system, will finally fix a long-standing data corruption bug that could result in lost files in units with two or more hard drives.

Power Pack 1 was originally announced five months ago at CES, but its public debut was pushed back to await the fix for the data corruption bug – which turned out to be a complex one as it was buried deep at an extremely low level of the operating system, the Drive Extender feature. Besides fixing the data corruption bug, it also adds quite a bit of new functionality including support for PCs running Windows Vista x64 editions, easier and enhanced remote access capabilities, better energy efficiency, and more.

Microsoft says it is working closely with the WHS community to gather feedback before releasing the final product, but you can already get the beta update package for your existing Windows Home Server system at Microsoft Connect. Of course if you’re going to apply the update to a live system, be sure to back everything up first.

Microsoft files 21 lawsuits against software pirates

Microsoft files 21 lawsuits against software pirates Microsoft has filed 21 lawsuits against a number of computer resellers in 14 states, alleging they were engaged in the retail of pirate software using a technique they refer to as “hard-disk loading.” In other words, they are taking a single copy of Windows or Office, loading it on multiple PCs, and then selling those PCs to unwitting customers.

Microsoft said that many of the pirates had been caught thanks its Genuine Advantage program. Unsurprisingly, many of the companies identified in the suits were repeated offenders having continued with their business practices illegitimately, despite settling earlier lawsuits with Microsoft. An out of court settlement for them seems unlikely this time around, though.

Western Digital claims fastest 1TB drive on the market

Western Digital claims fastest 1TB drive on the market Western Digital today launched its new line of WD Caviar Black hard drives, featuring capacities of 750GB and 1TB. With two internal processors, a 32MB cache, and a SATA interface to deliver up to 3Gbps of throughput, Western Digital claims its drive is the fastest 7,200RPM 3.5-inch drive on the market.

In addition, the drives also include some of WD’s standard features such as StableTrac to reduce vibration and stabilize platters for accurate tracking during read and write operations, and its NoTouch ramp load technology that prevents the recording head from touching the drive platters to reduce wear and tear. The drives will be available starting next week, with the 750GB version selling at $199 and the larger 1TB unit at $249.

SanDisk buys digital content distribution firm MusicGremlin

SanDisk buys digital content distribution firm MusicGremlin SanDisk may have failed to appeal the masses with its now defunct TakeTV video player device and Fanfare software suit, but that isn’t stopping the company from beefing up its Sansa audio and video business unit through other means. The flash memory and media player maker today announced it the acquisition of MusicGremlin, a privately-held company that develops digital content distribution technologies and Wi-Fi enabled media players.

SanDisk plans to leverage MusicGremlin’s technologies and digital distribution to bolster its own line of Sansa media players, though exactly how remains to be seen. The addition of a Wi-Fi-capable portable music player to SanDisk’s current product line could certainly help the company compete against rivals such as Microsoft in their quest to steal some market away from the almighty iPod.

Intel launches Visual Computing Developer Community

Intel launches Visual Computing Developer Community Looking to further support and complement the launch of the a four series chipset level, Intel has unveiled its Visual Computing Developer Community, which it claims will “enable developers to create innovative graphics and video applications.” The Intel 4 Series includes the G45 Express chipset and GMA X4500HD graphics media accelerator, which has built-in support for Blu-ray 1080p high-definition video playback and DirectX 10 gaming graphics.

The chipmaker’s GPU ambitions go far beyond its embedded line, though. The move is also geared towards driving up developer interest in their upcoming Larrabee graphics processing unit, which is set to rival Nvidia as Intel shifts its focus to the gaming industry. The site features white papers, discussion forums, weblogs, wikis and videos, including a video interview with Intel’s director of marketing for the visual computing software division, Roger Chandler, in which he discusses the company’s current position in the gaming and visual computing segments and some of their plans for the future.

AMD, Nvidia claim Intel is denying them access to USB 3.0

AMD, Nvidia claim Intel is denying them access to USB 3.0 AMD and Nvidia are working hand in hand for a new goal, one that pits them both against the 900 pound gorilla that is Intel. The two are claiming that Intel is trying to prevent them from developing chipsets around the USB 3.0 specification, a standard that has not yet been finalized and was only proposed few months ago. According to them, Intel is not disclosing the specification to their competitors, which include both AMD and Nvidia. They claim that even though the PCI Special Interest Group is doing the footwork, Intel is capable of stonewalling them and not providing access to needed information.

Intel says they are moving with “due speed”. Due speed to them might mean that they will reluctantly give over the information 6 months after they already have USB 3.0 products on the market, which would certainly infuriate anybody who is competing.

USB 3.0 promises a lot, including speeds faster than gigabit. Whether or not it will deliver will be based upon a lot of things, the least of which is not who will actually be able to produce platforms that feature it.

Yahoo rolls back security updates to fix POP mail

Yahoo rolls back security updates to fix POP mail If you are one of the many users plagued by Yahoo Mail and its recent issues, it looks like your troubles may be over. Yahoo has decided to pull the plug on various anti-spam and security enhancements they recently added to the service, as it was discovered they were the culprit behind many users not being able to retrieve POP email.

Considering that POP mail through Yahoo is a paid service, this understandably made a lot of people upset. While the company intended to add value by incorporating these newer features, it seems their technical staff was unable to find a solution for the problems they caused aside from rolling back. As a result, the upgraded SSL and anti-spam functionality are gone at least for now, and the POP service should be back to normal. Unfortunately for those who have accounts configured to require SSL, those will no longer work.

Sneak peak at Intel's Nehalem roadmap

Sneak peak at Intel's Nehalem roadmap While Intel hasn't confirmed anything yet, it seems that some have found and leaked an early roadmap for their Nehalem processors. The limited data suggests that Intel will be releasing a lot more Nehalem-based processors at launch, more than just the “enthusiast” CPUs we expected to be initially available. This includes a 2.66GHz Bloomdfield CPU, paired up against the Q9400 and Q9550 CPUs.

Those are supposedly going to be here in Q4 08 – along with the very high end 3.2GHz models. The information is light, but interesting. Intel has not confirmed any of these details yet so they all could easily be changed. You can see the roadmap yourself if you are interested.

Famous Places in India

Taj Mahal

Let the splendor of the diamond, pearl and ruby vanish like the magic shimmer of the rainbow. Only let this one teardrop, the Taj Mahal, glisten spotlessly bright on the cheek of time... Rabindranath Tagore

Taj Mahal is located in the city of Agra, one of the most powerful cities in the medieval world. Agra is a part of the state of Uttar Pradesh, in the northern region of India. It is a part of the great northern plains and is situated on the west bank of river the Yamuna. Agra is 204 km south of Delhi.

Legendary Saga:
An immense mausoleum of white marble, built in Agra between 1631 and 1648 by order of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favourite wife, Arjumand Banu. The Taj Mahal is one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world's heritage and the jewel of Muslim art in India. Taj Mahal was constructed over a period of twenty-two years, employing twenty thousand workers. It was completed at a cost of 32 Million Rupees.

Elegy in Marble- Taj Mahal:
Taj Mahal means "Crown Palace" and is in fact the most well preserved and architecturally beautiful tomb in the world. The architecture is stunning and the unique mughal style combines elements of Persian, Central Asian, and Islamic architecture. Most impressive are the black and white chessboard marble floor, the four tall minarets (40 m high) at the corners of the structure, and the majestic dome in the middle. If observed minutely around the archways, the lettering of the Quran verses appears to be uniform, regardless of their height.

The impressive pietra dura artwork includes geometric elements, plants and flowers, mostly common in Islamic architecture. There is a high level of intricacy involved in artwork when one realizes that a 3 cm decorative element contains more than 50 inlaid gemstones.

the Taj Mahal is inspired by love and shaped to perfection, it immortalizes one man's love for his wife and the splendor of an era.

Friday, June 6, 2008

IT salary hikes may not go beyond single digit

Salary increments in IT companies are lower this year than it has been in previous years. In some cases, significantly so.“We have received lower increments this year,” said an employee of Infosys Technologies. “Laterals got only some 8 per cent hike. A company security policy e-mail has also asked us not to share such details with anyone outside.’’ Mohandas Pai, head of education & training in Infosys, said that inclusive of variable pay, the company’s increments this year were in the range of 11 per cent to 13 per cent, against 13-15 per cent last year.
Senior HR executives at some large tech firms confided that their companies are not in a position to increase salaries beyond single digits, at least for a couple of years, till the global markets stabilize. The biggest pressure is seen to be coming from the US, which looks to be quickly slipping into a recession. Almost 60 per cent of the revenues of many Indian IT companies come from the US. Tech firms are increasingly moving away from an equalitarian regime in compensation.

‘‘Companies preferred it as they wanted to keep employees across the board happy, to keep attrition at bay. But in today’s scenario, cost pressures are compelling them to change that approach,’’ said the HR director of a tier 1 tech firm. ‘‘Indian companies have so far been effecting unsustainable salary increments. It has clearly hit a correction mode this year,’’ says B S Murthy, CEO of hiring firm Human Capital. Wipro’s average salary increments are expected to be in the range of 8 per cent to 10 per cent against 12-14 per cent last year.
‘‘Pay hikes expected to happen in August will be some percentage lower than the previous year’s,’’ says Anindya Shee, head of compensation & benefits in Wipro. And if lower increments make employees unhappy, there’s little they can do about it. In previous years, they would have jumped into another job at a significantly higher salary. Now, with IT companies no longer hiring as they were, nor offering any such hikes, they have to be content with what they get.

Infosys and Tata among most reputed firms

Tata group has emerged as the world’s sixth most reputed company, but the country’s most valued firm Reliance Industries failed to make the grade. Tata group jumped over 100 positions from last year’s 124th rank in the annual Global 200: The World’s Best Corporate Reputations list, compiled by US-based Reputation Institute.

At least nine other Indian firms, which were among 600 companies considered in a survey to prepare the list, could not make it to the final 200. These firms include Mukesh Ambani-led RIL. Other Indian companies that were considered for the list, but failed to make the cut include the biggest private sector lender ICICI Bank, top private and public sector telecom firms Bharti Airtel and BSNL, IT giant Wipro, Birla group’s Grasim Industries, tobacco-to-consumer goods conglomerate ITC as well as two state-run firms — oil refining and marketing major BPCL and national carrier Air India Ltd.

While releasing its latest report, Reputation Institute said that Tata group and Air India have the strongest and weakest corporate reputations respectively among the companies from India. Besides Tata and Infosys, other firms that made to the top 200 list include, Maruti Udyog (Suzuki) Ltd, State Bank of India, Hindustan Lever Ltd, Hero Honda Motors, Life Insurance Corp of India, Bajaj Auto, ONGC, Mahindra & Mahindra and Indian Oil Corporation. Both Tata and Infosys have gained over 100 spots each to join the top tier of global companies.

Kamal wills, Kamal does

It;s definitely not a crusade against religion. I don’t thrust my ideologies on the roles I play. Neither am I judgmental,” says Kamal Haasan. Saketharaman (Hey! Ram) Velu Naicker (Nayakan) and Shaktivel Thevar (Thevar Magan) each from a different school of thought exemplify Kamal’s contention. “Similarly, the core of Dasavathaaram is also different. God plays a strong role in D. And I’ve used religion as a showman should.”

So what’s the core? “The requirement of religion, you can say. But this has nothing to do with the God aspect,” he assures. “As a tool for cultural development it has been excellent. But now the weapon is turning blunt, and it is superstitions that rule the roost. As far as Dasavathaaram goes, God will appear in all His glory… and faults! Both sides of the argument will run subcutaneously in the story without impeding the entertainment value in any way,” he smiles enigmatically. So that’s why there’s a scientist in D. “He’s our rationalist,” smiles Kamal.

Kindling curiosity

The sheer magnitude of the project and the surmises, arguments and counters that have been part of the film from the time of its launch two years ago, have naturally kindled viewers’ curiosity. “The media has been very kind in helping us keep it under wraps. And the goodwill from my peers has been incredible. Even a person like Jayaprada didn’t ask me what her role involved. Then we have Asin who has shot for nearly 100 days, and Mallika Sherawat.”

A rigorous schedule of 18 hours a day running to 600 days of shoot, and 500 hours spent on the hero’s make-up alone! Kamal simply shrugs it off. “When you do what you believe in, you don’t get tired. I have no holidays because I don’t have any working days, is the axiom I go by.”

How did it all begin? “At this very place where we are sitting now,” he taps on the table. It began as a casual coffee-shop-chat between Kamal and his friends. “We discussed various levels of filmgoers’ expectation and market demands. What if we packaged humour, action and romance in a format never attempted before, we thought,” he says. It was a kind of SWOT analysis of their strengths, weaknesses, objectives and threats which eventually led Kamal to the story with 10 main characters.

“Michael Westmore, our make-up wizard from the U.S., says that so many diverse roles in a single film have never been attempted by any actor in the world. But we didn’t begin it with records in mind.”

Kamal is also the writer of Dasavathaaram. “I’m a reluctant actor,” he confesses. Writing has been a passion from his early days.

Much before the country experienced tsunami, Kamal’s Anbe Sivam spoke about it. “I fervently hope the synthetic bio-weapons I talk about in Dasavathaaram don’t become a reality,” he sighs. Around 10 different firms have handled the CG of the film. “The number is in tune with the title,” he quips.

Producer Ravichandran and director K.S.Ravikumar complete the diligent triangle that slogged throughout. “Of course, there’s the cameraman [Ravivarman] but even he goes out of the project for a while and returns. The three of us placed our individual likes and dislikes on the shore and went in to bathe in an egoless sea. It was a smooth swim. The ruptures were minimal,” he guffaws.

“I haven’t tried to be a maverick as far as the entertainment quotient goes, because frankly I’m bothered only about the film being accepted by my people. As for awards I don’t care. If it happens I’ll be honoured, but definitely surprised!” he candidly states.

Strangely number 10 keeps cropping up often during the conversation. “Ten years from now I must watch the film with my daughters and still feel happy about it. Not apologetically say, ‘in those days we could do only this much.’ I refuse to be a captive of Time. Transcending it is more like me.”

“It’s a Lucullan feast we are providing. Taste the truffles for the sheer enjoyment they offer or scratch the surface and find the message beneath. The layers are many, because every stratum of my audience is important to me and Dasavathaaram aims at satisfying each of them,” smiles Kamal

World Environment Day competitions

Budhha Purnima Project Authority (BPPA) and Centre for Environment Education are organising competitions for school and college students on the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5 at Sanjeevaiah Park.

For details call: 2331-2992/ 99492-97898.

Monarch of fruits

Fruit of the gods: The Mango

Summer holidays are not complete without mangoes. Starting with ‘Ugadi Pachchadi’, the special delicacy prepared on Telugu New Year’s Day, there are many dishes, in which mango is used as a flavouring agent. Lemon and tamarind, the regular condiments used to flavour ‘Pulihora’, the rice preparation, are replaced by the tang of the raw mango.

Mango finds its way into most dishes and even desserts. The entire household, from the newborn to the toothless grandparents, relishes mango juice and there is no Telugu homestead that doesn’t prepare ‘Avakkai’ pickle. Every season, something new is discovered. Jams, jellies, milkshakes and yogurt come out in the market. This summer, popular film director Sekhar Kammula has announced that he wants to serve ‘Avakkai Biryani’ (the name of his new film) to his fans. Taking a cue from the film director, some chefs in the city are vying with each other to patent their preparation with the same name.

Mango, undoubtedly, is the most popular fruit in India. There are over 1,000 different varieties of mangoes in the world. The fruit comes in different shapes, sizes and colours depending on the ripeness. The colours range from yellow to green to orange or red. The fruits weigh as little as a few ounces up to a few pounds.

Horticultural experts say mango is native to southern Asia, especially Burma and Eastern India. It spread to the Malaya Archipelago, Eastern Asia and Eastern Africa. Mango was introduced to California in 1880. The tree lives for a long time with some specimens known to be over 300 years old and still fruiting.

The mango exists in two varieties, one from India and the other from the Philippines and Southeast Asia. The Indian variety is intolerant to high humidity, with bright red new foliage that is subject to mildew bears fruit of high colour and regular form. The Philippine race tolerates excessive moisture and bears pale green and elongated kidney-shaped fruit.

Long life

Mango seedling trees live more than 100 years, whereas grafted ones live only for 80 years or less. One of the largest trees known is in Chandigarh, with a trunk of 3.5 metres in diameter, limbs of 75 centimetres diameter, the crown spreading over 2,250 square meters with an annual production of about 16,000 fruits in peak years at the age more than 100 years old.

Mango, called the ‘King of Fruits’, is the leading fruit crop of Andhra Pradesh, grown in an area of 2.76 lakh hectares which accounts for 60 per cent of the total area under fruits with an annual production of about 3.25 lakh tonnes. While the major mango growing districts are Krishna and Chittoor, other districts like East Godavari, West Godavari, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Srikakulam, Chittoor, Khammam, Karimnagar and Adilabad also contribute in their own way.

Assistant Director of Horticulture M.V. Madhusudhan says Mango is grown in 65,000 hectares in Krishna district.

The ‘Cheruku Rasalu’ variety of mangoes, called so because of their sweetness akin to that of sugarcane, grown in Nuzvid area in Krishna district are very popular. The Banganapalli is another variety that is popular all over the world.

Colours of the rainbow

First day at school … new books, new pencils, new lessons, new ideas, new opportunities!

It’s school time again! Excited? Maybe a little sad that summer is over? Mmm… you had a great time, didn’t you? What did you do? Went to summer camps? To a hill station? Partied with friends, played on the beach? Visited grandma? Went abroad with mom and dad? Got fit with yoga? Hectic, wasn’t it? The school bell will ring soon and it’s time to stop and focus on the next year. Be prepared

A little scared of the first day of school? Don’t be. There are so many new things! New teachers, new friends, maybe even a new school. All these “new” worries don’t last long. You will meet old friends in your class and make new friends, get to know the teachers and the textbooks. You will be using a new set of pens and pencils, a fresh instrument box. There are new lessons, new ideas and new opportunities to try out your talent. All fun stuff!

How would you prepare for the opening day? Not much to do, really. Your teacher will kick off the new year talking about herself. She might ask you what you did at home. She might ask you to tell the class if you’ve done something unusual during the holidays. Why don’t you think about what to say? Would you like to ask what she did? Remember to raise your hand before you ask, ok?

Think of the new class as picking shells on the beach. You never know what you will find. And there is always a chance you’ll get something unusual. Will you find one with a pearl or a crab? Are there new kids in the class? Go over to say “Hello!” with a smile. Invite them to join your group for lunch. Who knows, they may become your best friends! It means more birthday parties!

Go with a sense of wonder. Learning is like looking at a rainbow. Every time you see it, the colours look wonderful! And think — where does it begin and end?

Sleep well, have a good breakfast and listen to what is going on in class.

Learn to laugh at things. A lot of our problems vanish when we see how silly they are!

Hyderabad Today

Sri Rama Krishna Ashrama: Discourse on ‘Sri Sainatha Satcharitra’, Sri Satyanarayana Swamy temple, Ashoknagar, 6.30 p.m.

Sankara Bhaktha Sabha Trust: Srimad Bhagavatha Sapthagam and Upanyasam, Veda Bhavan, Safilguda, 7 a.m.


Dhruva College of Management: Talk on ‘Soft skills for engineering students’, college premises, Kacheguda, 11.30 a.m.

Salar Jung Museum: Summer nature camp-2008, museum premises, Afzalgunj, 11 a.m.


Kalakriti Art Gallery: Artists in residence programme, gallery premises, Road No.10, Banjara Hills, from 11 a.m.

Andhra Pradesh Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited: ‘Modern Art Gallery’, an arts and crafts exhibition-cum-sale, Lepakshi Export Oriented Showroom, Musheerabad, 11 a.m.

Sri Rama Gana Sabha: Harikatha Sapthaham, Sri Rama temple, New Nallakunta, 6.30 p.m.

JNTU postpones first year exams

HYDERABAD: The first year examinations of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) to be held on Friday have been postponed to Saturday in view of the bandh call given by political parties, according to a press release. – Special Correspondent


TTD Chairman Sri B.Karunakara Reddy and TTD Executive Officer Sri K.V.Ramanachary speaking at the 'Sanathana Dharma Prachara Sadassu' in Tirumala on Thursday and panaromic view of the Sadassu.

Tirumala, 05 June (P.R.O) The TTD doesn’t have any other agenda other than propagation of Hindu Dharma told Sri B.Karunakara Reddy. Addressing the Swamijis of who assembled in Sanathana Dharma Prachara Sadas organized by TTD at Asthana Mandapam, Tirumala on June 5.

Speaking on this occasion the Chairman appealed the swamijis to give more suggestions, effectively implanting schemes at the grass root level for the spiritual and social uplift of the people. He also explained the various TTD Schemes such as Dalitha Govindam, Matsya Govindam, Kalyanamasthu etc., He called for support of the Swamijis to popularize Vedic Dharma and spiritual values.

Sri K.V.Ramanachary, Executive Officer, TTDs in his welcoming address to the various swamiji’s, he thanked them for sustained support and co-operation to the TTD at levels. He requested the swamijis to offer their suggestions how best the T.T.Devasthanams could utilize its resources for the spread of Sanathana Dharma. He urged the masses to strength the hands of the TTD for conducting various programmes for the universal welfare. He also detailed various steps taken for the pilgrims in TTD.

Some of the Swamijis speeches in Brief:

His Holiness Sri Sri Rangaramanuja Pedda Jeeyar Swamy Tirumala: He urged the people to come together and work for the revitalization of Hinduism. He lauded the steps taken by the TTD to promote Hindu Dharma. He made a fervent call to sink petty differences and make Hinduism strong and dynamic.

Sri Sri Sri Swarupanandendendra Swamiji, Sarada Peetam, Vizag: In his address, Swami Swarupananda appealed the Devasthanams to popularize religious programmes at village level and take up measures to spread the message of our great acharyas and sages. He highly appreciated the steps to introduce community marriages through kalyanamasthu and establish the glory of our Hindu marriage traditions.

Sri Sri Viswesh Theertha Swamiji, Sri Pejawar Mutt, Udipi: Hindu Dharma is the most ancient religious traditions which survived the test of time. He called upon the masses to uphold our values and strive for rejuvenating Arsha Dharma. He also explained the glory of Tirumala which has become the centre of spiritualism. He complemented the TTD for playing a key role in the revival of Sanathana Dharma.

Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Swamiji, Sri Datta Peetam, Mysore : He stressed the need for popularizing Sankeerthana padhathi as it is efficacious in propagating bhakthi. Similarly nada chikitsa would play a vital role in creating spiritual awareness. He also underlined the need for adopting Drik Siddantha as the present panchanga Siddanthas make people confusing.

Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamy, Guntur : He appreciated the efforts taken by the TTD in propagating spiritual values. He also commended the TTD for implanting Kalyanamasthu, Dalitha Govindam and other such programmes among the poor and emphasized the need for taking up the programmes without giving room for criticism. He also suggested to distribute of Lord’s pictures and booklets in the villages for the masses so as to spread our own culture and values in the society.

Sri Soundara Rajan, Chilukuru: He appreciated the functions of the Central Dharmic council of TTD. He also said the archakas problems have to be solved by suitably amending the existing act. He suggested the TTD to shift the potu in Sri Vari Temple to outside to avert any fire accidents.

Pilot Sri Swamydhan: He reminded the Swamijis to work together for revitalization of Hinduism. Propagation of our Dharma should not be limited to a particular area or region but it should be in global level.

Sri Sri Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamy, Sri Sankara Mutt, Kanchi: He said that the Kanchi Mutt is doing some social and religious activities in Tamil Nadu. The TTD is also doing best programmes for the Loka Kalyanam. He suggested the TTD to distribute the religious books to the children and elders in the society.

Sri P.V.R.K Prasad, President TTDs Central Dharmic Council has introduced all the Swamijis in the meeting.

H.H.Mahanth Arjun Das Maharaj, Sri Swamy Hathiramji Mutt, Tirupati, Sri Sri Sri Swami Amritananda, Ramakrishna Mission, Vizag, Sri Raghavendra Bharathi Maha Swami, Ramachandra Puram Mutt, Bangalore, Sri Vishnu Pada, Veda Vignana Maha Vidyapeeth, Bangalore, H.H. Sri Sidheswara Ananda Bharathi Swamiji, Mouna Swamy Mutt, Kourthalam, Tamil Nadu, Sri Sri Sri Nirvikalpananda Giri Swamiji, Sheshachala Ashram, Guntur, Sri Sri Sri Vidyesa Theertha Swamiji, Bangalore, Mata Sivachaitanayanand, Vijayawada, Sri Sri Sri Srikaryam Swamiji, Sri Karyam Swamiji Ahobhila Mutt, Chennai, His Holiness Sri Sri Vidya Manohara Theertha Swamiji, Sri Vyasaraya Mutt, Mysore, Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswamigal, Mysore, Sri Sri Sri Tridendi Ahobila Ramanuja Jeer Swamiji, Guntur, Sri Brahmananda Theertha Swamiji, Sri Satyananda Ashram, Nellore, H.H.Sri Ranga Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamy, Tirupati, Sri Acharya Sri Sankarananda Giri Swamiji, Vijayawada, Sri Ranga Priya Desikendra Swamiji, Bangalore, Sri Nirmalanda Giri Swamiji, Guntur, H.H. Sri Sri Tridandi Rangaramanuja Jeeyar Swamy, Raghava Ashram, Kakinada, Sri Tridandi Krishna Saranaya Ramanuja Jeer Swamy, Sri Krshnananda Matadhipathi, Hyderabad, Astakshari Sampat Kumara Ramanuja Swamiji, Vijayawada, Sri Tridandi Satagopa Ramanuja Jeer Swami, Manawalamamani Mutt, Srivalli Puttur, Sri Tridandi Krishna Yethendra Ramanuja Jeer Swami, Geetha Ashram, Karimnagar, Sri Maharshi S.V.Krishna Murthy, Viswonnathi Sanathana Dharma Punaruddana Kendram, Nellore, Sri Sri Sri Sugunendra Thirtha Swamiji, Udupi, Sri Sri Sri Vidyasagara Madhava Thirtha Swamiji, Mulabagal, Karnataka, Sri Sri Sri Prasanna shora Madhawa Thirthulu Swamiji, Mulabagal, Sri Sri Sri Vidyadhisha Thirtha Swamiji, Udipi, Sri HH Kaliyan Vanamamalai Swamiji, Tirunanveli, Sri Sri Sri Sivapuri Maha Swamivaru, Omkara Maha Samsthanam, Bangalore, Sri Sadguru Sivananda Murthy Garu, Vizag, Sri Om Sri Siva Sai Baba, Chikkaballa Pura, Sri Vidya Prasanna Swamy, Subramanyam Mutt, Karnataka, Sri Sri Sri Sachidananda Saraswathi Swamy, Tuni, Sri Sri Swaroopanana Swamy, Srinivasa Mangapuram, B.S.Muni Maha Raj, Goudeya Mutt, Guntur, Lalitha Krishna Prabhu, Goudeya Mutt, Chennai, Puttiga Mutt Swamy, Udipi, Sri Vijay Durga Peetadhipathi, Vedurupakka, Sri Sri Tridendi Srinivasa Vrathadara Swamiji, Hyderabad, Sri Sripadaraja Mulibhagal Mattam, Mulibhagal.

Endowment Commissioner Sri Sundara Kumar, TTD Board Member Sri Chavireddy Bhaskar Reddy, TTDs Spl Officer Sri A.V.Dharma Reddy, C.V&.SO Sri B.V.Ramana Kumar, F.A&C.A.O Smt Anitha Shah Akella, DPP Secretary Sri Vijayaraghava Charyulu and others have taken part.

Sri B.Karunakara Reddy, Chairman TTDs while addressing the media after completion of the programme has informed the following resolutions of Sanathana Dharma Prachara Sadassu held at Asthana Mandapama, Tirumala on June 5, 2008 :

Suggested resolutions:

  • The TTDs Sanathana Dharma Prachara Sadas unanimously complement the management of TTDs for the keen interest that is taking in organizing the Sadas and for intensifying Dharma Prachara activities.
  • Unanimously resolved that the TTDs should take up prachara activities in the state of Karnataka and Tamilnadu on the same lines as it has been doing in Andhra Pradesh.
  • On the same lines in Andhra Pradesh the organizational setup has to be strengthened in Karnataka and Tamilnadu to constitute District Dharmic Councils. One or two member of the District Councils should be drawn from the member organizations from this Sadas which are actively involved in Dharma Prachara in that District.
  • One vehicle for each District Dharmic Council should be provided along with running expenses for Dharma Prachara activities within the District (to be taken up by all the member organizations under the banner of TTD)
  • Resolved to recommend to the TTD to extend Sri Venkateswara Bhakthi Channel to cover programmes in Karnataka and Tamilnadu.
  • Resolved to recommend to TTD that an institutional arrangement by way of a special project for providing research support, publication and materials support and training support. This project will strive to effectively implement all the recommendations made by this Sadas. It shall be a clearing house for all communications for the member organizations. It will also work out programmes to involve the member organizations actively in TTD schemes. The Project can, be named as “ Sri Venkateswara Bhakthi Samrakhana Samghatana
  • Resolved to recommend to TTD to implement Sankeerthana Bhajana Yagnam project in every village, giving special emphasis to children, Harijans and Girijans. All necessary materials such as Bhajana cassettes Bhajana Books, Lord’s photos etc., should be supplied to the District Dharmic Council members. Periodic competitions in Bhajana under various categories should be conducted. Bhajana troups should be invited to Tirumala to perform Akhanda Nama Sankeerthana and also special occasions like Brahmosthavams, Metlosthavams. Schemes should be drawn up and effort should be made that every temple in every village should have atleast one Bhajana Mandali attached to it.
  • The services of member organizations and their volunteers should be actively utilized to achieve the goal. TTD should come up with a specific incentive programme to encourage this activity.
  • Archaka being available in every village, this institution should be strengthened and the archakas should be properly trained supported and used as Dharma Pracharak at the grass root level.
  • It was resolved that the recommendations made by the Justice Rama Jois’s committee on amendments to HR and CE Act be considered and implemented at the earliest not only in Karnataka but also in all the states in the country. The concept of autonomous Rajya Dharma Parishad and Jilla Dharma Parishad recommended by Justice Rama Joi’s committee be formed.
  • Resolved that this TTDs Sanathana Dharma Prachara Sadas be held every year in the month of February – on a day convenient to TTDs, so that all the participant members can keep themselves free to attend this conference. It is desirable that the day may be finalized atleast 3 months in advance.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Scientists find Camera that looks through clothing

A camera that can see explosives, drugs and weapons hidden under clothing from 25 metres has been invented. The ThruVision system could be deployed at airports, railway stations or other public spaces. It is based on so-called terahertz, or T-ray, technology, normally used by astronomers to study dying stars.

Although it is able to see through clothes it does not reveal body detail or subject people to harmful radiation, according to the designers. These are able to pass through clothing, paper, ceramics and wood but are blocked by metal and water.
The portable camera, which has already been sold to the Dubai Mercantile Exchange and Canary Wharf in London, will be shown off at the Home Office scientific development branch's annual exhibition later this week. This electromagnetic radiation is a form of low level energy emitted by all people and objects.

Intel introduces PC for education market

Intel Corporation yesterday unveiled a new version of its classmate PC for global education market Showcasing the second-generation classmate PC Intel research director Andrew Chien told delegates that the portable computers termed netbooks were built on rugged Internet-centric platform, with wireless capability, longer battery life, water-resistant keyboards and are more shock resistant.

'The new version has been designed to enable manufacturers to make netbooks suited for diverse education needs of parents, teachers and students,' Andrew said. The Intel-powered classmate PC supports Microsoft Windows XP and variants of the Linux operating environment. Classmate PC has a nine-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) screen, 512 megabyte (MB) memory, a 30 gigabyte (GB) HDD (hard disk drive) storage and an integrated webcam.

“About 80 software and hardware vendors, content providers, educational services providers and local OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are working with us to develop a new infrastructure that supports the classmate PC. We also plan to build the future classmate PCs with Atom processor, the energy-efficient, low-cost chip designed for small mobile computing devices,” Andrew affirmed.

Scientists discover 10,000 times faster new Internet

The Internet could soon be made obsolete by the grid. The lightning-fast replacement will be capable of downloading entire feature films within seconds. At speeds about 10,000 times faster than a typical broadband connection, the grid will be able to send the entire Rolling Stones back catalogue from Britain to Japan in less than two seconds. The power of the grid will become apparent this summer after what scientists at Cern have termed their red button day.

The latest spin-off from Cern, the particle physics centre that created the web, could also provide the kind of power needed to transmit holographic images; allow instant online gaming with hundreds of thousands of players, and offer high-definition video telephony for the price of a local call. It has been used to help design new drugs against malaria, which kills 1m people each year. Cern, based near Geneva, started the grid project seven years ago when researchers realized LHC would generate annual data equivalent to 56m CDs enough to make a stack 50 miles high.
Ironically this meant that scientists at Cern where Tim Berners-Lee invented the Internet in 1989 — would no longer be able to use his creation for fear of causing a global collapse. This is because the Internet has evolved by linking together a hotchpotch of cables and routing equipment, much of which was originally designed for telephone calls and which lacks the capacity for high-speed data transmission. By contrast, the grid has been built with dedicated fibre optic cables and modern routing centres, meaning there are no outdated components to slow the deluge of data.

Computers that spot hot woman are invented

Scientists in Israel have successfully taught computers to interpret attractiveness in women. ''Until now, computers have been taught how to identify basic facial characteristics, such as the difference between a woman and a man, and even to detect facial expressions, but our software lets a computer make an aesthetic judgment,'' researcher Amit Kagian from the Tel Aviv University said.

In the first step of the study, 30 men and women were presented with 100 different faces of Caucasian women, roughly of the same age, and were asked to judge the beauty of each face. The subjects rated the images on a scale of 1 through 7 and did not explain why they chose certain scores. ''Linked to sentiments and abstract thought processes, humans can make a judgment, but they usually don't understand how they arrived at their conclusions,'' Kagian said.

He and his colleagues then went to the computer and processed and mapped the geometric shape of facial features mathematically. Additional features such as face symmetry, smoothness of the skin and hair color was fed into the analysis as well. Based on human preferences, the machine 'learned' the relation between facial features and attractiveness scores and was then put to the test on a fresh set of faces, as reported by Science Daily.
''The computer produced impressive results its rankings were very similar to the rankings people gave,'' Kagian said. This is considered a remarkable achievement, believes Kagian, because it's as though the computer learned implicitly how to interpret beauty through processing previous data it had received. Born in America, brought up in India.

Get ready for social networking without Internet

You may soon be able to chat with your Facebook and Orkut friends even without an Internet connection, for scientists have developed an application that may make it possible to network, chat, or share files without Internet access. Researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have come up with an application that may make it possible to chat and even play collaborative games with friends who also have installed the application.

There are two components to the application, dubbed Peersonalizer: a Facebook application and a module inside the free, downloadable WiPeer software. WiPeer makes direct wireless (WiFi) communication between computers possible without intermediary devices such as Internet routers at distances of up to 900 ft. Peersonalizer uses technology that can also be applied to other social networking sites such as Orkut, MySpace, Friendster and LinkedIn.

Lead researcher Professor Roy Friedman said that the technology could also be eventually used with WiFi-enabled mobile phones,
such as the iPhone. “This application takes social networking to another level,” said Friedman. “Peersonalizer demonstrates that Internet-based social networks can serve as complementary mechanisms – rather than replacements – to social and business life,” he added.

Mobiles set to be used to detect illness

A team at the University of California, Berkeley, has developed a handheld scanner that can use mobile phone technology to create images that may reveal illnesses such as tumors. The scanning device can be plugged into a mobile phone, which can pass raw data onto processors, for interpretation. Images are then transmitted back to the phone for viewing.
The invention could aid countries that lack the funds for medical imaging equipment such as ultrasounds and x-rays. It substantially reduces costs because the software to process the data, which is the most expensive part of any machine, can be located at a central location and be fed data from multiple remote sites.
Professor Boris Rubinsky, who team conceived the idea, said, "Physicians in developing countries have the same quality of training and capabilities as anywhere else. The main difference in medical care is the advanced medical technology that is too expensive for rural areas and developing countries.” The physician cans than use their own cellular to plug into that device and send the raw data to the central facility.

You can be in two places at one time

Business executives will soon be able to make presentations in distant countries through their virtual presence in the meeting halls, thanks to Australian telecommunications and media company Telstra’s new technology that can create a person’s hologram. The company used a hologram to beam its Chief Technology Officer, Dr Hugh Bradlow, live into Adelaide from Melbourne to give a speech at a major function for senior business executives. Dr Bradlow addressed and interacted with the audience for around 15 minutes and conducted a real-time media conference following the function.

He revealed that their Musion Eyeliner System enabled them to beam his mobile three-dimensional image from one city to the other to give a live business presentation. “In Melbourne, we have a high definition video camera which is filming me as I stand here,” Dr Bradlow said. “That signal is being taped across the network and the far end is using a very smart optical projection system to create a holograph, or my virtual presence, in Adelaide.”

Dr Bradlow said that a big, flat panel LCD screen enabled him to see who he was talking to in Adelaide, and thus facilitated the real time interaction. “It has the look and feel of being in the same room together,” he said. “You can envisage this being used in education, in entertainment, in news media as a holographic system, but the whole class of telepresence systems is going to be across all businesses,” he added.

Wipro launches Fit for Life for its employees

Wipro Limted launched Fit for Life, a comprehensive well-being programme for its employees. "The objective of the programme is to evaluate and improve well-being, both physical and mental, quotient of employees as well as integrate all current well-being initiatives under the umbrella to strengthen it further", a Wipro release said.
Commenting on the initiative, Girish Paranjpe, joint CEO and Executive Director, Wipro Limited, said, "Employee well-being is of paramount importance to us. Fit for Life is yet another initiative in this direction. Companies need to have such initiatives as they will become hygiene factors in choice of employers in the future."
Some of the initiatives to be rolled out in the coming weeks are onsite health check camps across locations, promotion of healthy habits, anti smoking awareness campaign, stress management camps, meditation and yoga, various awareness campaigns on asthma and allergy, skin care, headache disorder and alcohol.
A study by PWC on well being across 32 companies globally states well being programmes adopted by campanies make them a more attractive place for people to work and improves employee engagement levels with the organization apart from the primary benefit of increasing well being levels among employees, it said.

Your work place can make you sick

For Patty Mulcahy, it began with itchy eyes. They started to water two years ago when renovation began on the Midtown office building where she was working. By the fifth day, redness and swelling became unbearable. She ended up in the emergency room. Over the next three months, she developed a bad cough. Doctors at first suspected pneumonia, but it worsened in spite of antibiotics. When she collapsed at her desk in October 2006, barely able to breathe, she learned she had what doctors call occupational asthma. In other words, she was allergic to work.

While it sounds like a punch line, or a handy excuse for avoiding the office, workplace allergy, specifically occupational asthma, accounts for about 10% of asthma cases in the US, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Occupational asthma alone is estimated to be responsible for 24.5 million missed workdays nationwide annually, said Dr Karin Pacheco, an occupational medicine specialist at the National Jewish Medical and Research Centre in Denver, which specializes in respiratory illness.

Work-induced allergy is fairly simple to diagnose: the symptoms worsen as the workday progresses, and lessen after you leave. And you feel fine on weekends and vacations. Much more complicated is what to do about it. The only cure is to avoid the allergy trigger. That may be possible when your trigger is peanuts, but how do you earn a living when your trigger is the place you work? Nearly every workplace has potential triggers. The Mayo Clinic website lists 16 professions at risk for occupational asthma, including veterinarian, cabinetmaker, cleaning staff, baker and hairdresser.

Breast-fed kids are not only healthy but also smart

According to the world's largest study on lactation and intelligence, that followed 17,046 children for six and a half years from birth, children whose mothers exclusively breastfed them during the first year of life had consistently higher IQ and an improved cognitive development. Scientists from McGill University and the Montreal Children's Hospital conducted a randomized trial involving patients from 31 maternity hospitals in Belarus.

At age six and a half the children in the breastfeeding group scored an average of 7.5 points higher on tests measuring verbal intelligence, 2.9 points higher on tests measuring non-verbal intelligence and 5.9 points higher on tests measuring overall intelligence. Michael S Kramer, lead author and professor of pediatrics at the university, said: "Our study provides the strongest evidence to date that prolonged and exclusive breastfeeding makes kids smarter."

Dr J P Dadhisch, pediatrician and former secretary of the National Neonatology Forum, said, "India recommends breastfeeding within one hour and exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months for every child. However, just a quarter of the children born every year are fed breast milk exclusively till they are six months old. "Two reasons could link breastfeeding and IQ. Mother's breast milk contains fatty acids like DHA and AA that play a vital role in brain development. Even though neurological cells exist in kids, its these fatty acids that help nerve cells to send signals."

68 pc Indians have sex weekly to feel satisfied

A survey has revealed that 68 per cent Indians feel sexually satisfied when they have sex weekly. A global well-being survey, carried out by Durex, says that sex plays an important role in people's physical and emotional health.
The survey carried out among 26,000 people across the world ranks India lower (14th) than countries like Greece (87 per cent), Brazil (82 per cent) and Russia (80 per cent) in the sexual satisfaction index. Random samples of participants aged 16 and above or 18 and above were sent an email invitation to participate in the survey. The respondents were drawn from 26 countries.
According to Durex, sexual well being is a balance of physical, emotional and sociological factors. It is about protecting and nurturing the sexual health of a person and his/her partner and getting the most from sex life. Japan took the last spot in terms of frequency of sex, with just 34 per cent respondents voting for weekly sex for satisfaction.

Viagra keeps ailing hearts pumping

Viagra, which is well known for correcting erectile dysfunction, could potentially be the new drug to prevent degeneration of heart muscle, a factor that kills increasing numbers of people born with muscular dystrophy. Over time, face, arm, leg, spine and heart muscles weaken and wither. Viagra is known to inhibit the breakdown of cyclic GMP, an enzyme that not only dilates the blood vessels in the penis, but is also involved in the signalling pathways that keep the heart healthy.

A group of researchers led by Christine Des Rosiers at the Montreal Heart Institute, Canada, administered an adrenaline-like substance in mice that had been engineered to develop features of human MD. Des Rosiers found that mice given a dose of Viagra equivalent to the amount a man would receive for erectile dysfunction coped significantly better than animals not given the drug.
Echocardiography and other measures showed that the heart function was better, suggesting that Viagra had protected the heart muscle, the New Scientist online said in a report. "It makes perfect sense that it would work in these mouse models," says Elizabeth McNally, at the University of Chicago Medical Center, Illinois. "It fits." However, she cautioned that the success does not mean a drug for humans is just around the corner it is hard to run clinical trials in patients with muscular dystrophy, since their numbers are small.

Male Enhancement' Pills Could Kill You

Who hasn't contemplated sending away for those male enhancement pills offered by friendly, reliable spammers? Well, if you pick a less-than-reputable company, you might end up six feet under because of your quest to get a rise.

Authorities in Singapore are very concerned after a middle-aged man died after consuming an illegal sexual-enhancement pill called Power 1 Walnut that contains high amounts of controlled drugs. Six other men were hospitalized after popping the pill -- the country now has 23 confirmed cases of sickness from it and many more suspected.
The pill contains glibenclamide, which is used to treat diabetes as well as sildenafil. So when you're traveling overseas to get that kidney donation from a Chinese inmate (and maybe a little plastic surgery in a sketchy clinic/tattoo parlor in Bangkok to take care of those unsightly man-boobs), watch out for the sex drugs. Those are really dangerous.

Busy executives really need a better Sun day

A normal day in the life of Sushil Kulkarni is just like that of any midlevel corporate executive. He travels to his office early every morning in an air-conditioned car and spends the entire day in the confines of his cabin. Executives like Kulkarni who barely get any sun exposure thanks to their 7 am to 7 pm work schedule are seeing unexpected fallout of their long hours spent in office. Call it a corporate lifestyle disease, but many are showing up with vitamin deficiencies, particularly that of the sunshine vitamin D or vitamin D3, which is essentially sourced from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and is necessary for strong bones.
“Considering that we are a tropical country with bountiful sunlight, we shouldn’t have vitamin D3 deficiencies. But we find that executives travel in their cars with tinted windows and mostly work indoors. Long office hours rarely allow them to exercise or get any exposure to the sun,’’ said Dr Shyam Pingle, vice president of the Indian Association of Occupational Health (IAOH), a non-governmental organization which works to make workplaces healthy and safe.

Quoting from a study published in the 2007 issue of the Indian Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Dr Pingle said that 75 male office executives in a suburban Mumbai office were tracked and their blood analyzed for vitamin levels. They found that 65% of the executives had vitamin B12 deficiency (less than 193 pg/ml) and 28% executives had vitamin D deficiency (less than 7.6 ng/ml). Doctors say changes in diet and lifestyle can do wonders, although supplements may be necessary for some. Executives could step out of their office during breaks instead of hanging around corridors.

A diet pill that makes you feel full

It sounds like the answer to a dieter's prayers - a once-a-day pill that can help a woman drop two dress sizes in six months. Scientists say they are astonished by the success of trials on tesofensine, a drug that could be on the market in three years. By targeting part of the brain, which controls appetite, it makes the user feel full soon after starting a meal and cuts the urge to snack. Scientists say that one pill a day for six months could see an average weight loss of a stone and a half.

Taken for six months, it is said to help achieve an average weight loss of a stone and a half. Such a change in weight could have a dramatic effect on quality of life, as well slashing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Tesofensine pills could also cut the need for gastric banding, stomach stapling and other expensive and potentially dangerous operations carried out thousands of times a year in the UK as waistlines expand.

There are, however, likely to be concerns about the drug being used as a 'quick fix' to a problem which can in many cases be tackled with diet and exercise. And there are side- effects, including mild nausea, diarrhoea, constipation, insomnia, mood changes, and, perhaps most importantly, increased heart rate. Future trials will determine whether the side effects outweigh the benefits.

Software Techies puff away stress

According to city doctors, stress is often used as an excuse by the techies to start smoking. With hefty pay packets drawn by the software professionals, fashion statement is largely associated with smoking habits. Citing Who figures, doctors said smoking binge is increasing in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

And it is not only the boys who are choking their lungs, a large number of women IT professionals have also opted for the cancer stick. "I picked the habit from one of my friends. It relieves me from stress. I think it is just like any other stress-buster like coffee and tea," said a woman employee of a leading software company. Despite concerted efforts by the state government to generate awareness about the ill effects of smoking, cigarettes continue to claim hundreds of lives every year in the city.
"Smoking among girls in Hyderabad is on the rise. Though there are no readily available figures on the number of girls who smoke, studies say their number is increasing especially in the metros," Dr Kandi said. The Who report said most of the girls who smoke come from extremely high or equally low economic groups. "The warning on a cigarette pack is often a good deterrent against smoking. But personally for me, it relieves stress," said Mr. K Sugunadhar, a businessman. Doctors warn that smokers lose 15 years of their life compared to non-smokers.

Hyderabad gets Rs 20cr luxury homes

The prices of high-end villas and apartments in the city remain high despite the supposed slowdown in the realty sector. Villas at the 531-acre Boulder Hills Golf and Country Club built by Emaar MFG Land Ltd are being sold at prices ranging from Rs 8 crore to Rs 20 crore. This makes them the costliest villas in the city. The Rs 5,610-crore project has 100 such villas, all of which have been booked by prospective buyers.

Apart from villas, Boulder Hills will have 703 residential units, whose price per square feet ranges from Rs 5,500 to Rs 9,000. The project will also have an IT Special Economic Zone and retail space spread over 3 million square feet each. Emaar MGF chief executive, Mr William Robert Rattazzi, feels that real estate projects, which have value-addition, will not be affected by the market corrections.

Designed by a California-based firm, the Emaar villas are constructed in Spanish, Italian, and Moroccan architectural styles and are furnished with items procured from around the world. Lanco Hills, another premium real estate project in the city, has also not been affected by the recent glut. The costliest apartment on the 34th floor in Lanco Hills would cost Rs 2.1 crore. “Since ours is not an ordinary real estate project, we never had any problems in terms of sales,” said a top official of the Lanco Group.

AP set to become hottest Tourism place

Next time you are thinking about going on holiday, don’t ignore Andhra as a possible destination. Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) is all set to make AP the hottest tourist destination in the country. Compared to the award-winning, fancy promotional campaigns of State tourism boards like Kerala and Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh was not so aggressive on advertising its tourism.
Jayesh Ranjan, (I.A.S) Managing Director, APTDC explains, "With our diverse landscapes, culture, cuisine, art, architecture and history, we have everything. Coming to Andhra Pradesh, will be like getting a wholesome experience of India." APTDC will be promoting cluster destinations like Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Rajahmundry, Tirupati and Puttaparthi according to Mr Ranjan.
"Under each spot, we’ve listed out all the places of interest for travelers. We’ve chalked out packages wherein a tourist can choose whatever he/she wants — forests, hills and mountains, beaches, forts and palaces, heritage monuments, temples, shopping, ecotourism, and more. The packages will be highly customized and flexible to suit the needs of the tourist," he says.
Mr Ranjan shares that there will be new tourism activities launched in areas that lack the quality to engage tourists for too long. "The Surya Lanka beach is around 300 kilometres from Hyderabad and is a breathtaking beach. But people can’t just spend time on the beach all day. So we’ll introduce more activities. Even at Nagarjuna Sargar we are introducing water sports," he says. In Hyderabad and other destinations, APTDC will tie up with private establishments to give tourists a wholesome experience. Pearl tours will be organized wherein travelers will be taken to the pearl shops, explained the history, and the process of making pearls.

Gen Next men sees more than just sex

It is commonly believed that sex is the root cause of male infidelity; that boys will be boys, and it’s all about the basic desire to satisfy the male libido. “Gone are the days when men desired another woman for satisfying their male libidos! Nowadays it has become more of a status issue, especially among male friends’ where one tends to flaunt that they are going around with more than one woman at one time,” says Yash Batra, married for 14 years.
Adman Prahlad Kakkar says, “Having another woman in life has become a trophy thing for men today. Some just dump their wives and look out for a new woman half their age because when a wife turns 50, she gets fat and no longer looks as beautiful. And those uncle types men, who have become industrialists and now hang out with cooler people are worried about taking their wife out. So, they end up picking a hot 23-year-old chick as arm candy to make their friends feel jealous. But they fail to realise that these ‘trophy girlfriends’ are just eyeing their bank balance.”
Ask film-maker Raj Kaushal, married to Mandira Bedi and he fully agrees, “Its all about choosing between ‘Who I am’, and ‘What I want’ attitude. Having a fling or a one night stand is different from having a full fledged affair. Eighty per cent of men talk more than they do, just to show how sexually competent they are, not only with their wives but another woman too. For them, it’s more about showing off among friends that ‘look I am so cool and yours is a boring life’ but they are just fooling themselves.”
Experts believe that more than physical attraction, it’s a desire to flaunt male prowess that makes men pick ‘trophy girlfriends’. Leading psychiatrist Dr. Sanjay Chugh states, “Maybe these men believe in the phrase 'the more the merrier' which is why the so called deprived ones’ feel jealous and inadequate and the protagonist is almost made to feel like the king!” Psychiatrist Dr. Samir Parikh elaborates, “If any section of men thinks that infidelity gives them a status in society, I believe that they don’t have substance in themselves and need to show multiple partners in life.”

India asks Canada to simplify visa procedures

India has asked Canada to simplify visa procedures for its students and formulate aggressive strategies to further attract them by establishing linkages in education, immigration and jobs. "Canada must evolve fast track system for business and student visas and create its brand name in India," Indian High Commissioner to Canada R L Narayan said. He was addressing an international education conference organized by Canada-India Business Council (C-IBC) along with Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute.
"India recognizes Canadian expertise in new generation of learning skills and knowledge that could help our students in becoming global citizens," Narayan said. The High Commissioner also urged Canadian government to simplify visa procedures; recognise Indian credentials; adopt aggressive marketing strategies to create brand name in Indian cities. "If Canada is serious in doing business with India, it must simplify visa procedures for business and student class," Narayan said.
Over 1,60,000 to 1,70,000 Indian students went abroad and spent USD four billion on education each year, but Canada's share was only marginal. There was a scope to attract more Indian students to Canada if it adopts aggressive strategies, Narayan said. "India is now number one country from where new comers come to Canada," he added, quoting Federal Immigration Minister Diane Finley.

US slow down worries Indian youth

India will continue to be an attractive job destination but the economic slump in the US is causing worries among students here, a study conducted by IT consulting and services company Accenture found. For students graduating this year, India is seen as having the most job opportunities, with the US a close second. While 46 per cent of Indian respondents were concerned that the weakening economy would affect their job prospects, they we-re far less concerned about macroeconomic volatility than university graduates worldwide.

The study, based on a global survey of 286 graduating students in India and a total of 2,464 in eight countries, found that 87 per cent of Indian university seniors have started looking for a job, compared to three out of four overall. Engineering, computers and math are the top professions chosen by Indian graduates. Despite concerns about a challenging job market, many Indian respondents would trade-off some salary to work for a prestigious company, have interesting work or the opportunity to gain global experience.

India’s long-term attractiveness is its highly favorable demographic profile, with more than half its working population below the age of 25. The findings of this study can provide food for thought for employers to gain insights on this young group of professionals,” said Mr Deepak Malkani, partner, Talent & Organisation Performance, Accenture India.


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