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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

4G VoLTE devices in India

VoLTE stands for Voice over Long Term Evolution. We all know that Jio is going to launch 4G services anytime soon and apart from Data services it is completely depend on VoLTE for their Voice Service. As other operators have 2G, 3G spectrum  they will easily manage their voice services, but Rio has been left without any choices other than depending on VoLTE.
Apart from Jio, Airtel may laso launch 4G with VoLTE.
The main advantage of VoLTE is good clarity in noise when compared with traditional 2G and less Call drop problems as they depend on data, so now certainly everyone must buy a VoLTE enabled device if you are planning to buy a new 4G device.Here I had made a list of all VoLTE enabled device which sells in India.
1AlcatelPop 3
2AlcatelPop 3
3AppleiPhone 5
4AppleiPhone 5S
5AppleiPhone 6
6AppleiPhone 6S
7AsusLaser 5.0 (ZE500KL)
8AsusZenfone Pegasus 3
12HTCOne M9+
13HTCOne A9
15HuaweiHonor 5A
16InfocusM370 I
17InfocusM808 I
19IntexAqua 4G
20IntexAqua Ace Mini
21IntexAqua ace 2
22IntexAqua Craze
23IntexCloud Sting
24IntexCloud String HD
27LenovoVibe Shot
28LenovoVibe P1
29LenovoA 6000 Plus
30LGNexus 5X
31LGSpirit 4G
32LGG3 4G LTE 32GB
34LGG4 Stylus 4G
38LYFLYF water 1
39LYFLYF water 2
40LYFLYF water 3
41LYFLYF Earth 1
42LyfFlame 1
43LyfFlame 3
44LyfFlame 4
45LyfWater 1
46LyfFlame 2
47LyfWater 5
48LyfWind 5
49LyfFlame 6
50MicromaxCanvas Amaze
51MicromaxJuice 4G (Q461)
52MicromaxCanvas Mega 4G
53MicromaxCanvas Knight
54MicromaxCanvas Silver 5
55MicrosoftAll devices with and above 8.1 Supports VoLTE
56MotorolaMoto E (2nd Gen)
57MotorolaMoto G (3rd Gen)
58MotorolaMoto G Turbo
59MotorolaMoto X Play
60MotorolaMoto G4 Plus
61OppoNeo 7
64PanasonicEluga Arc
65PanasonicEluga A2
66SamsungGalaxy Core Prime 4G
67SamsungGalaxy A5
68SamsungGalaxy A7
69SamsungGalaxy A8
70SamsungGalaxy S6
71SamsungGalaxy S6 Egde
72SamsungGalaxy S6 Edge Plus
73SamsungGalaxy Note 4
74SamsungGalaxy Note 5
75SamsungGalaxy Note Edge
76SamsungGalaxy J5
77SamsungGalaxy J7
78SamsungGalaxy On5
79SamsungGalaxy On7
80SamsungNote 5 Duos
83SamsungS7 Edge
86SonyXperia Z5 Dual
87SonyXperia Z5 Premium  Dual
88VideoconKrypton3 V50JG
90XiaomiRedmi 2 Prime
91XiaomiNote 3
92XiaomiRedmi 2 (2014818)
93XiaomiMi 5
94XioamiMi MAX
97YuYureka Plus
98YuNote (YU6000)
99YuYureka 3 (YU5200)
100YuYutopia (YU5050)
101ZTEBlade S6
102ZTEBlade S6 Plus

Monday, November 11, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung has recently launched its New Samsung Galaxy S4 and now people are talking about the new concept and features of Samsung Galaxy S6.


 According to the Recent news which stated that Samsung started its new project called Samsung Galaxy S6 and according to rumours, New Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date will be expected to be in 2015 either before the launch of Apple’s iPhone 6 or after the launch of Apple’s new phone. This is going to be the futuristic phone by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S6 has leaked its new Samsung Galaxy S6 photos. Checkout the photos below.
Now talking about the Phones Features and Specs, Galaxy S6 will come up with a display size of 4.5inch with larger edges. Samsung Galaxy S6 will not have the audio jack and terminal sockets as it is expected that everything will become wireless near in future. The phone will have the OLED display with water & Dust resistant technology. The phone will come up with a 18MP rear camera and 4MP front camera.
One of the New Feature of Samsung Galaxy S6 – Fingerprint scanning, ability to control any Wi-Fi enabled printers, and air gestures to control the phone.
According to the rumours, Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone will run a powerful hexacore processor which helps in increasing the battery life of the phone. This Phone will have Exynos 5 Hexa-Core processor with 4GB RAM.
Moreover the New Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to give tough competition to Apple’s New iPhone 6.
Let’s take a broad look to the features and specs of New Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Features and Specifications –

  • Model: Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Display Size: 4.5”
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Chip: Exynos 5 Hexa-Core processor with 6 core ARM-Mali T628
  • Display: OLED display
  • Camera: Front 4MP and Rear 18MP
  • Operating system: Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie or Tizen
  • Price: Not yet revealed
  • Release Date: Expected in 2015