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Sunday, June 16, 2013

6 Upcoming Gigantic Smart TVs

1.LG 55EM9600 – The World’s Thinnest TV

Price: Not Yet Decided

Availability: Between Late 2012 to Early 2013

LG announced their TV 55EM9600 which promises the users with revolutionary picture quality in an extremely thin TV. LG first showcased this TV in the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2012.

The TV will support a 55 inch OLED screen and is 3mm thick. The TV weighs only 9 kgs because LG has integrated carbon fiber reinforced plastics into the rear of the TV set which along with providing reinforcement also keeps the weight low.

Coming to the most important factor; the price. Considering the fact that it is going to be the slimmest TV in the market when it arrives, it will come with a breath taking price tag as well. There are hints that the TV might comes at $10,000 (5,22,850).

With this price tag a lot of us may not be able to get our hands on this beauty.

2.Samsung ES9500

Price: Not Yet Decided

Availability: Not Yet Disclosed

Samsung has always been known to make an impact in the technology world and never be left out of competition. Along with LG, even Samsung unlived its 55 inch OLED TV at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2012. For the time being they have named it the Super OLED TV. Like its competitor LG, Samsung has also promised the viewers with revolutionary picture quality and a slim TV.

Samsung hasn’t disclosed the price of the product but sources are pointing at the fact that the TV might cross the five digit mark. Unlike LG who gave an approximate time as to when the TV might hit the markets, Samsung has decided to keep mum on the dates.

Now time will only tell us if the TV is going to be worth its price tag and if it would deliver on its promise of revolutionary picture quality.

3.Samsung UN75ES9500

Price: 5,23,047 Approximately

Availability: August 2012

This Smart TV from Samsung is its largest LED TV with a screen of 75 inches.  This TV was also launched at the Consumer Electronic Show, 2012.  Design wise ES9500 is a lot similar to its predecessor ES8000. The main and only difference is that this Smart TV is extremely thin and measure just 0.3 inch. It also comes with a camera on top. This camera is what helps the users make use of gesture control and Skype.

According to Samsung the new features incorporated in this TV will provide a 30 percent improvement in the sharpness as well as the black levels in the pictures. Along with this there will also be a 60 percent improvement in the brightness.

An added feature in this TV is that the popular game, Angry Bird can now be played on the smart TV via gestures.

4.LG 84LM9600

Price: 10,45,647 Approximately

Availability: October 2012 in the US Markets

The price tag on this LG TV does seem a bit to extravagant. But the makers promise us that once we view pictures on this TV we will not look at any other TV. Only once the TV makes it way to the market will we be able to decide if this claim is right or not.

At the Consumer Electronic Show, 2012 the main buzz word was 4K. 4K is a horizontal resolution which comes with 4,000 pixels approximately.

The 84 inch monster from LG is one of the two 4K TV unveiled at the CES, the other one being from Sony. The TV from LG will be available in the US markets by the end of October 2012 and will soon after make its debut in other countries as well. 

If you thought this monster from LG is the largest TV in the market, then you are wrong, the largest TV measures 90 inches and is from Sharp, but this TV only supports a resolution of 1080 pixels.

5.Sony XBR-84X800

Price: 13,07,750 Approximately

Availability: Late 2012

The competition among the electronic giants will never get over. While LG launched their first 84 inch 4K TV, Sony played party spoilers and announced their 84 inch 4K TV as well. The TV is very similar to the one from LG, even to the fact that the TV comes with passive 3D feature as well.

This TV will be the most expensive TV produced, beating LG by almost 3 Lakhs. People were expecting the TV from Sony to hit the market around the same time as the one from LG which did not happen.

Though a big deal is being made about the 4K TV sets, we must remember one thing that there is a lack of 4K content as of now. As of now there is only one 4K movie called TimeScapes. So with the lack of 4K content these TV will just a decoration piece.

6.Sony XBR – HX950 Series

Price: 1,80,330 for 55-inch and 2,84,900 for 65-inch

Availability: Already Out in the US Markets

Sony’s HX929 was the runner up to Sharp’s Elite TV as the best LED TV in the year of 2011. Now Sony has said that the new HX950 series, which is a successor to the HX929, will be an improvement over its predecessor. If the promises from Sony are to be believed then we know that all the TV lovers are in for a huge treat. 

The Smart TV has a 55 inch LCD screen. The 3D technology in the TV promises to sweep you off your feet. The TV has advanced Active 3D technology. The moment you put on your 3D glasses you will slip into a fantastic world. The frameless TV screen comes lined with Gorilla Glass which boosts contrast and brightness and at the same time it reduced light reflection.

The TV is already out in the US markets and will be out in the rest of the world towards the end of 2012.

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