Last week - which just happened to coincide with the launch of Samsung's attention-grabbing new Galaxy S 4 smartphone - Apple marketing guru Phil Schiller made not one but two public attacks on Android and Samsung in a barely concealed attempt to kill the buzz surrounding the new device.
And in further evidence that the hype surrounding the Galaxy S 4's innovative new mobile features is getting under Apple's skin, the company has updated its web site with a new page proclaiming "There's iPhone. And then there's everything else." 
The new promotional page - which appears on Apple's US .com web site but doesn't seem to be replicated as yet in the company's Australian domain - seeks to highlight some of the best features of the iPhone, implying with stronger-than-usual language that certain features (like Siri and so on) are exclusive to its device (in case you weren't aware).
While it's arguable that the best way to diminish the standing of your competition is simply to ignore them, that doesn't seem to be the case with Apple and Samsung. Samsung's Galaxy S III promos last year frequently marketed the device's benefits in relation to it chief rival, with often amusing results.