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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Canon PowerShot N camera

Is Canon's radical new model the shape of compacts to come?

Canon PowerShot N camera
Canon PowerShot N camera
In the old days bands on stage at music festivals looked out on a sea of damp/sunburnt/drunken fans waving cigarette lighters in unison. Today those fans are more likely to be waving smartphones, not out of some sense of chemical camaraderie, but with a view to posting some over-zoomed, badly-lit images on Facebook.
But as any gig-goer knows, the trouble with trying to photograph/film a gig on your mobile is that, with your arm periscoped above your head, you can’t see what you’re doing.
It’s almost as if you need a camera with a 90-degree-pivoting, crystal-clear 7.1cm touchscreen. It would be better still if, instead of using a fiddly shutter button, all you had to do was tap the screen to take the shot.
It would also be handy if the 12.1 megapixel camera had one-touch WiFi connectivity so you could instantly post the image or HD 1080p video online; and it wouldn’t hurt if it had a range of wacky 'Creative Shot’ Instagram-style filters, because festival types love those, right?
It would need to be packing a 16x zoom, because those festival arenas are huge, but also be smaller than your phone, with a radical (square!) design to freak out blottoed strangers.
Which makes the Canon PowerShot N our favourite festival gadget since the solar-powered phone-charging umbrella.

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