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Thursday, June 5, 2008

68 pc Indians have sex weekly to feel satisfied

A survey has revealed that 68 per cent Indians feel sexually satisfied when they have sex weekly. A global well-being survey, carried out by Durex, says that sex plays an important role in people's physical and emotional health.
The survey carried out among 26,000 people across the world ranks India lower (14th) than countries like Greece (87 per cent), Brazil (82 per cent) and Russia (80 per cent) in the sexual satisfaction index. Random samples of participants aged 16 and above or 18 and above were sent an email invitation to participate in the survey. The respondents were drawn from 26 countries.
According to Durex, sexual well being is a balance of physical, emotional and sociological factors. It is about protecting and nurturing the sexual health of a person and his/her partner and getting the most from sex life. Japan took the last spot in terms of frequency of sex, with just 34 per cent respondents voting for weekly sex for satisfaction.

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