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Friday, June 6, 2008


TTD Chairman Sri B.Karunakara Reddy and TTD Executive Officer Sri K.V.Ramanachary speaking at the 'Sanathana Dharma Prachara Sadassu' in Tirumala on Thursday and panaromic view of the Sadassu.

Tirumala, 05 June (P.R.O) The TTD doesn’t have any other agenda other than propagation of Hindu Dharma told Sri B.Karunakara Reddy. Addressing the Swamijis of who assembled in Sanathana Dharma Prachara Sadas organized by TTD at Asthana Mandapam, Tirumala on June 5.

Speaking on this occasion the Chairman appealed the swamijis to give more suggestions, effectively implanting schemes at the grass root level for the spiritual and social uplift of the people. He also explained the various TTD Schemes such as Dalitha Govindam, Matsya Govindam, Kalyanamasthu etc., He called for support of the Swamijis to popularize Vedic Dharma and spiritual values.

Sri K.V.Ramanachary, Executive Officer, TTDs in his welcoming address to the various swamiji’s, he thanked them for sustained support and co-operation to the TTD at levels. He requested the swamijis to offer their suggestions how best the T.T.Devasthanams could utilize its resources for the spread of Sanathana Dharma. He urged the masses to strength the hands of the TTD for conducting various programmes for the universal welfare. He also detailed various steps taken for the pilgrims in TTD.

Some of the Swamijis speeches in Brief:

His Holiness Sri Sri Rangaramanuja Pedda Jeeyar Swamy Tirumala: He urged the people to come together and work for the revitalization of Hinduism. He lauded the steps taken by the TTD to promote Hindu Dharma. He made a fervent call to sink petty differences and make Hinduism strong and dynamic.

Sri Sri Sri Swarupanandendendra Swamiji, Sarada Peetam, Vizag: In his address, Swami Swarupananda appealed the Devasthanams to popularize religious programmes at village level and take up measures to spread the message of our great acharyas and sages. He highly appreciated the steps to introduce community marriages through kalyanamasthu and establish the glory of our Hindu marriage traditions.

Sri Sri Viswesh Theertha Swamiji, Sri Pejawar Mutt, Udipi: Hindu Dharma is the most ancient religious traditions which survived the test of time. He called upon the masses to uphold our values and strive for rejuvenating Arsha Dharma. He also explained the glory of Tirumala which has become the centre of spiritualism. He complemented the TTD for playing a key role in the revival of Sanathana Dharma.

Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Swamiji, Sri Datta Peetam, Mysore : He stressed the need for popularizing Sankeerthana padhathi as it is efficacious in propagating bhakthi. Similarly nada chikitsa would play a vital role in creating spiritual awareness. He also underlined the need for adopting Drik Siddantha as the present panchanga Siddanthas make people confusing.

Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamy, Guntur : He appreciated the efforts taken by the TTD in propagating spiritual values. He also commended the TTD for implanting Kalyanamasthu, Dalitha Govindam and other such programmes among the poor and emphasized the need for taking up the programmes without giving room for criticism. He also suggested to distribute of Lord’s pictures and booklets in the villages for the masses so as to spread our own culture and values in the society.

Sri Soundara Rajan, Chilukuru: He appreciated the functions of the Central Dharmic council of TTD. He also said the archakas problems have to be solved by suitably amending the existing act. He suggested the TTD to shift the potu in Sri Vari Temple to outside to avert any fire accidents.

Pilot Sri Swamydhan: He reminded the Swamijis to work together for revitalization of Hinduism. Propagation of our Dharma should not be limited to a particular area or region but it should be in global level.

Sri Sri Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamy, Sri Sankara Mutt, Kanchi: He said that the Kanchi Mutt is doing some social and religious activities in Tamil Nadu. The TTD is also doing best programmes for the Loka Kalyanam. He suggested the TTD to distribute the religious books to the children and elders in the society.

Sri P.V.R.K Prasad, President TTDs Central Dharmic Council has introduced all the Swamijis in the meeting.

H.H.Mahanth Arjun Das Maharaj, Sri Swamy Hathiramji Mutt, Tirupati, Sri Sri Sri Swami Amritananda, Ramakrishna Mission, Vizag, Sri Raghavendra Bharathi Maha Swami, Ramachandra Puram Mutt, Bangalore, Sri Vishnu Pada, Veda Vignana Maha Vidyapeeth, Bangalore, H.H. Sri Sidheswara Ananda Bharathi Swamiji, Mouna Swamy Mutt, Kourthalam, Tamil Nadu, Sri Sri Sri Nirvikalpananda Giri Swamiji, Sheshachala Ashram, Guntur, Sri Sri Sri Vidyesa Theertha Swamiji, Bangalore, Mata Sivachaitanayanand, Vijayawada, Sri Sri Sri Srikaryam Swamiji, Sri Karyam Swamiji Ahobhila Mutt, Chennai, His Holiness Sri Sri Vidya Manohara Theertha Swamiji, Sri Vyasaraya Mutt, Mysore, Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswamigal, Mysore, Sri Sri Sri Tridendi Ahobila Ramanuja Jeer Swamiji, Guntur, Sri Brahmananda Theertha Swamiji, Sri Satyananda Ashram, Nellore, H.H.Sri Ranga Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamy, Tirupati, Sri Acharya Sri Sankarananda Giri Swamiji, Vijayawada, Sri Ranga Priya Desikendra Swamiji, Bangalore, Sri Nirmalanda Giri Swamiji, Guntur, H.H. Sri Sri Tridandi Rangaramanuja Jeeyar Swamy, Raghava Ashram, Kakinada, Sri Tridandi Krishna Saranaya Ramanuja Jeer Swamy, Sri Krshnananda Matadhipathi, Hyderabad, Astakshari Sampat Kumara Ramanuja Swamiji, Vijayawada, Sri Tridandi Satagopa Ramanuja Jeer Swami, Manawalamamani Mutt, Srivalli Puttur, Sri Tridandi Krishna Yethendra Ramanuja Jeer Swami, Geetha Ashram, Karimnagar, Sri Maharshi S.V.Krishna Murthy, Viswonnathi Sanathana Dharma Punaruddana Kendram, Nellore, Sri Sri Sri Sugunendra Thirtha Swamiji, Udupi, Sri Sri Sri Vidyasagara Madhava Thirtha Swamiji, Mulabagal, Karnataka, Sri Sri Sri Prasanna shora Madhawa Thirthulu Swamiji, Mulabagal, Sri Sri Sri Vidyadhisha Thirtha Swamiji, Udipi, Sri HH Kaliyan Vanamamalai Swamiji, Tirunanveli, Sri Sri Sri Sivapuri Maha Swamivaru, Omkara Maha Samsthanam, Bangalore, Sri Sadguru Sivananda Murthy Garu, Vizag, Sri Om Sri Siva Sai Baba, Chikkaballa Pura, Sri Vidya Prasanna Swamy, Subramanyam Mutt, Karnataka, Sri Sri Sri Sachidananda Saraswathi Swamy, Tuni, Sri Sri Swaroopanana Swamy, Srinivasa Mangapuram, B.S.Muni Maha Raj, Goudeya Mutt, Guntur, Lalitha Krishna Prabhu, Goudeya Mutt, Chennai, Puttiga Mutt Swamy, Udipi, Sri Vijay Durga Peetadhipathi, Vedurupakka, Sri Sri Tridendi Srinivasa Vrathadara Swamiji, Hyderabad, Sri Sripadaraja Mulibhagal Mattam, Mulibhagal.

Endowment Commissioner Sri Sundara Kumar, TTD Board Member Sri Chavireddy Bhaskar Reddy, TTDs Spl Officer Sri A.V.Dharma Reddy, C.V&.SO Sri B.V.Ramana Kumar, F.A&C.A.O Smt Anitha Shah Akella, DPP Secretary Sri Vijayaraghava Charyulu and others have taken part.

Sri B.Karunakara Reddy, Chairman TTDs while addressing the media after completion of the programme has informed the following resolutions of Sanathana Dharma Prachara Sadassu held at Asthana Mandapama, Tirumala on June 5, 2008 :

Suggested resolutions:

  • The TTDs Sanathana Dharma Prachara Sadas unanimously complement the management of TTDs for the keen interest that is taking in organizing the Sadas and for intensifying Dharma Prachara activities.
  • Unanimously resolved that the TTDs should take up prachara activities in the state of Karnataka and Tamilnadu on the same lines as it has been doing in Andhra Pradesh.
  • On the same lines in Andhra Pradesh the organizational setup has to be strengthened in Karnataka and Tamilnadu to constitute District Dharmic Councils. One or two member of the District Councils should be drawn from the member organizations from this Sadas which are actively involved in Dharma Prachara in that District.
  • One vehicle for each District Dharmic Council should be provided along with running expenses for Dharma Prachara activities within the District (to be taken up by all the member organizations under the banner of TTD)
  • Resolved to recommend to the TTD to extend Sri Venkateswara Bhakthi Channel to cover programmes in Karnataka and Tamilnadu.
  • Resolved to recommend to TTD that an institutional arrangement by way of a special project for providing research support, publication and materials support and training support. This project will strive to effectively implement all the recommendations made by this Sadas. It shall be a clearing house for all communications for the member organizations. It will also work out programmes to involve the member organizations actively in TTD schemes. The Project can, be named as “ Sri Venkateswara Bhakthi Samrakhana Samghatana
  • Resolved to recommend to TTD to implement Sankeerthana Bhajana Yagnam project in every village, giving special emphasis to children, Harijans and Girijans. All necessary materials such as Bhajana cassettes Bhajana Books, Lord’s photos etc., should be supplied to the District Dharmic Council members. Periodic competitions in Bhajana under various categories should be conducted. Bhajana troups should be invited to Tirumala to perform Akhanda Nama Sankeerthana and also special occasions like Brahmosthavams, Metlosthavams. Schemes should be drawn up and effort should be made that every temple in every village should have atleast one Bhajana Mandali attached to it.
  • The services of member organizations and their volunteers should be actively utilized to achieve the goal. TTD should come up with a specific incentive programme to encourage this activity.
  • Archaka being available in every village, this institution should be strengthened and the archakas should be properly trained supported and used as Dharma Pracharak at the grass root level.
  • It was resolved that the recommendations made by the Justice Rama Jois’s committee on amendments to HR and CE Act be considered and implemented at the earliest not only in Karnataka but also in all the states in the country. The concept of autonomous Rajya Dharma Parishad and Jilla Dharma Parishad recommended by Justice Rama Joi’s committee be formed.
  • Resolved that this TTDs Sanathana Dharma Prachara Sadas be held every year in the month of February – on a day convenient to TTDs, so that all the participant members can keep themselves free to attend this conference. It is desirable that the day may be finalized atleast 3 months in advance.

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