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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How to Speed up Laptop Computer with windows XP

Almost all of us like the rich graphics of windows XP, but none of them like to find them always frustrated with a slow system. Hope you also belong to the list if you are using XP in your laptop. Here are few tweaks that you can apply to speed up your laptop with windows XP.
1. At the time of formatting, you must select NTFS formatting option instead of FAT, because the former is much stable and faster.
2. You must defragment your hard drive at least twice a month. To do this, click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter. It will look like as follows:

HDD Defragment Drive

As soon as the program is launched, select a drive and click on Defragment button to launch defragmentation.

Disk Defragmentator

3. You need to use the option called Disable Fast User Switching. To do this, go to Start ? Run. Now type ‘control userpasswords’ and press return. You will be taken to the user accounts. Click on the task called ‘Change the ways users log on or off’.

User Accounts Windows Switch

4. Now it will take you to the window called ‘Select logon and logoff options’. You have to uncheck the option called ‘Use Fast User Switching’, while keeping the other option, ‘Use the Welcome Screen’, checked. By default, both of the available options are checked. Now click on ‘Apply Options’ button to take the effect.

Use Accounts Windows

5. If you are a windows XP visual fanatic, then the following option is not for you. But if you care the most about the advanced features available in windows XP and do not bother much about cool visual, then you must proceed with the following tweak.

Come at your Desktop and right click on My Computer, and then click on Properties.

My Computer Properties

Now it will take you to ‘System Properties’. Now click on ‘Advanced’ tab and then click on ‘Setting’ button just below the Performance option as shown in the following picture.

System Properties Performance

It will then take you to the Performance Setting window as shown in the image below. Click on the ‘Visual Effects’ pane (by default, it is selected), then click on the option called Adjust for best performance, then click on Apply button and then press OK.

System Properties

It will set your windows’ graphics setting a minimum and unload extra load from visual setting. Enjoy a faster laptop with windows XP installed in it.

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