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Friday, June 6, 2008

Colours of the rainbow

First day at school … new books, new pencils, new lessons, new ideas, new opportunities!

It’s school time again! Excited? Maybe a little sad that summer is over? Mmm… you had a great time, didn’t you? What did you do? Went to summer camps? To a hill station? Partied with friends, played on the beach? Visited grandma? Went abroad with mom and dad? Got fit with yoga? Hectic, wasn’t it? The school bell will ring soon and it’s time to stop and focus on the next year. Be prepared

A little scared of the first day of school? Don’t be. There are so many new things! New teachers, new friends, maybe even a new school. All these “new” worries don’t last long. You will meet old friends in your class and make new friends, get to know the teachers and the textbooks. You will be using a new set of pens and pencils, a fresh instrument box. There are new lessons, new ideas and new opportunities to try out your talent. All fun stuff!

How would you prepare for the opening day? Not much to do, really. Your teacher will kick off the new year talking about herself. She might ask you what you did at home. She might ask you to tell the class if you’ve done something unusual during the holidays. Why don’t you think about what to say? Would you like to ask what she did? Remember to raise your hand before you ask, ok?

Think of the new class as picking shells on the beach. You never know what you will find. And there is always a chance you’ll get something unusual. Will you find one with a pearl or a crab? Are there new kids in the class? Go over to say “Hello!” with a smile. Invite them to join your group for lunch. Who knows, they may become your best friends! It means more birthday parties!

Go with a sense of wonder. Learning is like looking at a rainbow. Every time you see it, the colours look wonderful! And think — where does it begin and end?

Sleep well, have a good breakfast and listen to what is going on in class.

Learn to laugh at things. A lot of our problems vanish when we see how silly they are!

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