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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How to Connect to the Internet from Mobile Using Bluetooth

I have seen my friends using the internet service on their mobile phone. They have told me that they access the Internet using the Bluetooth. I also have Bluetooth in my mobile set, but I don’t know the method of connecting to the Internet using the Bluetooth. I have searched the web to know the process, but never got a detailed discussion on this. Can you please solve my problem and discuss the process for me?

Is the Process easy or I Will Have to Call an Expert?
The process must be an easy one to you as this is meant for all and not for only the technical persons. The first thing you will have to check is the set up. You can have Internet connection on your mobile only if you have the correct set up. It must be Bluetooth mobile phone supporting the dial up networking.

If you have a pocket PC and a mobile phone with onboard Bluetooth, the mobile is compatible to the Dun on Bluetooth, then you have the perfect set up for accessing Internet on your mobile.

How to Use the Bluetooth for Connecting the Internet?
Before starting the process, please make it sure that you have a mobile set with the Bluetooth turned and you should also keep the phone in the discoverable mode. If you have both discoverable and active Bluetooth, then it is the time for beginning to set up the Bluetooth Software of your Pocket PC.
After this you will have to open the Settings menu of the Bluetooth. This is done by clicking Start—-Settings—-Connections—-Bluetooth. You will get the Devices menu and click the New Partnership on it for scanning the closest Bluetooth service. As the pocket PC detects your mobile, click the Phone ID and select the ‘next’ option.

Then you will be prompted for entering a passkey. Make your passkey according to your wish and click next. This passkey should be entered into your mobile and the pairing process completes here.

The next window will offer you the listing of services provided by this pairing; here it is Dun over the blue tooth. Check it and click ‘finish’.

Then click and add a fresh modem connection. Assign a name to the connection and specify the Bluetooth as connectivity pathway. Then that software will ask your selection of the Bluetooth device for connecting the modem. The newly added mobile phone must be on the list, select it and click ‘next’.

After this you must give an ISP dial up number to the software or a dialing string (used in most cases). The dialing string provides instruction to your mobile phone for connecting to the data network of the wireless provider without dialing an ISP dial up number. Type the number or the dialing string and click ‘next’.

The last and final step is entering the username and password. Click ‘finish’.

Now a new connection is created which will enable you to connect internet on your mobile phone.

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