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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tagline Generator - Timeline-based Tag Clouds

agline Generator by Chirag Mehta is a simple PHP codebase that lets you generate chronological tag clouds from simple text data sources without manually tagging the data entries.

Once you have populated the data source and configured the generator, it makes a list of all the unique words that have been used and counts how many times each word is used. Next it identifies the different variations of words and combines them under the most common variation using the Porter Stemming Algorithm. E.g. "promised", "promises", "promising", and "promise" might be grouped under "promises".

Then it removes the most common words like "the", "and", "this", "that" and some not so common language-specific words like "hitherto", and "notwithstanding". Once the commonly used language-specific words are removed, it makes a "tag cloud" in which the more commonly used words are shown in bigger font size than the less frequently used ones. Additionally, it tries to figure out how long ago a given word hit its peak usage and brightens the recently used words while fading away words haven't been used in a while.

If none of this makes any sense, I recommend viewing the live demos listed below to get the idea.

Live Demos

Download Tagline Generator

The Tagline file is compressed using the popular Zip format. I recommend using 7-Zip to extract it.



All the free downloads on this site, including Tagline Generator are released under the Creative Commons license.

While I use code and algorithms from various sources, I always respect the code license and give credit where it's due. If you think that I am using your code/algorithm without the appropriate license, please let me know.


  1. Download Tagline Generator from the link above.
  2. Organize your data as [header, body] and populate the demo.xml file
  3. Edit the generate.php file and customize it however you want
  4. Copy the entire folder to your web server
  5. Set chmod 777 for the folder so it is possible for generator.php to create new files
  6. Go to generate.php on your server and it will create demo.html
  7. Go to the demo.html on your server to see how it looks.


For help and documentation on how to use the Tagline Generator, view the source-code of generator.php file and check out the readme.txt file. Due to time constraints, I cannot write detailed documentation for Tagline Generator. However, feel free to email me for further information, technical questions, ideas, improvements etc.

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