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Sunday, May 25, 2008

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CRO officePlaces around Tirumala hills at Tirupati
If you are at Tirumala you should plan to visit some other places around this beautiful place. It will take minimum 3 hours if you use engage a cab. Based on your Balaji darshan schedule you can decide what time to go. As all these places require some climbing steps so kids may be little exhausted so avoid you're this touring plan just before Balaji Darshan schedule which takes two hours in the queue.

The distance up to Papavinasam from Tirumula town center is 15 KM and on the way Akasaganga and Venugopala Swamy temple can be covered. From Tirumula Srivari Padalu and Silathoranam is also 15 KM and all these can be covered in one trip.

Srivari Padalu The Thirupada (Holy feet) at Narayanagiri
Thirupada at NarayanagiriAs per the mythology this is the place where Lord Narayana first set hit feet. The foot print is available here and devotees visit this place at the top of Narayanagiri hill for the divine sight. Beautiful Tirumula temple town is visible from here.

Near Thirupada there is a garden with a Shiva temple and with a beautiful rock in the shape of a Thoronam ( Stone gate ) , this is known as Sila Thoronam.

Venugopala swamy temple
Venugopala Swamy TempleOn the way to Papavinasam from Tirumula, devotees can visit this temple.

AkasagangaHolly water comes out as natural steam here between the rocks. This sacred water is used for daily unction ( abhisheka ) of Sri Venkatachalapathi. One has to climb down the steps ( not more ) to reach this place.

Picture gallery of Akasaganga

PapavinasanamAnother place where Devotees can take bath. Change rooms are available for men and women near the bathing place. From this place water is supplied to the temple town from the reservoir. The place is well maintained with parks and greenery around. One Restaurant is available here where you can get local dishes.

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