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Sunday, May 25, 2008

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Top Attractions To See While In New York
by JW Raymond

Being a twenty four hour city, a visitor may find that seven days in New York just isn’t enough time to take in everything it has to offer. One of the most important places to see is the Empire State Building; it has a facade that is famous around the world. Of course, many people prefer the view form the Rockefeller Center which is a little higher, but it can be difficult to see anything when there is bad weather. Another famous landmark, the Statue of Liberty cannot be seen properly unless it is from the river; however delays can be long here so if you are on a tight schedule, stop off at Ellis Island and view the statue from there.

Fortunately, the Staten Island ferry is still free and can provide great views of the Statue of Liberty; dropping off at the terminal is the best place because it is where there are some good street artists. Of course almost everyone who spends seven days in New York City will, at some pint, make their way to the site of where the Twin Towers once stood. The area where they stood is surprisingly large plus the emptiness feels strange and if you like taking photographs, you may be disappointed here because it just doesn’t feel right. World famous stores are plentiful in New York with names like Tiffany’s to the many discount stores along Broadway.

Bloomingdales is another famous store (for the wealthy) to look around but it is Maceys, who will give 11 percent discount on production of a tourist card where most people will head for. At the time of writing the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum was closed for refurbishment but should be open by the fall of 2008; once the refurbishment is complete it will be worth visiting when it re-opens. Many special (and large) craft are located here including a number from World War II, namely the aircraft carrier the USS Intrepid. The New York City Police Museum is worth an hour if you’re down that way; it’s free to enter but a five dollar donation is recommended to help with its upkeep; because it’s about New York’s finest (and some not so fine), it has some really excellent NYPD souvenirs.

The Lower East Side also has a very large time capsule called The Lower East If Central Park is on your list of places to see then there is another museum aptly named the City of New York Museum which has exhibitions exploring the city’s past, its present and the future. The building’s pretty grand and the shop sells quality souvenirs and whilst admission to this venue is free, a nine dollar donation is recommended.

It is all housed in a beautiful building and entrance is free but a nine dollar donation is recommended. Most visitors seem to be on a flying visit so end up missing some of the most beautiful areas and that’s why seven days in New York should really be the minimum stay.

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