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Friday, October 31, 2008

5th day of Sri Vari Annual Brahmotsavam – Garuda Vahanam

Lord Malayappa Swamy varu on Garuda Vahanam and pilgrims in front of the Sri Vari Temple.
The Garuda Vahanam on the sixth day of the Srivari Brahmotsavam is considered the most significant of all events in the festival .

Garuda or the Eagle is the main and daily vehicle of Lord Vishnu . Besides being the daily transport , Garuda also said to sit atop the Dwajam on the day of Dwajarohanam ( inauguration of Brahmotsavam ) and heralded the event and invited all the Devatas for the event on earth .

As the Key watcher of happenings around Lord Vishni , Garuda also supervises the course of the entire Srivari Brahmotsavam , say the legends .

On the day of Garudotsavam , the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh presented the official honours to the presiding deity of Lord Venkateswara. Similarly traditional gifts of Tulasi garlands from Puttur temple and the decorated umbrellas from Chenna patnam were also presented to the deity on that day .

Garuda finds mention in all the puranas and scriptures of mythological period.Garuda seva is prominent in 108 countries around the globe including the Asian and South Asian countries .

Large crowds from Tirupathi and other towns of the district besides the far off towns and distant cities and also overseas land up in Tirumala for the distinct Garudaseva event . " The darshan of Lord Venkateswara on Garuda vahanam is very auspicious and fulfill all desires of the devotees " says Dr.A.V.Ramana Dikshitulu , chief preist of Tirupati .

Garuda functions as a servant, friend, life supporter, insignia , flag of lord Venkateswara's vehicle . " Garuda is the most respected and most sought after follower of Lord Vishnu , and the only one described in puranas as one who could flight at the speed of light " says Dikshitulu .

The TTD has organized special seating arrangements along the four mada streets to enable thousands of people to sit around the temple and witness the procession which lasted several hours in the evenings of Brahmotsavam every day. The event is broadcast by the Sri Venkateswara Bhakti channel which has set up live coverage of the event with its state of art equipment to give a glimpse of the Brahmotsvam event to lakhs of devotees all over the world.

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