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Friday, October 31, 2008

7th day of Sri Vari Annual Brahmotsavam –Suryaprabha Vahanam

procession of Suryaprabha Vahanam

On 7 th day of Srivari Annula Brahmostavam Lord Malayappa Mounted on Suryaprabha Vahanam around four mada streets in Tirumala and blessed thousands of pilgrims. The Sun is considered the cosmic effulgence that gives light and heat to us. It is the brightest star in the solar system and is deified by people from a very ancient period. The Sun is worshipped as one who cures illness, gives energy and controls climate. Hence, propitiation of the Sun god for good health and bumper harvest became part and parcel of our religious practices. Without the Sun, life on earth will be impossible. When the Sun god is displeased, natural calamities occur and plant and animal life withers. According to the Puranas, Lord Sriman Narayana is the presiding deity of the Surya mandala. The Sun god is invoked by chanting the famous Gayatri mantra at sunrise in order to ward off evil and for enlightenment. In the Samaveda, the vedic rishi proclaims that Surya is light and light is Surya.

In a beautiful hymn in the Rig veda Surya is called the Eternal law. The procession of Lord Srinivasa on Suryaprabha Vahanam reiterates the Lord's supremacy, being the controller of all that is moving and unmoving. The worship of the Lord on Suryaprabha vahanamis likened to the worship of Lord Narayana in the orb of the Sun.

Endowment Minister Sri J.Rathnakara Rao, TTD Chairman Sri D.K.Audikesavulu Naidu, Dist Collector Sri Ravichandra, TTD E.O Sri K.V.Ramanachary, TTD Board Members Sri Ch.Sathyanarayana, Sri Yadaiah, Dr. Anjaiah, TTDs Spl Officer Sri A.V.Dharma Reddy, TTDs DyE.O’s Sri Prabhakara Reddy, Sri Siddiah, Sri Umpathy, Temple Peishkar Sri Ramakrishna Varma, Potu Peishkar Sri Murali, SVETA Direcotor Sri Bhuman and devotees took part.

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