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Friday, October 31, 2008

8th day of Sri Vari Annual Brahmotsavam – Rathotsavam

Devotees seen pulling the chariot of Lord Venkateswara and His Consorts round the four mada streets in Tirumala on Wednesday as part of the Rathothsavam.

Rathotsavam on the eighth day morning of srivari annual brahmotsavam can be considered the climax of the nine-day festival. On this day the Lord and His consorts go round the temple streets on beautifully decorated ratha or chariot.

Chariots were used in our country from very ancient days and many silpa texts elaborately6 describe construction of various types of chariots. Rathas or chariots in which kings and military generals traveled were drawn by horses. In the Mahabharata we find that rathas were indispensable during wars and they often determined the victory or defeat in a battle.

Here Lord Srinvasa is the invincible king who Lords over all the universe. Therefore, His procession on a chariot is a reminder of His omnipotence and undiminishing splendour. Rathastham kesavam drashvra punarjanma na vidyate, one who has the darsan of Kesava i.e., Lord Narayana, seated on ratha is freed from rebirth. There is no doubt that one who worships Lord Venkateswara seated on ratha will receive His abundant Grace, relieving the tedium of being born again and again.

In philosophical parlance, ratha is compar4ed to physical body while atma to rathi, the charioteer. An integrated life is possible only when body and soul are properly coordinated. If this concept is stretched a little further, we may find comparison of jiva to a ratha and rathi or charioteer to Paramatma. A jiva reaches the goal of self-realisation only when it acts according to the will of God.

Hon’ble Ministers Sri Jana Reddy, Sri J.Rathanakara Rao, Dist Collector Sri Ravichandra, TTD Chairman Sri D.K.Audikesavulu Naidu, TTD E.O Sri K.V.Ramanachary, TTD Board Members Sri Yadaiah, Sri Ch. Sathyanarayana, Smt. Indira Reddy, Sri Gattu Subramanyam, Dr. Anjaiah, TTDs Spl Officer Sri A.V.Dharma Reddy, TTD JEO Sri V.Seshadhri, DyE.O’s Sri Prabhakara Reddy, Sri Siddiah, Dist Supdt of Police Sri Lakshmi Reddy, C.V&S.O Sri B.V.Ramana Kumar and others took part.

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