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Friday, May 23, 2008

Best MySpace Adder Around

The EasyAdder software, presented by, provides an automated interface to the MySpace friend service, allowing the user to invite friends without the MySpace interface.

Finding friends is what MySpace is all about – not just friends, but potential customers, viewers, listeners and fans. However, finding all of these possible friends in MySpace requires goin through all the profiles, filtering them, and inviting each and every one.

Not to mention keeping track of those that sign up every day!

While MySpace is the perfect business networking and friend network platform, manually sending out invites to all those who might possibly be interested in what you are offering is both time consuming and error prone.

The EasyAdder package interfaces with MySpace to find those potential friends for you. It will then invite them, taking away the need to look for, and invite, friends on MySpace manually.

It will also accept reciprocal invites on your behalf, building your friend or business network in record time, using MySpace's own friend adding system.

The EasyAdder software also looks like a regular user. This means that the MySpace system, which rightly checks for abuse, will not flag your account inadvertently. This is very important, because some behavior exhibited by other automated systems can get you banned.

Main EasyAdder MySpace Adder Screen
EasyAdder MySpace Friends Adder

The way that EasyAdder works to add friends and create invites means that it can be set to use the maximum number of invites, at random, throughout the day. In other words, it looks like a regular user, albeit a high frequency one, because it interacts with MySpace in an irregular fashion. In between operations, it 'sleeps', mimicking the way a regular user would access the system.

On top the basic friend adding functionality, EasyAdder also offers some advanced features:

  • Send personalized comments
  • Bypass Captcha technology
  • Use with unlimited MySpace accounts
  • Link accounts together

These features allow you to automated the very things that you would do on MySpace, anyway, making your use more efficient. This leaves you free to spend your MySpace time actually talking to these people, getting the administrative side dealt with by an automated user.

Even between, and across, multiple accounts!

There is a possibility to set the last login threshold so you don't get stale requests – in essence telling EasyAdder not to invite friends who have not used MySpace for a while.

Several advanced interactivity features have been added in this version of EasyAdder, including the ability to send group event invites and schedule regular bulletins.

Just like you were actually using MySpace yourself!

Buy from our secure server here.

Donwload a Free Trial version here

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