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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Computer Wallpapers

Give your desktop a break from that monotonous look. Let your feelings reflect on your desktop. Let others know what colors you are filled up of. Tell yourself what you can do with your desktop or even your laptop. Wallpapers have emerged as a relief to the monotony of desktop looks. Putting up bright and positive wallpaper also enlightens your mood for work. You can have a look at the picture of your choice and bring that lost smile on your face. Mobiles are not far away in utilizing this luxury. Wallpapers give you a weird sense of independence of expression. Set wallpapers according to your mood and personality. Look for wallpapers that suit you with the help of Listed below are 10 best sites for wallpapers.

For all you movie buffs, here is a site that will get your stars closer to you. Find your star from their treasure of wallpapers and adorn your desktops to your liking. Their treasury seems non-ending which will give you scope to visit the site again and again. Get a feeling of having your favourite star near you. Download their pictures and you can even choose from a horde of wallpapers. Choose from the most downloaded ones to the top rated ones. The site has more to offer besides wallpapers. So, don't waste your time and go ahead visit the site.

If speed is your choice then how about an Audi A6 or a Chevrolet Forester sitting on your desktop! Think about a Porsche 911 or a Soda Octavia right in front of you! Drool over a Mitsubishi Lancer or a Mercedes-Benz. If you are a car freak and want cars racing on your desktop, click on the link above and let your dreams unfold. Choose from the treasury of car wallpapers and adorn your desktop. Read articles on each car and know your car better. Look in to this all you car lovers. Let us assure you, you will have a treat viewing this site.

No, you don't have to live with your boring wallpaper on your mobile for days on. They have wallpapers to suite every personality and all moods. Download from Hollywood specials to sports to movies to good luck charms. Choose from their galore and pamper your mood. The site offers eye candies and will charm you by their collection. Don't miss it for anything. Click on the link and find out what you want to see on your mobile screen.

Escape in to the realms of nature with this site. Let nature take you on a joy ride. Nature lovers come to this site and unwind yourself to the beauties of nature. Find nature wallpapers for your desktop. Lose yourself to the beauty nature holds and feel closer to nature by setting wallpapers from this site. The amazing thing about this site is that the wallpapers here are for free. Hurry up, look for your wallpaper now.

Ever seen wallpapers that seem like you can touch them in real? Ok, guess its time you visited this site. Set biped animations or simply 3D characters or 3D objects on your desktop as wallpapers. Get a snowman or Santa's reindeers to give you that festive feeling. Give your child that sweet effect on his/her desktop. You may give the child in you a vent with these wallpapers. Visit the site to experience more.

Looking for beautiful wallpapers? Your search ends here. This website provides you a number a good collection of artistic wallpapers that you can store in your computer hard disk. This collection of wallpapers contains panoramic photographs that will soothe your eyes and will have a calming effect on your mind. Check out this attractive collection of wallpapers from this website.

Feeling bored to look at your monotonous wall papers on your desktop? Come to this site. It offers an exciting range of art wallpapers that you can down load for free. This site was founded by Astro Mohan, who is a renowned press photographer, accredited photo-journalist and an artist. The various wall papers that are offered here are on different themes like floral beauty, Indian festivals, depiction of simple life etc. Visit this site to view the entire range of wallpapers.

Bangalinet offers to every one who is searching for an amazing collection of artistic wall papers. You will find here wall papers of numerous categories. Now you can have a wonderful collection of wallpapers for example, magnificent temples of India, a wide and vibrant range of fish and insects, Bengali themes, Indian gods and goddesses, Kolkata's landmarks and tranquil and serene photographs of nature.

Here is one more site that offers you a wide variety of wallpaper collection that could light up your mood whenever you feel down. The collection includes picturesque photographs of natural view, ancient sculpture, paintings of eminent painters etc. Take out some time to visit this site. Surely you are going to like the collection of wallpapers especially if you have the artistic bent of mind.

This is a hub of an exciting range of wall papers just for you. The collection of wall papers is absolute delight to the eyes. The resolution of the wallpapers is 800 x 600, which is perfect for your desktop. The wall paper collection here depicts various Indian themes like meditation, Indian dance, Indian beach, Indian wild life, incredible places of India, like Taj Mahal, Himalaya. In this site you can click on the wallpaper of your choice or save the entire range in your hard disk.

Search Engines
This page consists of a listing of Search Engine sites based in India. The effort of this page is to list the best sites falling under heads like Search Engines of India, Best Search Engines of India, Indian Web Search Engines, etc. The list of sites mentioned here is based solely on the discretion of our team of editors, who personally go and review each and every site. If you feel there is some site that falls under the category of Search Engines India, Top Search Engines of India, Best Search Engines of India, Indian Web Search Engines, etc and has the potential of being listed on this page, kindly do let us know. is another well known web search engine that acts as a rich resource of global information. Besides having distinct sections providing information on history, shopping, medicine, immigration, business services, social sciences and so on, has a listing of featured websites that enable you to have a quick look on sites of your interest. is dedicated to make their slogan- `find what you need, when you need it', a success. This search engine-cum-directory offers a vast category of subjects to make your search all the more easier. Find anything related to arts, science, business, news, health, computers, games, sports, genealogy, shopping, society, sports and other important categories.

I Love India

I Love India is a search site that has a strong Indian fragrance about it. This web directory deals with a wide range of topics that include Indian festivals, religions, weddings, languages, weather and various other topics. The very diversity of the country reflects in the comprehensive range of topics that I Love India offers. The site also offers discussions on Yoga and Ayurveda.

123 is one of the comprehensive and reliable web portals in India today. Name the thing you want to know about, and it is there on 123 Read the latest happenings and news stories, situation of the stock market indexes, weather forecasts, live cricket score updates and much more. Search the category-based directory and send e-greeting cards, share jokes, download wallpapers and many other exciting things.


If you are planning your tour and at the same time, want them to be cost-effective, 123World is the site to look into. Find detailed information on your favorite holiday destinations across the world, the top cities, the cheap and the luxurious hotels therein and lots more. 123World also offers attractive tour packages and services like booking tickets, arranging reservations and others. is a web directory related to everything that India has to offer. It provides comprehensive searches on education, health, science, entertainment, arts, government, sports, computers, tourism and anything and everything in India. also offers a matrimonial service named Indian Matrimonial. Look for greetings cards, jokes, wallpapers and lots of other interesting sections. is to India what Google is to the world. Offered by USA-based Rekha Inc, is a popular search engine that caters to the entire Asian Indian community across the world. Search by entering the terms or browse hem by specific categories. This is the most comprehensive search engine where you can find answer to any queries related to India. is an online directory, offered by Sify Limited. One of the most popular sites from India, is making a constant endeavor to be known as the `Great Indian Search Engine'. The subjects it covers include arts, business, computer, culture, education, entertainment, family, government, health, news, reference, regional, science, sports and others.

Hindustan Network

Hindustan Network is not just another internet search engine from India. It is much more than just a search engine on India. Hindustan Network is a huge online network that brings you news, views and various interesting contents, organized in a comprehensive and credible manner. Read the Indian standard news and literary works; get to know the culture, search jobs, take part in discussions and much more.


Zatka is a highly promising Indian search engine. Log on to the site and you will realize that Zatka is more like India's answer to Google. It is a fast and powerful search engine, yielding the most relevant search results in a matter of seconds. Get more specific results by searching the various categories like music, communication, Internet, information, travel or shopping.

Surf India

Surf India is one of the most popular and premier online search engines of India. Get the entire Indian flavor compiled under the same roof. Hit the search India directory to get comprehensive list of most relevant and top sites. Visit the sections of arts and culture, business and industry, education, entertainment, government, society and others to know more about them.

Locate India

Locate India is dedicated to provide you information on everything about India. The portal of Locate India gives you an opportunity to search for exporters, importers, services and other business related information. If you are someone who is interested in traveling, then check out the sections on travel, tourism and hotels in India. Also, know a lot more about finance and other important news.

Offered by USA-based Rekha Inc, is a popular search engine that exclusively caters to the entire information technology industry of India. Search by entering the IT terms or browse them by specific categories like IT jobs, resources, portals, education, and various others. Also get the latest IT news from the leading newspapers and magazines.

New India

The site of New India promises to emerge as one of the leading search engines for India. Log on o the site of New India to find out the websites that are related to India. Watch the scrolling news headlines and stay up-to-date by every passing minute. You can also add your site to the database of New India and help it make more comprehensive.

Web Hosting

Web hosting refers to a kind of Internet hosting service that permits individuals and organizations to put up their own websites accessible to anyone through the World Wide Web. In today’s cyber age, every individual dreams to own a website for business or for other personal reasons. Dreaming is one thing but to materialize the dream into something tangible often becomes a scratchy business. Consequently most people grope about in the darkness of ignorance not knowing that there are numerous websites on web hosting on the Internet. Just the right key-worded search can open vistas to fulfill their wish. Keeping this in mind, the gathers up the 10 most utilitarian and reliable sites on web hosting. The rookies who are nescient to the web hosting opportunities will find these websites to be of great help.

One of the premiers of web hosting in India, is the provider of quality yet cheap domain registration and website hosting on Windows and Linux. You will emerge on top of the world with 1 GB of domain space with 20 MB of free space assigned to you and 5 e-mail ids ascribed to your name! Quality is vouchsafed for these sites and they are available in the leading Indian metropolis as well as in the U.S and U.K. If you are game on starting your own web hosting company, they will also provide Reseller hosting facility. Control panels like cpanel and helm are also offered with back end support.

If high bandwidth and high speed server connection is your target, then awaits you with their exclusive offers. They supply an all-inclusive package of Windows or Linux hosting, web hosting solutions in totality with email solutions, domain name registration, payment gateway and hosting services at a pocket-friendly price. Apart from that, providing budget hosting in India and FTP hosting are their unique features.

Web hosting, website maintenance, customized website development, web marketing and search engine optimization services – you name it and you will get it done here. Don't feel cornered thinking about the monetary attack. It is quite affordable and well within your means. Just pay them their dues and disclose the details of what you want to put up on your site. The rest will be done by the professional web masters for you.

Before plunging in the business of putting up a website on the internet, you should have some amount of knowledge on the working modules and the process of hosting web. The articles here are not only good reads for information sake, but also guides you the 5 things you should do and the 5 things to avoid while web hosting. Nothing's like being well armed with the right information to ward off harassment and future troubles. will just make you prepared before you take the final leap.

Everybody loves to swim in choices, right? If clicking on and landing to ‘the website' of your choice is your call then take it. It is an online directory having the important site names from where you can fetch web hosting solutions. Click on the links where you think you will reap more benefit. Decide what exactly you need and get gratified.

A good and warm host is always welcome. Indiatimes appears to be such a host that garlands you with so much options that you may initially feel confused as to what to reject rather than what to select. This is forever a pleasant dilemma you better be in. As a service provider they are highly reliable, efficient and secured. They are one of the best in the business in terms of cutting edge infrastructure and customer support services. Moreover, they won't threaten you later on with additional or hidden charges. You will not have to bear any set up fees to venture into your own web world. The benefits are aplenty. Just click on the following link.

Dare to think big? Tie up with Net4India to become an enviable cause to your peers. Their services include unlimited bandwidth, lowest pricing, nonpareil web space, hosting on dual processor DELL servers and web & phone support. No matter whether you are a tentative newcomer dreaming of making your presence felt to the outer world or you are a big fish looking to expand the network, this website is just about the perfect gateway to set your foothold on the World Wide Web.

India@ccess is known for providing shared web hosting services in India on Linux and Windows NT servers. Check out their range of plans including ASP web hosting, PHP web hosting, Tomcat web hosting, Perl web hosting, JSP web hosting, Microsoft Dot NET web hosting, Java Servlet web hosting, MS Access web hosting, CGI web hosting, FrontPage web hosting, SQL server web hosting, e-commerce web hosting and also dedicated web hosting in India. You are at the receiving end of a multitude of information once you visit this page.

Want shared web hosting solutions incorporating of round the clock support, data back up facilities and spam & anti virus filtrating systems? In case your answer is in affirmative, your search is over for the time being ripping rich results. This reputed web hosting organization is distinguished by speed, hefty servers, best of Internet connectivity and last but certainly not the least, efficient maintenance staffs. Moreover, their hosting packages are of a great variety – from 25 MB to 3 GB, catering to everyone's specifications.

With their servers in New Delhi and Bangalore currently, BSNL has bungee jumped into the web hosting business. Team up with them to be with the safest service provider you can think of. Their hallmarked features include domain name hosting, web publishing, server side scripting in Java, Perl and JSP, MYSQL Data base, SMTP (Exim) and POP3 (apop3d) service for each domain, multiple e-mail ids per domain with pliant mail quota, FTP access for uploading/downloading files, focussed authentication for SMTP, POP3, FTP and for administration and a number of other benefits. Click on the following link to breath on web.

Chats and Forums

Social networking has literally taken a virtual turn with the advent of the internet or the World Wide Web. The huddling together of like minds to discuss topics, having heated arguments over a cup of coffee is no more the treaded territory these days. Now-a-days the mingling of minds takes place in the virtual world instead of the real world. It won’t be over-exaggeration to claim that the virtual world has hijacked the real world. The internet has become an extremely popular platform where people can interact with each other and share their opinions and perspectives on any conceivable topic. Chats and forums are mushrooming in the virtual space by the day. The popularity of chats and forums is spreading like fire among the kids, teens, middle aged and the senior members. Therefore, this is where the 10 hottest and spiced up sites are given. Have a gala time finding the right nook of your own where you can express your views and opinions.

India is chatting hard and having galore of fun. has given a prompt answer to the other popular chat forums and has gained lion share ground. All you have to do is download the software rediff bol and wrap up the installation procedure. And there you go. The doorway of chatting and grouping will thrust open for you. Catch hold of your friends, acquaintances and chit chat your way. Want to make new friends? It’s only just a ‘hello’ away.

Are you on a chatting spree then look up here. You have ample scope to gel with people known and unknown. You have a separate place to form a gang in the exclusive forum. Just register and agree to comply with their terms and conditions to get started. Date, chat and group all in good faith, but first register. That is the only condition to be in the chats and forums. The matrimony section is a matchmaker for young hearts to fall in love. Come fall in love with the help of

Wouldn’t you love if you got an electrifying list of chat forums under a single umbrella? To any regular chatter who wants to explore newer addresses this will be fabulous news indeed. has done it --- You have a gallery of chat forums of different types and for varied people with diverse tastes. Rule out the question of being bored because now you can chat with Indians worldwide, chat by city, chat in your language with your fraternity, indulge in online dating and form exciting communities. The stage is all set for you to chat.

Looking for a nook to voice your opinion? This is where you can exchange opinions, views, perspectives and ideas. Get enrolled to take the advantage of being a member. Talk and gossip about anything under the earth – movies, politics, family, society and whatever you feel should be the topic of discussion. Post your thoughts and know what others might have to say about your notion.

A chatting site with a difference. This is a fiery place, hotter and spicier than the rest. Not only that, you have forums for different categories. News forums, business forums, love and friendship forums, tech forums, sports forums and life and entertainment forums are all well knitted together on this portal. Click your mouse on the place you want to venture and start adding color to your life.

This is an extremely active discussion forum. You can express your views and exchange ideas. All you need to do is become a member. This can also be done easily. So, you just need to visit the site and find out more interesting things to do there. You can also visit the help clubs and contribute your bit to the club. The have a wide range of discussion forums from arts and crafts of India to youth participation and poverty eradication. You can be a part of any discussion you like and post your comments on that topic. Visit the site and find out what more you can do with discussion forums like this.

This is an e-discussion forum on issues of sexuality. Learn about the structure of the discussion forum; get to know how you can be a part of it and also how you can be a moderator in this discussion forum. Initiate discussions and introduce socially relevant and important topics. You can join this discussion forum simply filling in an online subscription form and be a part of the discussion forum in an instant. There are interesting things taken up here. If this sounds like an interesting affair of which you must be a part then go to the link above and visit the site.

This claims to be an unbiased independent discussion forum for the Reliance India Mobile (RIM) Subscribers Community. This provides all RIM users a forum to discuss or share their experiences or grievances etc. You can visit the forums present here and also access discussions or read the messages in this discussion forum. Visit the site if it interests you. You will surely find useful information here.

This is a really interesting site for a discussion forum. You will find a general discussion forum where you can share in general information. There are also company centric discussion forums like a forum for CIPLA Ltd. or ITC Ltd. or MRF Ltd. etc. Visit the site and find out which discussion forum you want to be a part of and become actively participant in that. You are bound to be highly impressed by the list of companies you will find here. So, don't waste your time. Visit the link above and find out interesting facts about discussion forums.

If you have questions about discussion forums you can visit this site. They have a list of probable questions on discussion forums and have taken care to answer each question with the utmost details available. If you don’t know about the latest activities in the discussion forums, you can visit this site for reference. There are a total of about 40 questions that they have taken care to answer. If you did not find answer to the question you were looking for then there is a feedback forum where you could post in your query. Find out more from the link above.


The word digital is most commonly used in computing and electronics, especially where real-world information is converted to binary numeric form as in digital audio and digital photography. Digital sound revolution refers to the adoption of digital audio technology during the 1980’s. Previously, audio signals in computers were commonly created through the use of analogue oscillators. Nowadays digital technology is not only adopted in sound systems but in imaging systems also as in high end digital cameras and digital camcorders. Digital technology has revolutionized the entire scenario of electronic products. A host of digitally enhanced electronic products are also available in India.

Ebay, one of the largest Indian e-commerce websites has several digital items on offer for its customers. Primarily there are digital cards, data cables, digital diaries which are offered by this site. However more recently it has started to offer various kinds of new digital products like the digital cameras, digital cordless telephones, digital “sd' cards and many more.

This website is maintained by the government of Punjab. Under this website one can find the efforts made by the Punjab Government to excel the knowledge of digital electronics domain in the state. Many research works are carried out under the sponsorship of the Punjab Government in the domain of digital electronics so that new technologies can evolve and capture the market which is some kind of Gizmo freak now days.

Prestige electronics is a renowned electronics company of India. It primarily deals with electronic products like resistance measuring instruments, micro controller based instruments, power measuring instruments, calibrators to name a few. All these instruments are based on the principle of Digital electronics.

SearchAlibaba one of the biggest online B2B e-commerce sites has several digital products to offer for its worldwide customers. Some of the most commonly sold digital products by this e-commerce portal includes portable media player, MP4 player, ipod, MP3 player both with and without camera, VGA camera enabled cell phones , digital video cameras, wireless transmitters, VCD players ,TFT screen MP4 player and digital photo frame.

This newspaper article throws light on the digital craze that India, especially from the Indian metros, is suffering from. This article gives an insightful survey of the kinds of digital products like ipods, digital cameras, digital diary and clocks which the tech savvy people of India are likely to buy. It also compares and contrasts which Indian metro city has the most number of digitally suave customer and Delhi tops the chart beating the all time favorite cyber city of Bangalore.

This small but informative article informs you about the new range of digital consumer products launched in the market by Philips India limited. The new range includes latest digital gadgets like digital versatile disc players, CD recorder, digital camera, palm top personal computes etc. The main target consumer group for these digital products are the high profile corporate people and these products will only be available in select retail outlets in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Are you in the look out for some good digital cameras? This site gives you an array of information on the latest digitally enhanced cameras available in the market. All the details about these digital cameras and their features are also chronicled here. You can see their pictures too and order them online. So this is a site which makes the process of buying quality digital electronics products easy for you. Happy buying! is one of the most reputed Business to Business directories of India. In this directory you will find a host of digital products which range from Digital Timers, Digital EPBAX system, Digital audio recorder and Digital Chromatograph. So if you are looking for some best quality digital electronics products this is the perfect site for you. You can also see the products details and pictures of these digital products which are on sale here.

Canon is the one of the world leaders in manufacturing digital imaging products which includes digital cameras and camcorders. The company portfolio includes and entire spectrum of digital imaging products. In this site you can get information about the latest canon digital camera and camcorders. This site is a veritable treasure trove for all you gizmo buffs. In this site you will get authentic information on all these latest digital products and also get an opportunity to buy them online.

This page furnishes you with detailed information on the digital product scenario of India.

Computer Hardware

Basically Computer hardware consists of two subgroups. One is the Input unit through which data is fed to the Computer like the keyboard, mouse etc. The other is the Output unit by which data is retrieved by the end users like the printer, scanner etc. enlists top ten Indian websites which offer substantial information on Hardware, hardware components, hardware companies, course structure of computer hardware, careers in computer hardware.

Heights global institute of fashion & technology offers courses on computer education, like hardware and networking in addition to fashion designing. In the hardware section it offers advanced diploma in hardware technology and masters of diploma in hardware technology. The duration of these two courses is six months and twelve months respectively.

DOEACC society is famous for imparting computer training to the students of India. It also offers some computer courses in the field of hardware like CHM O level and CHM A level. Both these courses contain the essential ingredients of a virtual hardware program like PC debugging, Computer peripheral, PC architecture etc.It also offers placement assistance at the end of both the courses

If you are interested in buying the latest computer hardware and computer peripherals at an affordable prize, you are in the right page. This website offers a host of PC hardware products for sale over the internet. Its product line includes almost all the major hardware components like the motherboard, monitor, hard drives, floppy discs, mouse, speakers and many more.

Lipi data system is a major manufacturer of computer printer an essential hardware component of every PC. Its product line consists of a varied list of printers ranging from line matrix printers, dot matrix printers, passbook printers, laser printers, smart card printers etc. Apart from the printer, it is also known for manufacturing UPS and disc publishers.

Are you looking forward to buy an assembled PC? Well, if your answer is yes, this site might just be the right place for you. Aztech InfoTech limited is primarily into selling both branded and assembled PC. They also take the annual maintenance contracts for various corporate houses. This company is also well known for selling important hardware peripherals like hard drives, monitors, external hard disk drives, USB ports, blue tooth equipments etc.

If you are looking for comprehensive computer hardware training then you can rely on Santronix. They teach you the latest and the best of technical repairs and make you perfect in the same. Their computer hardware training courses are completely job oriented. There are courses for beginners and certificate courses too. Take a look at their course structure and enroll for the one you think best suits you. Hurry now, for a bright career in future.

Learn computer hardware training and network security courses from RJP Infotek Pvt. Ltd. Their hardware training course includes A+, MCSA, MCSE, CCNA, CCNP, RHCE, etc. Browse through their computer hardware training course and find out one that befits you. They have their own testing centre. Moreover, they are Pearson Vue authorized and hence globally recognized. If you want to really make it big in the hardware industry, turn to them for shaping your future.

Get your computer hardware training from Aptech Computer Education and you are sure to emerge a pro in this field. They have extensive training programmes which churn out efficient hardware engineers. Take a look at the site and find out about their course structure. Visit their education center and find out more.

They offer better hardware training for staff including training in basic computers. You can trust their names for repair of printers, monitors, UPS and also laptops. All you people of Delhi if you need their help, you can get in touch with them personally throught the contact information provided.

Look in to this site for comprehensive information on computer hardware training. Their course structure is clearly mentioned for you. Take a look at the course that you want to take up. They also provide placement assistance, take a look now. Enroll for their computer hardware training programmes and shape a smart career.


Unlike the hardware, softwares cannot be seen by the naked eye. They are rather the programs which keep the computer functioning. Software is also a very prospective career option. Here enlists top ten Indian websites dealing with softwares. If you go by the literal meaning, the word software means an electronically written program which is associated with documentation and other operations of a computer. Softwares are stored inside the storage device of the computer. Software is now used in almost all sorts of businesses. Software, free computer software, software downloads, software as a career option, various kinds of business softwares and other relevant information on software has been discussed here.

This website contains current information on the software jobs like the current openings in different software companies, hot openings, desired skill sets etc. Here the different jobs are categorized in terms of the different software like jobs for java professionals, jobs for c programmers, with the desired level of experience mentioned in each of them.

This website is more of an online directory. The software section of this website deals with almost all the topics that come under softwares. Here the different sections like Anti virus software, business software, database, educational software, communications software etc are available .Each of these topics contains a number of subtopics which can be reached by just the mere click of a mouse.

The primary services available here include software outsourcing, web development and software development. The software development centre’s main aim is to cut down the cost incurred in buying a foreign company’s software and at the same time sticking to the same quality level. It is even into off shore software development where the excess cost is minimized anywhere from 50% to 60%.

The primary services available here include software outsourcing, web development and software development. The software development centre’s main aim is to cut down the cost incurred in buying a foreign company’s software and at the same time sticking to the same quality level. It is even into off shore software development where the excess cost is minimized anywhere from 50% to 60%.

Star net software is probably the biggest software solution provider in Gujarat. It provides all type of software solutions to its clients like new software development, software testing, and implementation of enterprise resource planning, maintenance of software’s and networks. Recently it has entered into management of software based projects and is also known to offer global solutions to its clients.

ACYS Software India private limited is a leading technical service provider of the mutual fund scene both for Indian as well as for other global giants. There are many areas in the mutual fund market where they have established their core competence. They are known for designing software products, applications and solutions which are at par with today's market requirements. Its main products are INVESTARK, e Fund Distributor, MFISC/D, DISTRAK, and AIS.

Finacle is renowned banking software capable of all the core banking activities. It has been manufactured by the Indian IT giant, Infosys Technologies. It has proved its worth in both retail as well as in corporate marketing. It has transformed the core banking activities. With the help of this all the core banking activities have been less complicated than ever before. The main banking solutions which are provided by this software include core banking activities, e-banking, CRM, treasury related affairs, web based cash management, mobile solutions, alerts and many more.

Softwares of any types – be it the softwares to build a website in the regional language, downloading sharewares, freewares, demo softwares for P.C, free softwares to reap the maximum benefits of softwares. This is a one-track-has-it-all magical hub. Exert your discretion and click onto the websites where you think Pandora’s Box will open up for you. These download sites for software would astound you with their variety and boost your ego. You are sure to feel fortunate to have found out the ultimate destination.

Tandon Information Systems is a leader when it comes to software development and other information technology related activities. It has been in the news for providing high quality management oriented solutions to its clients, workflow and ERP solutions, application development, software testing and in many other related fields. Its most recent contribution has been in the field of SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing). It offers SAP implementation and training, customization, SAP project exposure and implementation. The domains which have been served by this Indian IT giant include telecom banking, multimedia, embedded systems, insurance, supply chain and many more verticals.

Software engineers and professional who scout for free down loadable softwares should visit here. You will have ecstasy bumps when you will find the latest versions of Chart Director. ChartDirectors for ASP/COM/VB, for .NET, for JSP/Java, for cold fusion, for Perl, for Python, for Ruby and C++ are all obtainable. Don’t get bogged about the documentation. And you don’t have to put in extra effort to download it. It is included with the downloaded softwares. Go to their archive if you want an older version of ChartDirector. Forget the cloudy ways of anguish, breezy days are here.

This web page enlists top ten Indian websites which deals with softwares.

Artificial Life

Living in and out of the computers, chiefly the internet, has become the order of the day. You can't imagine a day without being on the web world. It is the virtual home next to the place of lodging. Artificial life has creeped into the lifeblood of computing nations. You make a living out of it, you shop from here, learn things and gather information, relax here chatting, socializing and playing games, build your dream home in virtual reality. And the list will go on. The collects 5 top sites on artificial life. Cruise through them to know and know and know.

The message conveyed by is loud and clear. They welcome you into their society of artificial life spanning across the globe. Become a member if it has appealed to you. And you will be entitled to newsletters and bulletins on virtual life and its problems. If you have any problem point with the internet usage, PC, any new up-gradation in robotics, web features and your problems will be fixed. Just subscribe and access entry to artificial life.

Artificial life system is a complex topic to understand. It only takes a big name in the respected field to give a crystal clear picture of the subject. This research statement deals with the problems that eat into the system of artificial life and the technical aspects of such living. You may not be the next scholar on artificial living, but you will arrive somewhere from the strata of ignorance.

Virtual life, virtual pets, virtual people and artificial life ecosystems- all these sound so exhilarating. You are nowhere near guessing what this site can offer you. You can create your own set of virtual pets and make your world from scratch. You want to live in the artificial world where you have things of your choice? Just live it without compromising.

This is a journalist's foresight into the future of artificial living. This is a very interesting read, provided you have a flair for creative reading, don't miss it. Keep yourself entertained by going through this mixed bag of facts and fiction. And if you are clever enough you will get the picture of what future holds for the worshippers of artificial living. .

Another solid reading ground. This author has accumulated the result of his investigation of the ethics of artificial living. He has touched upon the difference between synthetic and real, the philosophies of living, the ethical theories of artificial living and the ethical issues involved.

Experience how it is like to shop in the virtual world. Go shop-hopping for products that will only prove to be useful in the artificial life. Buy them online here from the gallery of numerous products. You would not have to budge an inch from your seat. Just click on the item, add on your cart, give them the card credit card number or the online account number of Pay pal or any other account you have registered for and get them delivered to your PC. Why PC and not doorstep? Remember, these are virtual items that give you the sense of reality?

For the people who are not very conversant with this artificial life, this portal will prove to be an eye-opener. From the basics of virtual reality modeling to the technical aspects, gives you a solid overview of them all. Utility, features, components, virtual reality interfaces and translators, get them all here under one parent book. Even if you are just a toddler in the cyber space, you can see yourself grow into an eligible cyber-youth with the right intake of information. See you in your virtually real room in a few days!

Want to carve a niche for yourself in the virtual land? This is the place where you can get elements to build your own home. This megaton virtual reality room gifts you with photo-realistic environment that will be highly conducive for your artificial life. Just feed in one command and you can watch your home built on landscapes, skies or other places where you can possibly stretch your imagination. 50x50x50m volume will infuse life into your virtual home. So, your fantasy home is just a click away.

Be a part of the environment that actually doesn’t exist in the empirical world of matter. Not a joke, no kidding. This is what is providing as a premier service. Double up your productivity in business by cutting down the time in coming to a decision, time spent after visualizing solutions, communicating the to-be-processed data and saving quite an amount of your capital. Get effective, speedy and easily available solution for your business through virtually real service. :

If you are a new entrant to the artificial world and want to be an expert in virtual prototyping and simulation techniques, the professional players are waiting to teach you. Work with them to ascend the ropes of expertise keeping a strong foothold on developing techniques. Why just remain an avid audience of virtual reality? Participate in the game of shaping them up for others. Grab the opportunity to be the next to none in creating virtual realism.

Human Computer Interaction

Machines were at one time human assistants. The upsurge of human computer interaction has made them more of friend, philosopher and guide. You are scrambling for information, you blindly bank on computer. You need guidance, computers come into play. Human computer interaction has shaped up an unwritten bond between the living and the virtual. If you are interested to read up more about it, click the 10 valuably useful websites. The takes you to an informative ride through the domain of human computer interaction.

Human computer interaction is a riveting field of study. If you are fascinated by the intricacies and want to get into the flesh and bones, look up here. The complete book is up for you. Read it and get engrossed in the unknown facets of this unusual bond. Each detail is so explicitly put down in e-book format that you will develop a clear picture of what it is all about.

Do you have a good insight into the nitty gritties of human computer interaction? Is designing your forte? Then do consider a career in human computer interaction design. It serves the necessities of users by designing new technologies, applications and user interfaces. So you will have a gala time developing and giving a face to new technologies, processes and tools for better user study, usability design, analysis, evaluation and testing.

Another scoop of article for those of you who like to ram up such reads. The PDF format gives you the chance to save the file in your PC if you want to save a hard copy for yourself. The expert puts down his knowledge into this long, information crammed e-book. You will have a complete view of human computer interaction.

Do you want to take the pleasure of knowing all about human computer interfaces with technical precision? will take you through a technical tour. You will know about the different types of computers which enhance the modality of interface. Psychomouse, cognitive user interface, computer-integrated experimentation, user identification using typing biometrics are the important topics that are discussed here.

History interests you? Well to be well in-sync with a subject, getting to know history is a must. Before you get into the realm of human and computer interaction, get the whole history in your sketched out in your palms. Modes of basic interaction, application types, up and coming features and software tools and architecture of human and computer interaction are explained.

If you want to glean information on human computer interaction this is a perfect site for you. This is the official site for the department of Computer science and technology of Indian Institute of Technology in Madras. This institute offers a entire course on human computer interaction where a lot topics like Speech recognition and synthesis and Indian language and keyboard display are included. Get to know the curriculum of the course and the faculty members who will be teaching this course on human computer interaction from this site.

Interested in the riveting topic of human -computer interaction? Then this is a site which brings good tidings for you. This site informs you about a workshop that will be held on this particular branch of computer science. The purpose of this workshop is to investigate and analyze the issues underlying the human interactions with computers. However this workshop will also delineate information on the process and techniques of user interface.

For procuring books on human-computer interaction this is a gem of a site. This brings you the details of a host of books on this very topic. All these renowned books written by accomplished authors could be a power house of latest developments in the field of human- computer interaction. And now you can buy all these books online with just a click of a mouse and what’s better is that most of these books are reasonably priced too.

IBM is a multinational giant which is mainly renowned for its forays in information technology. But research division has made considerable progress in the field of human-computer interaction. The details of their work on this topic can be found from this site. This erudite article on human computer interaction is packed with relevant know hows on this field. So this is a must visit site for those who have an interest in human-computer interaction.

All you engineering students who are studying computers and have a particular affinity towards human computer interaction will find this site highly riveting. This site has a learned discourse on human-computer interaction. Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is a huge area of concern in the software engineering discipline. The maturing area of user interface design within the HCI field elaborates upon and incorporates concepts from human factors engineering, industrial design, product usability and assessment and lot more.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science of making machines do things that would require intelligence if done by humans” (Minsky, 1968). It is a discipline which got an impetus in India with the Knowledge Based Computer Systems (KBCS) project in the 1980s, and has been growing since then. Use of this intelligence has propelled the success rate of the country. Find out more with

This site aims at providing a national forum for interaction among the Indian AI community. They also aim at promoting research and practical applications of artificial intelligence. You can get latest updates on activities related to artificial intelligence in India from this site. You can also become a part of all the activity. All you need to do is become a member of this group.

You can learn Hindi language using artificial intelligence. The details are given in this site. Visit this site and just witness how you can learn Hindi by the use of this intelligence. The package includes a tracer module, speech facility, video interface and an online dictionary too. You are only required to click along and visit the site if you are interested in the language.

This will be your guide to all that you want to know about artificial intelligence. Researches conducted, FAQ on artificial intelligence and so much more is on offer here. Find out what is meant by AI and where it is being used. Find out how it is contributing to the growth of a country.

This web page will take you to a review on artificial intelligence published in The Financial Express. It gives you a comprehensive idea about the use of artificial intelligence and how it helps in developing intelligent systems. Not only that, it also speaks about the origin of AI and what the future holds for AI. Yahoo has cashed on the answers, for which you must visit this site. Know what yahoo plans to do and much more.

Speaking of artificial intelligence, one mustn't forget the robots and what they are capable of doing. This discusses in brief how artificial intelligence transformed into the robot and their great feats. It also discusses the use of artificial intelligence in cinema. Visiting this site will be interesting as it provides interesting reading. To find out more do click in and surprise yourself.

This portal will introduce you to the elite organizations of India who are carrying out research activities on artificial intelligence. The top engineering institutions and the premier research laboratories of India are pursuing extensive research work in the field of artificial intelligence --- Learn about these elite institutions of India and check-out their projects on AI. Glean general information on AI activities in India. Flick through the AI journals of India and take a look at the CSI special issue on artificial intelligence. You will get a precise and complete overview of the AI activities in India by simply clicking on this portal.

Every year an international conference is held on artificial intelligence. First started in 1969, the International Joint Conference on Artificial intelligence or the IJCAI is organized twice a year. In January 2007, the 20th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence was held in the Indian city of Hyderabad. The theme centered on the contributions of AI to the society; take a sneak peek into this latest conference. Check-out the Thanks letter and the IJCAI report presented on this portal. The portal welcomes feedbacks from the delegates who attended this conference.

Introduce yourself to the Machine Intelligence Group by logging on to this site. This is an online platform for the tech-savvy community where they can share their opinions and views on artificial intelligence, machine intelligence, genetic algorithms, robotics, machine vision etc. This portal serves as a discussion forum as well as a tutorial class. Acquaint yourself with the latest gizmos and hi-tech devices by checking -out the articles posted by the techies. Listen to the news coming out of the tech-world. There is a blog spot dedicated to the tech-savvy community. Well if technology is your forte join in as a member of this hi-tech group.

Do you find artificial intelligence fascinating? Well if the answer is positive stop by this portal. It will offer you an article on artificial intelligence. Though artificial intelligence is a comparatively new branch of technology it has made huge progress in the recent times. Go through this article and equip yourself with information on the science of artificial intelligence; take a look at the future of artificial intelligence. Log on to this site and take an in-depth look into the realm of artificial intelligence.

Welcome to India’s biggest online book-store. Here you will find a book on artificial intelligence. Check-out the contents of the book. You will get all the details of the book on this portal. If you are interested to purchase this interesting book place your order online and it will reach you within 24 hours. Take a look at the other books on artificial intelligence listed on this site.

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