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Friday, May 23, 2008

Free OCR Software

Optical character recognition, known as OCR, is a great resource for anyone who works with a computer to look into. With free OCR software you can save yourself lots of time and money getting the data you need. These software programs offer you the ability to copy text from books, magazines, journals, letters and more. You will need to scan the information you want and then upload it to your computer. This gives you the ability to edit the material without having to type it all.

Make sure you take a look at the free OCR software offered at This is the best free OCR software program you will find out there. It is a very powerful tool that is able to read almost any type of writing or font. This includes text written in all caps and handwritten materials.

NOTE: If you are looking for OCR Editing Software, then please read this article on business OCR solutions.
Simple OCR is available free with no royalty fees attached whatsoever. This is something you have to watch out for with many other free OCR software programs that are offered. Why spend your hard earned money to pay for OCR software when you can get Simple OCR at no cost? You can download your free OCR software program here.

Simple OCR - Completely Free to download
Simple OCR

Free OCR software can help you do many different tasks without the time and money involved. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to write a term paper, get some great quotes, transfer your journal or diary to your computer, or operation various business and legal aspects. You can choose to donate funds for your free OCR software on their website if you wish. This is how they cover the expense as they don’t allow any advertisements to be sold on their free OCR software.

Anyone who has to do any research or typing can benefit from free OCR software. With the Simple OCR software program you will get a very beneficial program that is easy to operate. Don’t waste your time or money typing text anymore when you can quickly scan it and upload it to your computer using free OCR software.

Finally, it's worth noting that sometimes you may already have OCR software installed on your computer. In this article "Free OCR Software?, you may already have it" outlines different OCR suites that are often packaged with other software and may already be installed on your computer. You can read more here.

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