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Sunday, May 18, 2008

How to Cancel MSN Account : Procedure

Are you in any kind of trouble with your MSN account? Many others like you may face such problems, but are not aware about the exact results of deleting the email account. The exact outcome of deleting an email account is losing your email address.

If your mailbox and email address accessed through an ISP like MSN and their address is used by you for mailing purposes (it may be an address like, your email address will automatically vanish after the cancellation of your account. This thing doesn’t happen in case of your hotmail account.

What Should Be Done Before Starting the Actual Procedure?

Is there any serious need of canceling your MSN count, if the answer is yes then you can start the process of deleting the MSN account. Before that you must sign up for a new mail account on the net.
This will help you in signing up at your new ISP and will let you contact your near and dear ones along and attend the professional purposes, even after the cancellation of your MSN service.
The entire process can be completed by sending a group mail to all your contacts from the MSN account you are canceling, before starting the cancellation process.

How to Delete the Account?

There is a great directory of quality, cheap or discounted ISPs, from where you can start. If you have made it sure that you want to delete your Msn account, then dial the canceling desk of MSN at 1-800-386-5550.

Have your account information with you, as the cancellation will require all your details. The cancellation desk will need your member ID along with your name, mailing address and phone number which you have provided in the MSN account.

Cancel MSN Account

You may also need to provide some other specific information like, billing details, for instance the last expenses made through credit card. This information is taken only for verifying your identity.

Even after you connect to the number, and supply the customer care executives all the required information for canceling your account, your job is not finished. Since, the next thing you will have to deal with is the request of not canceling the account.

The MSN executives will try their best to convince you for keeping your account by offering a number of lucrative incentives. If you have made it sure that you will cancel your account, stand firm. They are so eager in keeping you as their customer that sometimes they also offer free months.

Once you have ignored all these stuffs and directed the cancellation desk to cancel your MSN account, the job will be done pretty soon.

How to Avoid the Using of My Email Address?

If you cancel your MSN account, one problem you may face is using of your email address by somebody else. In these cases that person will receive all the mails that are meant for you. To avoid such trouble you can make the cancellation in a different way.

Stop using your MSN account. It will automatically become inactive after 90 days. This can also be treated as one kind of cancellation, but this process does not involve any risk of hijacking your account by anybody else as you will still retain your ownership. Thus it is better to choose this option than going for the help desk services. This process is a bit tougher than cancelling your gmail account.

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