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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mailing List

Mailing lists have emerged as a popular online interactive system. You can join any list of your choice and interchange your ideas and views on any topic. This serves as a very interesting forum for like-minded people. Mailing lists have several topics from which you can participate. A very special feature is that you can even create a list of your own. Find out more with

This will act as your guide to the PHP mailing list. It gives you a guideline to follow when you are planning to send mails to mailing list. It has general mailing list, internal mailing list and mailing list options. They also have an online option where you can subscribe as a user and get you e-mail id included in the mailing list.

Those who are in love with photography, this website is especially for them. You can be a part of a whole world of mailing lists and be informed. You can get information from people in your list as well as share it with others. This is a highly interactive forum. This covers wildlife, nature, rocky mountain photography, infrared photography and so much more. Visit this site and become an active member immediately.

If you are not sure what you should do and avoid doing in a mailing list, then visit this site. This will give you complete guidance to mailing lists. How you should go about it and what you are supposed to do and also what you are not supposed to do are mentioned here. They have also provided other relevant links which would be interesting to read.

This site is for like-minded Indians, both resident and non resident. You can share your views on India and also get what others think about the country. This is a very interesting site since it allows free interchange of ideas. There are different categories like humour, discussions and the like. They offer a lot of variety which keeps their users interested in the site. Visit this site if you are looking for some quality time

Those who are interested in the BPO industry do visit this site. They provide a mailing list especially for you. You can subscribe to any list and exchange ideas and information. The site is especially designed to give you an exposure to the like minded people and getting ideas and views from them. You will get a whole lot of topics to choose from before you subscribe. You are also allowed to be part of more than one list.

Click on this site to get the names of all public mailing lists. Check out the ones you wish to subscribe and those you want to change. Gather information about mailing lists from this site in elaborate form. Have a tour of this site.

Willing to know about the various mailing lists and archives supported by the Click on this site and you will get the list of all the publicly accessible mailing lists hosted by this server. Get to know about all these mailing lists by just a click on the site.

This site provides you with two mailing lists that you can subscribe to - Honey bee and SRISTI. The Honey Bee mailing list is meant for discussions on philosophy, activities and events published in Honey Bee. Sristi on the other hand is a read only mailing list where you can receive reports and announcements. To know more, visit to the site.

If you want information on any student mailing list, this is the site for you. Go for any of the names listed in this site to get information, subscribe, unsubscribe or change preference of your subscription. Check out the site and have all that you were searching for.

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