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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Major Companies

Companies have emerged out of a need aroused among the consumers or out of a need to create demand among the consumers. They have emerged and also have made a place for themselves. Today people know them just by the sound of their names. This, however, has been a result of a lot of sweat and toil and there is of course a history to everything. Today you know Satyam, Wipro, and ITC etc. by their name and also their fame. But there was a time when these major companies had been struggling to make a name and a prestigious place for themselves. Look for them with

This is the official website of Satyam Computers. A well known name in the IT companies, Satyam has come a long way with its products and services. The site will give you the products and policies of the company. This will only help you understand it better. That it has emerged as an industry and made its place among the fore runners has been proudly conveyed through their website. For a more extensive tour of the company you have got to visit their site.

Wipro is a name not unknown to anyone. One would recognize it by the very sound of its name. So all those interested in knowing about this company, take a look at this site. Find out about its achievements and services. Find out what are the career prospects in this company. It has all been mentioned for you.

The Reliance Group, founded by Dhirubhai H. Ambani (1932-2002), is India's largest private sector enterprise. The flagship company, Reliance Industries Limited, is a Fortune Global 500 company and is the largest private sector company in India. If this information doesn’t suffice then you must go through their site and search the horde of information they have in store for interested viewers like you. Know what major awards have been won by them, who are in the board of directors and also the milestones they have covered.

ITC is one of the forerunners in the Indian scenario today. Be it FMCG products or the hotel industry the name stands apart from all else. It has left a mark in the agriculture business too besides being there in the IT sector. Today ITC stands proudly with head held high. Find out from their site all their achievements and how they maintain relation with their investors. Its diversified presence allows it to rapidly gain market control. If this piece of information interests you then go ahead and click in to view all the details.

Creativity and productivity go hand in hand with Hero Honda. Visit their extremely ‘cool’ site as we may say and explore the adventure with them. You will feel like you are going through some kind of an escapade once you visit this site. What is more exciting is that you can also play a little ‘hero honda’ game and get that feeling of riding a bike. Well the site definitely has a lot to offer and the interesting manner in which it gives out information is mind boggling. If you don’t visit this site you surely will miss something! Think about it.

This is one of the leading names in the real estate business. Their real estate projects include housing, retail, leisure projects and others. Although not very old in the business they have shown tremendous experience in all of their projects. Go through the pages in this site and you will find a treat awaiting you. Fall in love with your dream house. Take a look now.

This is an online directory which provides the names of various major companies. Be it agriculture or IT or Real estate or Science & Technology, Khoj has it all. The links take you to separate pages that have been defined for a particular industry type. The segregation is done very neatly for you to use this site with ease. The list has definitely been compiled after a lot of research. This only aims to serve the users better.

At IBM they strive to lead in invention, development and manufacture of the industry’s most advanced information technologies. One of their aims is to satisfy its customers always. You will also find several press releases to read and a view of the press conferences that have been held. Besides, there is also a photo gallery. The list at IBM simply goes on and on. This is a must visit site. So if you are looking for information on this organization there isn’t a better place to visit.

A well known name for being the one stop shop for products and infrastructure solutions in IT, HCL has emerged as pioneer. In this site you will find all the features of this organization. All the interested people visit this site and get all your information on why HCL is in the news. You can also get to know how you can become a part of the HCL family and have your career boom there.

A leading name in the advertising business is Ogilvy & Mather. This major advertising company has been a market leader since ages. Their advertising strategies have been award winning. They have their offices worldwide. Locate them from the site. You can also have a glimpse of the works of this major advertising company. Get an eyeful of the company’s activities. Take a look now. This is not to be missed.

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