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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oil Paintings

The art of oil painting is absolute magic: the blending of linseed oil and pigments creating magic on canvases. From ancient age, oil painting has been used in India by artists to give vent to their feelings and expressions. Though the oil painting may seen like magic, the process is not at all magical. It takes a lot of hard work to create an art of oil painting. Various themes are used in oil paintings such as floral painting, landscape painting, Victorian paintings and more. The sites given in this page will help you know more on oil painting.

Geeta Vadhera is one of the famous artists working in oil painting. To see samples of her work, log in this site. The paintings are sure to catch your eye for its creativity and beauty. The essence and expression of the painter's thoughts gets highlighted very nicely through these paintings.

Oil painting is a very famous art form used through out India and abroad. To know about this form of painting, its history and technique, log in this site. Enhance your knowledge on oil painting of India with the help of this site.

Interested to buy works of oil painting? Visit this site and you can choose from the work samples displayed online. Experience for yourself the beauty and essence of these paintings. The theme of these paintings are expressed nicely by the artistic stokes of the painter.

Did you know that oil painting is separated in various types according to its themes? To know about these, visit this site and feel the creative artistry. You get to see oil paintings of various themes such as floral painting, landscape painting, victorian painting, original painting and more.

Browse through the site of Pragati Dhar to explore the style and artistry of the painter. Go through the oil paintings on display to feel the pulse of her paintings. The portraits are sure eye catchers for its artistic stokes of prominence and pastel highlights.

To know about the connection of India and oil painting, log in this site. You will get to know in precise and compressed manner the history and significance of oil paintings in India. Update yourself thoroughly on the subject of oil painting with the help of this site.

Interested to know about Indian oil painting? To know about oil painting and its significance in India, visit this site. In a very organized and devised manner, you will get solutions to all your queries from this site.

If you want to buy oil paintings through dealers and whole sellers, log in this site. This site will guide you by providing a number of company names dealing in oil paintings of India. Get in touch with the company of your choice for oil paintings with the help of this site.

Victoria Memorial Hall of Calcutta is a storehouse of fifty oil paintings that highlights on the past culture of India. Visit this site and see for yourself some of the paintings that is on display. These paintings are preserved as treasures of art that throws light on the British era in India.

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