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Friday, May 23, 2008

Search engines

Live Search -
Offers general web search and various verticals, including images, news, classifieds, maps and local. By Microsoft.
Wikipedia: Search Engine -
Article in the online collaborative encyclopedia, describing the history and mechanisms of Web search engines.
Mahalo -
Human compiled and edited search engine.
Ms. Dewey -
Search engine with a touch of humor that plays prerecorded movie clips of a female actress to entertain you while searches are being performed.
Scrub The Web -
Search engine with sponsored links at the top of results. Also offering a meta tag builder and analyzer.
Searchles, Inc -
Offers social search features (allowing others' opinions to influence your results) and allows users to tag, group and save links.
Amfibi -
General search engine with an uncluttered interface in a choice of Catalan, English, French, and Spanish. Also has a web directory using the Open Directory.
Objects Search -
An uncluttered interface offers options to search the web, news and blogs, includes cached pages and 'anchors', which are titles and descriptions from the Open Directory. -
A cross between a search engine and an encyclopedia. The results return complete, informative sentences about the search topic. Related topics are suggested.
Wotbox -
Search engine with country specific searching. Options to display country flags, and include preview and translation features. Sponsored links appear in panels separate from the main results.
SearchHippo -
Indexes sites listed in the major internet directories. Offers free web services, including a search toolbar, and code for webmasters to provide search boxes on their sites.
Lexxe -
Processes natural language queries and delivers results in clusters by topic. Queries can be keywords, phrases or short questions.
Search 2.0 -
Weblog dedicated to coverage of the next generation of search engines and new technologies from the original players with tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to search more effectively.
Mojeek -
Search engine with a simple interface and no advertising. Offers the ability to create a customized topical or personal search index.
Ulysseek -
A straightforward search engine with a simple interface.
NPR : The Search Engine Wars -
In a five-part series, NPR's Rick Karr takes a look at the business of search engines.
Search Engines and Editorial Integrity -
Article from the USC Online Journalism Review examines the issue of major search engines adopting deceptive, misleading advertising practices at the expense of editorial integrity and their users.
ThreeMice -
Natural-language answer engine, which queries the internet in real time, and will serve up full text from selected sites.
The Evolution of Web Searching -
David Green's paper from Online Information Review explores the development of search engine technologies.
Mozdex -
Uses open source search technologies and an index seeded from the Open Directory.
ChaCha -
This search engine is a fusion of computer technology and human intelligence. Live human guides are available to provide additional assistance in finding relevant results.
WebGaps -
User rated results, provides filters for web, news, feeds, people and includes shared web site suggestions.
ACM Queue: Why Writing Your Own Search Engine is Hard -
Anna Patterson explains the problems of search engine design in practical terms in this lengthy article.
Topix: Search Engines -
News about search engines, collected from various sources on the web.
Commercial Alert Files Complaint Against Search Engines for Deceptive Ads -
A complaint filed with the United States Federal Trade Commission by Ralph Nader's Commercial Alert service, which charges the major search engines of inserting advertisements in search engine results without clear disclosure that the ads are ads.
Entireweb -
The English-language version of a Swedish search engine with a clean interface and large database.

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