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Friday, May 23, 2008

SEO Press Release Management

"The Press Equalizer package, from Xyberwidget LLC, has had many great reviews from internet marketers using Press Equalizer to do the same job, more efficiently, saving 100s of dollars!

Getting your message out there has always been a mixture of a good search engine ranking coupled with adequate coverage in electronic publications. Getting good search rankings is a delicate balance of keywords, content and backlinks. This last is the most difficult to obtain.

Although only part of equation, backlinks can also be used to outweigh other factors and yield a more powerful result : a higher ranking. This is because search engines like to show users sites that have potential interest. One way to gauge this interest is by the number of sites linking to yours.

Coupled with the search engine marketing aspects, it also helps to get targeted visitors from press releases featuring in the right places. This provides traffic and backlinks from respected publications.

To do all this requires sending out press releases to well-chosen target publications. This is very time consuming, and the solution is reasonably simple - send online press releases easily, to selected publications, using templates.

Online press releases are good because they get the message out, whilst providing content for online publications. Press Equalizer is good because it allows you to target accurately and automatically, meaning you only do the submission process manually once (to the software) and it takes care of the rest.

The result is a three pronged approach. The press release getting used in online publications and being read. In addition it is helping to get visitors because those publications are likely present in search engine databases. Finally, each time it is featured in a publication, a backlink is created, helping to increase the site's own search engine ranking.

PressEqualizer in action - Main Screen
Press Release Manager and SEO

The Press Equalizer package takes a simple 3 step approach to creating and managing press releases – explained in detail on the site. In essence, it leverages several powerful features:

  • Write Once, use Many Times
  • Manage Submission History
  • Schedule Submissions
  • Integrated Templates

You only need to create the press release once, from a prepared template aimed at getting the best result. Once created, the press release can be managed through various submissions, scheduled to match your marketing roll-out.

The end result is to get backlinks and hence direct visitors, all of whom want to buy your products.

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