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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stop Reading SEO Books and Get Practical

There are many guys who keep buying SEO Books or keep searching on different blogs and forums for Free SEO books which can help them in gaining some expert knowledge for getting their websites ranked in the top of the search engines, but the real fact [lets accept it] is that you cannot gain knowledge 99% for sure unless you really start working on the websites yourself. Theory is lot more different from Practical. These SEO books give you a idea that SEO is really easy and you can become a SEO expert within couple days but registering a domain name and optimizing the meta tags with some keywords & description, adding some backlinks and you are done, but do you think with a couple hundred visitors daily do you run a real website?

Search Engines SEOAny website which gets more than 10k+ uniques daily from search engines would generally be considered as search engine optimized and this is a stage from which your website gets real hits, subscribers and lot more. You should always try to experiment with your websites and work on a group of projects at the same time and keep tweaking with the settings and trying out different options in order to find which seo tip has helped it gain real visitors and analyze the visitors, bots and user activity. This can generally be done by visiting the awstats section which is available under the cpanel, from where you can find the search engine bots visiting activity and know how regularly does your website gets indexed and what are the factors behind that which would be more inbound links or may be regular updation of content.

Make sure you stop wasting your hard earned money in buying these costly eBooks and articles which would help you in guiding towards search engine optimization. You should better get started into practical knowledge by implementing every step instantly and checking out the results, this way you can come across several things which can help you in gaining the best information. 5% out of all the SEO books buyers are real benefiters and others would just ignore (or) forget these books after a couple days. Make sure you take feedback from other buyers of these ebooks and confirm these are really worth because the sellers try to make money from selling these books rather than implementing the same tips on their websites and make money out of them - isnt that logical?

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