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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Culture is a very broad term. Several cultural aspects can come under this category like distinct culture of a country, clothing culture, music culture, cultural events and so on. Culture varies from place to place. In this respect it can be said that India has a very rich and diverse culture. Several different races, religions in different parts of the country form a unique culture in India that is perhaps nowhere to be found on earth.

Indian Child pedagogically teaches you the fundamental aspects of Indian culture such as showing respect to elders, a sense of unity amidst vast diversity among the citizens, showing respect for other religion and races, treating your guest as you would treat you god etc. The Indian culture is so diverse that it is difficult to sum it up in few words. If you are keenly interested in Indian culture, then come to this site and explore various aspects of Indian culture.

This site contains extensive research on traditional Indian wedding. This site serves as an authentic guide to the traditional Indian marriage and covers various aspects of Indian marriage. You will also find an article on different rituals that are followed in Indian marriages. It also has a section on the traditions on different sect of Indian society, for example the marriage of Arya Samaj, Bengali, Catholic, Gujrati to name a few. You can also send you comments on the traditions of Indian marriage to this site.

In this site you get an exotic collection of Indian ethnic wear created by Sharbari Dutta, a renowned designer in men's clothing. She uses different materials for her designs, like raw silk, khadi, tussar etc. The categories presented here include designer's ensembles, kurta pyjamas, and traditional sherwanis. The best part about this site is you can see Sharbari Dutta's exclusive collection in this site and can buy her creation in men's clothing online.

Cultural events or festivals occupy an important part of an Indian life. Indian people eagerly await the different cultural events. Different states in India celebrate different festivals. And some of the festivals are celebrated throughout India uniformly. This site describes festivals of different states in India. About each state you will get a detail description about festivals and events. If you want to know more about the festivals of India, then browse through this site.

This site presents in front of you a collection of ethnic Indian tribal jewelery. This jewelery comes from the tribal people of India and has become a trend among junk jewelery lovers. These jeweleries reflect the tribal culture of India. If you are not afraid to experiment and ready to give yourself a stunning look then buy these jeweleries. You can place your order for the ethnic piece of tribal jewelery right now from the site. The price of each piece of jewelery is mentioned here.

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