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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How to Fix Windows Media Player Sound Problems

It often happens that we are searching for our favorite music album and get it after making several visits at the music store. But if we come back and find out that the sound system of the windows media player is not working, nothing can be more frustrating that that. So, it is always better to know the solution to this problem for getting rid of such annoying situations. If you are really keen to learn the procedure, this article will help you.

How to Check the Source of the Problem and Solve It?
Sometimes the problem is caused by very simple carelessness, for example, once I uninstalled my sound system instead of uninstalling another program. SO, firstly you have to make it sure that your computer has a sound device installed in it. If you don’t have it then install it, your problem will be solved. But I know that that you may also have some problem in installing the hardware by yourself. So I am trying to provide you some guidance


In majority cases, the Windows will identify the added hardware automatically, and install all the other required software drivers. If things don’t run automatically and the Windows fail to perform the installation, install the software drivers yourself by selecting the Add Hardware option. At first click Start, then select the Control Panel and then double click on the Add Hardware Wizard.

Click next and follow the instruction given by the Wizard and install the needed stuffs.

It may also happen that one or more software drivers for the sound device on your PC are corrupted or missing. In such cases try to reinstall the most current software drivers for solving your problem. You can start the process by scanning for the updates on the Web site of the sound device company or the website for Windows update.

Other programs sometimes do not let the player to run properly. So try to play the music file once again by closing all the other programs on your PC. I have tried this many times and found my sound system to be completely ok.

Problems may arise if your Media Player uses an incompatible version of MS DirectX which is not suitable for the hardware features of the sound device. For this reason you may hear sound on all other programs other than your Windows Media Player. Installing the most recent version of DirectX can act as an effective answer to this inconvenience.

Is There Any Other Cause Behind Such Failure?

After checking all the above features, if you are still facing the problem, then execute the Troubleshooter of your Sound Device. Choose Tools Option within the Media Player.

Click the Devices tab. You will get an option named as Speakers. Select the advanced button of that option and then go for the Hardware tab. Lastly troubleshoot after picking the hardware which was required to be fixed.

Hope you will not face any more difficulties in mending sound problems of your media player. I know the steps are not very easy to perform. But if you continue doing your own repair work and help your friends when they face similar troubles, then the entire procedure will become a cake walk for you.

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