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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How to Send a Free Fax from the Web

FAX means making a similar copy is a technology used to transfer duplicate copies of information over the telephonic network. The advantage of FAX is that you can send a copy of your important document almost instantly rather than sending a copy via courier though you are able to just send in a duplicate copy and this can lead to lower quality.

Send FAX Free

FaxZero Send Free FAXGenerally many people dont own a Fax machine to send a FAX and they keep searching for optional services using which they can send a FAX. Sending Fax online is generally not a free service and you need to signup with companies who charge you for signing up a trial account. One of the best website which really offers a free FAX sending service is FaxZero which allows you to send FAX to any Fax machine in US and Canada. To start up you just need a computer and a email address to signup with FaxZero.

Send Fax Machine

FaxZero does offer you with a Free FAX sending service but the final FAX would be add supported on the cover page with a maximum of sending 2 FAX/day and if you want to increase this sending limit you need to make a payment of 1.99USD/FAX sent under the premium FAX Services. Just fill up the FAX form, confirm the details with your valid email address, type/attach your file for sending and click on Send Free Fax Now button.

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