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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reception Ideas

Wedding is the most important day in a man or a woman’s life. But among the post wedding celebration the reception is perhaps the most important. It is in the wedding reception that maximum number of friends and relatives drop in to greet and bless the newly wed couple. But arranging a reception is a cumbersome job for it involves a lot of planning and arrangement starting from selecting the reception venue to choosing the right decorator, florist, confectioner for the wedding cake etc. Great reception ideas always help for they enable us to make our reception party a special one. This web page strives to bring to you some innovative reception ideas which might help you plan a perfect wedding reception. There are some celebrity receptions also mentioned in this page in order to give you an idea how high profile reception parties are held

This is a site where you could glean myriads of useful information on the kinds of arrangement you need to make your wedding reception a great success. It touches upon on all the key aspects of arranging a wedding reception like the taking care of the caterer, decorator, flower supplier, lighting arrangements, cake cutting etc. To plan your reception to perfection you need to plan in advance and this web site help you to do just that.

This is a great article if you are planning a westernized wedding reception for you wedding and don't know how to go about it. This is a site which could help you out from your dilemma. This site gives you detailed information and the common format of a wedding reception. It elaborates on all the nuances of wedding reception right from the arrival of the guest to the cutting of the cake, raising a toast for the bride and groom, reception dinner, the reception dance and the works. So, to arrange for a perfect wedding reception to take help of this extremely useful website.

Want to know about some celebrity wedding reception then just visit this site and glance through these colorful snaps of the wedding reception of Surya Kiran and Kalayani who are famous film stars of southern India. You might even glean some ideas of how to glam up you wedding do and reception party from these pictures. So have a peek into this celebrity wedding reception and hunt for some great ideas.

This is a site which brings some innovative wedding reception ideas. Wedding receptions are usually elaborate affair which puts considerable strain on the families of both the bride and groom. So now a day a lot of Indian families are opting for a combined reception which would be financed by both families and attended by guest from both sides. To know in details about this great and innovative idea of a combined reception just log into this site and read on.

To make a wedding reception a great success a perfect ambiance needs to be created an decoration of the wedding reception plays a vital role in attaining that festive ambiance. If you are wondering about the decor of your reception hall and how to make it visually appealing this site has hordes of great ideas for wedding reception decoration. Right from the flower arrangement to lighting patters this article touches upon all the relevant nuances of decoration of a wedding reception.


Tastes of guests are also changing with times. Now they are choosier about the kind of reception they attend and they prefer assigned sitting for sit down dinner usually held at wedding receptions. Previously the names of guests used to be written down on paper chits and placed on the tables and thus the sitting arrangements were made. But this is arduous task which can be erroneous and lead to confusion too. These days hi tech digital appliances are available which could prepare and make the sitting arrangement for guest. Get more of these great reception ideas from this site.

More celebrity wedding reception info from this site! Know about the magnificent wedding reception of model Priya Sachdev and hotelier Bikram Chatwal. Their splendid wedding reception in Mumbai was the talk of the town for days. The theme of the reception was “Royal wedding” and the newlywed couple drove in regal horse driven carriage while the guest showered rose petals on them. Theme wedding receptions are the latest fads these days and you can glean more information about this high profile wedding reception from this site.

Harassed about the selecting the perfect venue for you wedding reception? This site brings all the solution to your problems and gives you five great tips on how to choose the perfect wedding reception location. The reception hall should have certain quintessential features like firstly it should be spacious enough to accommodate all guests. Then it should not be too far away from where your wedding ceremony would be held. Then if you are a having a summer wedding the reception hall must be air conditioned to spare the guest sweating it out in the crowded reception hall. To know more about these great reception ideas glance through this website.

If you are looking for reliable resources and favors for your wedding reception then this site could be a great help for you. This site enlists different reputed vendors for various things who would lend their services for your wedding reception. Starting from confectioners for your wedding cake to decorators and Video Photographers to shoot your entire wedding reception- you get them all here. To make use of these great resources and reception ideas all do log into this site.

This is a wedding planning company which also makes arrangement for post wedding celebration like reception dinner or lunches. There are a wide variety of venues for these reception dinners and lunches depending on the number of guest you are arranging. This is a company who would arrange your entire wedding reception to the hilt. All you have to do is to contact them in advance for the reception venues being limited in number they are to be booked well in advance. Get some great reception ideas from these ace wedding planners of India.

Glean information about great reception ideas from this web page.

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