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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Summer Camps

Summer camps offer an excellent opportunity to the kids to develop a sense of self-reliance and fellow-feeling. The ambience created in the summer camps fosters the feeling of togetherness and unity. It is a unique educational experience for the kids where they also get the chance of exploring and soaking in the beauties of nature. Summer camp serves as a practical learning experience for the kids as it offers them the scope of physically exploring the places they had earlier read in the books. Many tour operators in India arrange summer camps for the kids. Get a taste of the Indian summer camps and learn about the tour operators organizing summer camps in India by cruising through the following 10 portals:

Planning to send your kid to a summer camp? is a leading tour operator of India which arranges summer camps for the kids. Check-into this portal and you will find the online booking form. Fill-up the online registration form mentioning your preferences and requirements. Book your kid’s summer camp with this tour operator and give your child an experience of a life time. This portal presents a host of navigational links on related topics. Cruise through them.

Want to go camping in the Himalayas? Log on to this portal – they organize summer camps for the students in the lap of the Himalayas. They also conduct education and wildlife tours for the students. Avail the unique opportunity of camping in the Himalayas by booking your summer camp with this renowned student tour operator.

Get ready to undertake a thrilling and adventurous experience. Book your summer camp with this adventure travel agency of India and get a taste of the adventure and excitement. This company arranges various sorts of camps. Learn about their services by logging onto this site. If you want to avail their services fill-up the online registration form which you can find on this portal.

Would you like to go on a leisure-based or an adventurous summer camp? This summer camp operator will offer you theme summer camps. You can either engage yourself in adventurous pursuits or simply laze around chatting and angling during your stay in their summer camps. If you want to spend your time enjoying the beauties of nature, then register yourself for the nature-based summer camps. Equip yourself with detailed information on their customized summer camp packages by dropping in at this portal.

Well if you are looking for fun, adventure and self-development drop into this portal. The summer camps arranged by this tour operator provide the children the unique opportunity of camping in the Kumaon Himalayas. During their stay in the summer camps the children can get engaged to a host of different exciting and adventurous activities. Learn about the services offered by this summer camp organizer by checking in at this portal.

Embark on an enriching educational experience with Empower. The MAD summer camp organized by Empower will offer you a fun-filled learning experience. You can engage yourself in a host of adventurous sports and games during your stay in their summer camp. Separate accommodations are offered for the boys and girls. Cash in on the fun and excitement by organizing your summer camp with Empower.

Won’t it be amazing if you can get information on all the summer camp organizers in India? This portal will offer you a directory of the summer camp operators of the entire globe, including India. Get complete and detailed overviews of the tour operators arranging summer camps and learn about the services offered by these operators. Besides the summer camps here you can also get comprehensive information on the educational, religious, sports and adventure camps.

Enjoy summer camping in the wonderful Pabbar Valley with The kids can participate in a host of adventurous activities by availing the adventure based summer camp. They also offer nature-based and leisure-based summer camps. Check-out their itinerary. Well if this doesn’t suit you, dash a mail mentioning your preferences and choices and they will offer you a customized itinerary.

The summer camps are really exciting opportunities for the kids to indulge in education, fun and adventure. This portal posts an article on the benefits of arranging summer camps for the kids. It is a unique learning experience for the kids packed with fun and adventure. Go through this article and learn about the manifold advantages and opportunities provided by the summer camps.

Acquaint yourself with information on the summer camps organized by the IT Kids by logging on to this portal. The IT Kids located in Chennai will arrange 2 summer camps for the kids. These summer camps are organized to educate the children on computer and IT. It is a unique endeavor on the part of the IT Kids to educate the children on computers alongside providing fun and entertainment. Visit this portal and glean detailed information on these summer camps.

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